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  • Psychological support

    Why is it so hard to go to a psychologist?

    Nowadays, many showing interest in psychology. And some even consider themselves psychologists "for life". They belong to the phrase: "I solve their problems. I am my own psychologist».

    However, this very domestic judgment. There are several reasons, why many are not in a hurry to get psychological help. Known, that in our country a culture of practical psychologists. If her heart or you'll catch cold hard, the treatment your doctor is the norm. No one wants to get sick and suffer. If the severity of the soul, unclear future relations, the: "Nothing, will survive, shall endure ", -do you think. Only from this health not improving. So it turns out, that "sickness of soul and mind" we have not decided to treat. People honing his complex situation between business, getting "valuable advice" from friends and relatives, or drowning out their feelings through chocolate, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs or just try not to think about the bad and sad ".

    Some think, that those, who seek psychological help — "the crazies". People are afraid to contact psychologists just because, that, how they think, they deemed insane and "give" diagnosis.

    But the difference here is the. Psychologists work with healthy people, experiencing emotional-hard times. In the arsenal of professional techniques and skills, to increase awareness and understanding of the clients. Psychiatrists working with people, have a mental disorder or pathology, and apply medication.

    We have taken the advice to your friends, a good friend, colleagues. We tried to talk with them, to decide, in their acts, thoughts and feelings. But an important question: do you like to live on other people's advices? How do you know, get the right advice? And in General, do you know, that advice is not effective and even harmful. It's a big responsibility too.

    The psychologist provides professional assistance to several different. To do this, there are certain technologies to inform people about the possibilities of overcoming problems. Available techniques a psychologist tries to "reach out" to the consciousness of every human being. With him he's looking for the best ways to overcome difficult situations.
    People do not understand the effect after consultation with a psychologist. Drank a pill, and the pain has gone. Haircut in the Salon, and all notice a beautiful hairstyle. These positive changes are understood by all. What remains after meetings with psychologist?

    People, attending the consultations of psychologist, can approve, they have improved the mood, increased self-confidence, established relationship, and there was a way out of a difficult situation.

    It turns out, that psychology relieves emotional stress, helps to relive difficult moments, increases awareness, leads to a positive change in the quality of life. Of course, healthy mind with all the emotional experiences should handle itself. But sometimes that process is delayed or does not occur (When there is a shortage of own resources or psyche exhausted).

    Not "ship" outsiders their problems. It's a bad habit. The more, that all your suffering little of interest. Come to a confidential conversation to the expert.

    В ТИУ работают кабинеты психологической консультации, которые находятся по адресам: Tyumen, Lunacharskogo str., 2/1, каб.363 и ул.Мельникайте, 70, Room 104. Записаться на консультацию можно у психолога Васильевой Марии Александровны по телефону +7(3452)28-37-30.

    В учебных подразделениях, implementing the Act programme, и студенческом городке ТИУ также есть psychologists, to turn to for advice.