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  • About the Center for distance education


    Centre for distance education TIU was established by order No. 347 from 24.09.2009 g. for development of innovative learning technologies at the University of.

    By the organizer for the formation of a new structural unit was appointed doctor of sociological Sciences, Professor Moor Svetlana Mikhailovna.

    The main part of the improvement of the educational process is a learning process virtualization, where electronic resources become the most important component in the Organization of educational process.

    Training takes place in the educational system «EDUCON Prague», where electronic teaching packages (ÈUMK), developed by teachers of the Tyumen industrial University. The composition of JeUMK is composed of a theoretical (lecture material), Workshop, laboratory work, control and essays, intermediate and final tests (online tutorials), Virtual Labs-all the, that requires student self-study.

    In addition to "Educon», in the educational process used and other modern technology of education. So, for example, videoconferencing with students of different format and the substantive disciplines studied webinars, where teachers indicate the main problems in the study of the course, and students in real time can ask their questions.

    CDO provides the ability to pass entrance tests for applicants from remote areas of Russia and abroad via the Internet, with "Skype" or "Adobe Connect».

    Within the scope of territorial access points (TPD) strongholds included: advertising campaign, reception of documents applicants, the entrance tests, fulfilment and sending the CDL student personal affairs. TPD provides computer classes for students to access the Internet and connection to the system "Educon», to participate in webinars, who are the teachers of CDO, conducting intermediate and final exercise control.

    Thanks To TPD, added the possibility to deposit public examination and protection of dissertations in remote mode.

    Training of students of the Center shall be a qualified teaching staff in accordance with the requirements of State educational standards. To improve the quality of education students, the Centre regularly hosts teachers refresher courses on the programs "Teacher (tutor) distance education "and" information technologies for distance learning».

    Distance education center collaborates with educational institutions of Russia and the near abroad.


    2016 – 2017 academic year

    No. p/p The Name TPD Details of the Treaty FIRST and LAST NAME


    Post Phone, (e)-mail, site Address Responsible of the CDR
    1 NGOY ADDS the SPO leader Business College» 17/03-47 from 15.07.2010 Mokeičeva Olga Nikolaevna

    Migunov Yuri Gennadyevich


    Deputy Director

    8 4236 655979

    8 4236 634686



    Primorskiy Kray, 692900, g. A godsend, St. Lenin, 2(a) Temples Zanfira Garibzяnovna

    t.: 8 3452 283598,


    2 NGOY ADDS the STR Pavlodar petroleum College 17/03-46 from 15.07.2010 Alexei I. Begalko

    Begalko Zoya Vasylivna

    Gene. Director


    8 7182 674885

    8 7182 674882




    The Republic Of Kazakhstan, 140003, g. Pavlodar, St. M. Bitter, 102/1 Sorokina, Nadezhda Viktorovna

    t.: 8 3452 685721,


    3 Fe "Shaikhutdinov Lily Almazovna» BX. № 33 from 16.06.2011 Shaikhutdinov Liliya Almazovna Director 8 922 64 555 98


    617830, Perm Krai, g. Nigella, St. St. Jubilee, d. 1 (e-mail to UL. Lapteva d. 8 sq. 1) Drozdeckaja Ekaterina Alekseevna

    t: 8 3452 685721,


    4 PKU IR 2 ONE of Russia's Tyumen region BX. № 51 from 23.09.2011 Ghaith Hanlarovich Guliyev Chief-Colonel 8 3452 27-59-52


    625014, Tyumenskaya oblast ', g. Tyumen, St. Palm Sunday, 13, Corp.. 2 Zilina Anastasia Alexandrovna

    t: 8 3452 283598,


    5 LLC «IQ Land Servis " 37/02 from 22.06.2012 Safin Paul R. Director 8 998 71 234 35 15

    8 998 95 199 48 05


    The Republic Of Uzbekistan, g. Tashkent, St. Osiyo, d. 2 Office 7 Petrova Aigul Raufovna

    t: 8 3452 689362,


    6 GOU SPO «Zhirnovsky oil College» 078 from 23.04.2013 Pokrepin Georgiy Vasilievich Director 8 4454 5 20 79


    403791, Volgograd region., g. Zhirnovsk, St. Lenin, 1(a) Bakirova Aliya Bejsenbaevna

    t.: 8 3452 283598,


    7 Technical support center» g. General 091 from 24.05.2013 Bachina Lyudmila Nikolaevna Director 8 3467 57 09 01


    628260, g. Yugorsk, St. Lenina, d. 36 26. Mussina Elena Batyrovna

    t.: 8 3452 689362,


    8 Madina LLP and the COP ",
    g. Aktau
    05-9/2015 from 10.04.2015 Kurmangazieva Sabika Mukanovna Director 81077776303837


