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  • Educational standards

    Code Name of speciality/directions of training Copies of educational standards

    (GEF 3+)

    Copies of educational standards

    (GEF 3++)

    13.01.10 The electrical engineer on repair and service of an electric equipment link
    15.01.20 Locksmith on instrumentation and automation link
    15.01.30 Locksmith link
    18.01.26 Apparatchik-operator of petrochemical production link
    18.01.27 Machinist technology pumps and compressors link
    09.03.01 Informatics and computer engineering  


    09.03.04 Программная инженерия link
    13.03.02 Electric power industry and electrical engineering ссылка на копию стандарта от 25.09.2015г. ссылка на копию стандарта от 22.03.2018г.
    15.03.04 Automation of technological processes and production link
    15.03.06 Мехатроника и робототехника link
    18.03.01 Chemical technology link
    18.03.02 Energy- and resource saving processes in chemical engineering, Chemistry and biotechnology link
    23.03.03 Exploitation of transport and technological machines and complexes link
    27.03.04 Control in technical systems link