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  • Library and publishing complex

    /media/photos/2011/01_28/risunok1.jpgDear guests!

    We are glad to welcome you on the page of the library complex TIU.

    Hope, becoming regular visitors of our site, you will find here many useful and desired for himself among the printed information and network resources, Learn about the main news, about upcoming and already past library events. You can always count on our insight and assistance, the assistance of qualified personnel of library, who will try to save your time and consider all your suggestions and wishes

    Our address: St. Melnikaite Street, 72

    Director of libraries: Kajukov Darya Hrisanovna

    Tel./fax: (3452) 28-30-70, (3452) 28-32-04

    e-mail: kajukovadh@tyuiu.ru

    Your comments and suggestions to the following address: media@tsogu.ru

    If you want to receive newsletters of new acquisitions BFI email, send an email to: iao1@tyuiu.ru

    In response to a letter send confirmation.