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  • Secondary vocational education

        Training Corps to prepare on specialties of secondary vocational education (# 2) is located at: Komsomolskaya str., 63
        In 2013-2014 school year number of students in secondary vocational education is 243 Human.
        The branch carries out training in the following educational program of secondary vocational education:
    – Law and welfare organization (Term of training on the basis of 9 KL. -2 of the year 10 months; on the basis of 11 KL. 1 year 10 months.);
    – Maintenance and repair of motor transport (Duration of training 2 of the year 10 months);
    – Information systems (Term of training on the basis of 11 KL. – 2 of the year 10 months; on the basis of 9 KL. -3 years 10 months);
    – Technology of milk and dairy products (Term of training on the basis of 9 KL. -3 of the year 10 months);
    – Production technology of public catering (Term of training on the basis of 11 KL. – 2 of the year 10 months);
        In the educational building are necessary to gain the practical skills of chemical laboratory and pastry shop. There is also a 2 Cabinet of information technologies with the availability of multimedia installations and computer network with Internet access.
        In the educational building No. 2 There is a library. In 2013 year, the library was replenished with new Office training materials: subscription STR – 324 an instance of the. Thanks to computers, users have the ability to independently carry out operational search information in the database of the electronic catalogue. You have access to the electronic-publishing systems library «DOE» – «Engineering-Engineering Publishing», «Mathematics», «Physics», «Theoretical mechanics», «Engineering Sciences-Publishing Hinde», Chemistry- Publishing House «BEAN», «Economics and management», section «Finance and statistics» (http://e.lanbook.com); Scientific electronic library eLIBRARY.RU (http://elibrary.ru/); Electronic dissertations library RSL (http://diss.rsl.ru/); Electronic library system Elib, FULLTEXT database Tsogu (http://elib.tsogu.ru/). Students can search for information in the legal system «The guarantor». With 1 September library readers STR will get acquainted with the exhibition «Yalutorovsk – trace in history». At all offices operate information exhibitions «A Leading Institution Of Western Siberia – Oil and gas University»
        To conduct training sessions with a sports hall with various equipment and supplies. In his spare time, students attend various sports sections, located in the academic building. All rooms in halls of residence are available to nonresidents of the branch.