    130002, Kazahtan, Mangystau region, g. Aktau 5 micro-district, building 14/1 Office 3 Sorokina, Nadezhda Viktorovn

    t.: 8 3452 685721,


    9 SBD STR Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug «Muravlenkovskij multifield College»,
    g. Muravlenko
    04-26/2015 from 28.05.2015 g. Alexander Yurievich Lindengol′c

    Elena Nikolaevna






    629603, YAMAL-NENETS AUTONOMOUS DISTRICT,. Muravlenko, St. Muravlenko, 14 Mussina Elena Batyrovna

    t.: 8 3452 689362,


    10 LLP «Gaudeamus» educational and training centre "Gaudeamus", g. Uralsk 04-48/2015 from 08.07.2015 Antipov Farid Iakivna

    Antipov Gregory Vyacheslavovich

    Director LLP

    Director of the educational and training centre

    8 7112 53-36-10

    8 7112 53-28-75





    The Republic Of Kazakhstan, 090000, g. Uralsk, St. M. Mametova, d. 63 Bakirova Aliya Bejsenbaevna

    t.: 8 3452 283598,


    11 Rostov International Institute of economy and management (RMIÈU),
    g. Rostov-na-Donu
    04-56/2015 from 27.07.2015 Liss Elina Mikhailovna Rector 8-903-406-40-78



    344019 g. Rostov-na-Donu, Sholokhov AV., 26. Drozdeckaja Ekaterina Alekseevna

    t: 8 3452 685721,


    12 Society with limited liability
    Education-consult-engineering (LLC «OKA»),
    g. Novy Urengoy
    04-53/2015 from 30.10.2015 Young Tatiana Eduardovna Director 8-922-288-04-27,

    8 (349 4) 91 44



    629300, YAMAL-NENETS AUTONOMOUS DISTRICT, g. Novy Urengoy, MCR. Friendship 2/6, 189
    St. Optimists 2/2 left end, 7 Cabinet, intercom
    Gul Olga Sergeevna

    t.: 8 3452 283598,


    13 EN POO «Ural industrial-economic technical school»
    g. Polevskoi
    04-57/2015 from 30.11.2015 Ovsyannikov Vladimir Ivanovich

    Vavilov Natalya Alekseevna



    (343) 385-09-70,

    (343) 385-09-80,

    (343) 385-09-85,

    (343) 375-79-75


    620062, g. Ekaterinburg, Ave. Lenin, d. 60A, Office 507, 509 Zilina Anastasia Alexandrovna

    t.: 8 3452 283598,


    14 Multidisciplinary company "consultant" 04-26/2016 from 18.08.2016 Ryabova, Olga Director 8(3466)55-21-98


    628600, g. Nizhnevartovsk, St. World, House 63, Office 22 Petrova Aigul Raufovna

    t: 8 3452 689362,


    15 School of business «LINKama» 04-32/2016 from 20.09.2016 Kotelnikova Olga Gennadevna Director olga.linkama@mail.ru 614010, g. Perm, St. Yuri Smirnov, d. 3 Drozdeckaja Ekaterina Alekseevna

    t: 8 3452 685721,


    16 "Gazprom Neft" Kyrgyztan 04-33/2016 from 19.09.2016 Akimbaev With. About.

    Rakhmanov Said Mirsahabzhanovna

    Deputy Director-General


    +996 312 920 1438(10996)



    720082, The Kyrgyz Republic, g. Bishkek, St. M. The bitter ½ Mussina Elena Batyrovna

    t: 8 3452 689362,


    17 Institution of Higher Education "the Institute of system technologies" 04-47/2016 from 24.10.2016 Kurbanmagomedov Kurban Dinmagomedovich Director 8903 429 04


    367015, Republic Dagestan, g. Makhachkala, Ave. (A). Of akushin, 21 Temples Zanfira Garibzяnovna

    t.: 8 3452 283598,


    18 ANO DPO "regional knowledge Innovation Center" Vostok " 04-48/2016 from 07.11.2016 Obukhova Mariya Aleksandrovna Director 8(3452) 204-963


