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  • Information for foreign entrants

    For admission to the 2023 Foreign nationals do not have to come to Russia to submit documents. It will be possible to apply with the application of all necessary documents through the university's information system, access to which is open here.

    To help navigate the receipt, we have prepared for you answers to the most frequently asked questions. Other questions can be contacted through a feedback form:

    Citizens, which states can study at the TSU?

    Citizens of any state can study at all levels of vocational education at the university. Funding form, that is, the possibility of training on a budget or contract depends on your citizenship (Citizenship).

    What programs can you enroll in??

    For more information on the number of places available for admission, visit the section Applicant on the start page of the official website of the university. To view you need to choose a tab depending on what level you are interested in:

    BA (Hons) or Specialist degree


    Secondary vocational education

    Postgraduate studies

    What documents are needed for receipt?

    The minimum set of documents for any level of education is a passport and a document on education. Documents, performing in a foreign language, presented with a Translation into Russian, certified in the prescribed manner.

    You have the right to provide other documents (on request), for example, confirming your individual achievements.

    In some cases, it is necessary to undergo the procedure of legalization or recognition of the document on education.

    How to apply?

    In accordance with the ministry's order, the 2022 application to the University can be submitted electronically, by means of E-information system of the University.

    When to apply?

    This year, tiu's admission campaign will start with 2 June.

    How and when you can pass the entrance tests?

    All introductory tests take place in testing format (except for creative introductory tests, for incoming Architecture, Design architectural Wednesday).