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  • Extra-curriculum activities

    The purpose of educational service The November Institute of oil and gas – development of educational and instructional systems Wednesday, the formation of educational space for personal development of students, accustoming them to a healthy lifestyle, professional self-determination and creative work, support for rehabilitation and integration into society, protection of the rights of students.

    Specialists of educational services promote a more intensive process of socialization and norms of social communication; deepen the socio-pedagogical, psycho-pedagogical activity at the branch and improve system management education; create conditions for personal development and the realization of its creative, sporting and scientific orientation.

    Organization and management of education carries out the branch Deputy Director on teaching and educational work. In addition, the structure of service includes:

    • Head of physical education, responsible for the development of mass physical training, sports and health-improving work;
    • MATHEMATICS teacher-Organizer is responsible for the military-patriotic education of students and the city military commissariat;
    • social psychologist carries out social protection and prevention of offences, work with orphans and children, without parental care;
    • educational psychologist carries out psycho-pedagogical support and assistance in the adaptation of first-year students;
    • teachers-organizers promote the development of creative abilities of pupils and are the organizers extracurricular activities, held at the Branch Office, and urban activities, vnutrivuzovskoj or district orientation.

    The basic directions of activity of the educational service:

    • forecasting and planning work with the students using the most contemporary forms of, methods, technologies;
    • revitalization of the positions of the family in terms of educational organization;
    • the development of social relationships;
    • a number of activities to educate, development and social protection of the individual in the branch and in the place of residence of students;
    • Organization of group and individual work with students and their parents;
    • identification of needs, difficulties, problems, conflict situations, deviations in the behaviour of students and the timely provision of social assistance and support;
    • implementation of psychological diagnosis and prevention;
    • provision of psychological counselling and correction.
      The Deputy Director on educational work

      Margarita Polyakova Dmitrievna

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      /media/photos/2014/10_22/osipova.jpg 5 /media/photos/2014/10_22/bezrukov_aa.jpg

      Social pedagogue

      Osipova Irina Vladimirovna

      Teacher-organizer of MATHEMATICS

      Prokopenko Vitaliy Vladimirovich

      Head of physical education

      Bezrukov Artem Alekseevich

      img_1932 melnikova_ov - копия img_1642


      Efimova Natalia Sergeevna


      Melnikova Olga Vladimirovna


      Kostaryova Valeria S.