    625026, g. Tyumen, St. Of the Republic of, d. 159

    Gul Olga Sergeevna

    t.: 8 3452 283598,



    TERRITORIAL CDR TIU ACCESS POINTS on the base of affiliates TIU

    No. p/p

    The Name TPD

    Document on the appointment of a tutor-organiser






    Responsible of the CDR

    1 The November Institute of oil and gas – Affiliate TIEW in g. Noyabrsk Order No. 19-r of 12.04.2012 g. Zaytseva Svetlana Pavlovna


    Lyudmila Aleksandrovna



    8 3496 428389,

    8 3496 428390,


    629810, YAMAL-NENETS AUTONOMOUS DISTRICT, g. Nojabrxsk, St. North, d. 46

    Gul Olga Sergeevna

    t.: 8 3452 283598,

    e-mail: gulolga@tsogu.ru

    2 Surgut oil and gas Institute – Affiliate TIEW in g. Surgut

    Order No. 173/00-04-08/180 from

    16.04.2012 g.

    Savast′in Mikhail


    Olga Vladimirovna

    8 3462 352588,

    8 3493 356445,


    628404, KHM-Yugra, g. Surgut, St. Enthusiasts, d. 38

    Sorokina, Nadezhda Viktorovna

    t: 8 3452 685721,

    e-mail: tred.74@mail.ru

    3 Tobolsk industrial Institute – Affiliate TIEW in g. Tobol'sk

    Order No. 170 and from the 17.04.2012 g.

    Ostanina Lyudmila Vasilevna

    Polovnikova Ludmila Borisovna

    8 3456 255920,

    8 3456 255925,


    626158, Tyumen region., g. Tobol'sk, area high schools no. 5

    Petrova Aigul Raufovna

    t: 8 3452 689362,

    e-mail: aigushka_92@mail.ru

    4 TIU branch in. Nizhnevartovsk Order No. 37 from 03.04.2012 g. Shalaev Vladislav Anatolievich, and about. Director Svetlana Anatolevna

    8 3466 414193


    628616, KHM-Yugra, g. Nizhnevartovsk, St. Lenin, d. 5

    Temples Zanfira Garibzяnovna

    t.: 8 3452 283598,

    e-mail: zanfira@tsogu.ru

    Instruction for an employee of territorial access point (TPD)

    1. TPD officer accepts documents from applicant, According to the rules of admission to a State educational institution of higher education "A Tyumen industrial University» for training on basic educational programs of higher education and secondary vocational education 2015 year (adopted at the meeting of the University admission Board 30.01.2015).
    Detailed information can be obtained, clicking on the link http://www.tsogu.ru/entrant/docs/polozhenie-o-priemnoj-komissii/
    In a statement the applicant must specify in the form of training " – "the correspondence form using remote sensing technology.
    2. TPD officer scans the documents of the applicant and sends in the Centre of distance education on email cdo@tsogu.ru.
    3. On enrolling full-time entrant's presence is not required.
    4. The applicant is enrolled in the presence:
    – positive results of entrance examinations;
    – original/copy of the document on education;
    – copies of receipts for tuition (not less than 50 %).
    5. After the release of the request for enrollment, a staff member of the Centre formed a group, each student is assigned a login and password.
    6. Specialist SERVICES sends to the TPD employee e-mail address (or each student) usernames and passwords for logging into the educational system EDUCON Prague.
    7. The University Administration is carrying out a "Virtual first of September" to get students the necessary information in the field of e-education and training system EDUCON Prague. In the future,, TPD officer advises students to work in the program EDUCON Prague independently.
    8. Students are included in the educational process:
    – study training materials, According to the curriculum;
    – consult teacher (tutor) on the appropriate discipline;
    – perform practical tasks, laboratory work, coursework, pass testing, etc. necessary to receive a positive assessment on the discipline;
    – pass the certification according to the work results for the year.
    9. TPD monitors the learning process.
    10. To run tests, putting test, tests and examinations TPD provides students (According to the agreement on cooperation) computer classes scheduled, a specific TPD, but no later than the timescales, specific schedule of the educational process of CDO.
    11. After successful completion of the first-year curriculum and disciplines available payment for educational services to a student is transferred to the next course (and so throughout your studies).

    The TPD from 11.08.16