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    Credit for education “Cool” in CB “RosinterBank”


    Is available on the: – the first higher education at universities;- getting the second higher education in universities;-obtaining secondary vocational education;

    -postgraduate education-Magistracy.

    Form of education Any
    Age From 14* years (* If the person, receiving education under 18 years,credit is given when there is a birth certificate and soglasiizakonnyh representatives(parents, adoptive parents, the Board of Trustees)

    Maximum age (at the time of maturity):

    – For men – 60 years

    – For women – 55 years.

    Loan currency Russian Rubles
    Loan term Duration of training + 10 years
    Initial installment Missing
    The value of the interest rates ¼ CBR refinancing rate, effect on the date of conclusion of thecredit contract, increased to 5 items. (On September 2014 year is 7,06%)
    Loan amount Equal to or less than the cost under the contract on rendering of paid education services
    Grace period Compulsory deferred for a period of training of the borrower,in Organization, carrying out educational activities + 3 month. The borrower is available:

    -delay in the payment of the principal on the loan;

    -delay in the payment of part of the interest on the loan in the amount of 60% from the amount of

    per cent during the first year of the loan and 40% from the amount of

    per cent in the second year of the loan

    – for the first and second years of the loan (or for the period, the remainder of the

    before graduation, If it is less than two years).

    – The borrower undertakes, starting with the 3-year it education

    equal credit repayments amount of interest, which include

    ongoing interest and unpaid interest for 1 St and 2nd years of use

    educational loan, to pay which had been granted a deferral

    In case the Borrower academic leave under

    with p. 12 h. 1 calendar. 34 The Federal law "about education in Russian

    Federation of 29.12.2012 g. # 273-FZ is granted

    additional delays for a period of academic leave.

    Commission on the loan There is no Commission for arranging a loan, sčetaZaemŝika maintenance fee, other Commission, that lead to an increase in interest rates on loan by maksimal′nojprocentnoj.
    Insurance Not required
    Early loan repayment Partial early repayment without restrictionson the sum of the date, loan repayment schedule. Early repayment

    credit is the borrower without paying Commission to the Bank and penalty

    sanctions early partial repayment of term loan is not

    changes, change only the size of the monthly payments on

    the schedule of payments.

    The penalty for nesvoevremennoepogašenie Debt 1. If there is a violation of deadlines for repayment of the loan, the borrower pays the lender a penalty $ 0,05 (Zero and five hundredths) percent per annum on the amount overdue

    payment for execution of obligations on repayment of the loan amount for each

    calendar day of delay.

    2. In case of violation the period of payment of the accrued interest on the loan, the borrower

    Creditor pays penalty 0,05 (Zero and five hundredths) per cent

    Annual of the overdue amount for execution of payment obligations

    percent for each calendar day of delay.

    3. For failure to comply with obligations by the borrower to the purposeful usage of Credit

    The creditor has the right to demand from the borrower payment of a penalty of up to 10 (Ten)

    percent per annum of the amount, not used for the intended purpose.

    4. In case of violation of other obligations under the Treaty, for which the Treaty

    set execution time, The borrower shall pay the lender a penalty

    the amount of 0,02 (Zero point and two hundredths) percent per annum on the loan amount

    for each calendar day default.

    Your questions will be happy to answer

    Manager: Lepyokhin Denis

    Contact e-mail: dlepyekhin@rosinterbank.ru

    Tel: Rab. 8(3452) 395-100 VN. 2809, Mobile. +8 (922)266 91 31


    Manager: Gulnara Ârmetova

    Contact e-mail: gyarmetova@rosinterbank.ru

    Tel: Rab. 8(3452) 395-100 VN. 2807, Mobile. +8(909)737 87 66