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  • Frequently asked questions

    Question: What are the technical requirements for radio?

    Response: Compatible personal computer, the characteristics of a typical mass Office release models 2001-2002 Gg. (The Pentium III and its analogues, a more modern). Connecting to the Internet at a speed not lower than 256 KB/s. If you use Apple computers, you must check the compatibility of installed programs(availability of codecs and other add-ins).

    Question: When you have to pay for tuition?

    Response: Payment must be made before the start of the regular session. When the University first payment (50%) should be done after delivery of entrance examinations.

    Question: Can I pay for parts?

    Response: You can. Payment is posemestrovo (2 times a year by 50%).

    Question: When you pay for 2-half the amount?

    Response: The second part of the payment must be made before the start of spring semester plus a week for this date.

    Question: How to send a receipt?

    Response: You can send the payment receipt by fax, or by e-mail, or bring in person. All the coordinates of the Center are listed on the site in topic “Contacts”.

    Question: Can I study in credit?

    Response: Information on training in credit: http://www.tsogu.ru/entrant/obrazovanie-v-kredit/

    Question: How to access the system “EDUCON Prague”?

    Response: To gain access to the system, you must be enrolled in a University.

    Question: When I send username and password to log in “EDUCON Prague”?

    Response: Login and password are sent after your enrollment in College, subject to the, that you sent your e-mail. The term, during which you will receive a password and login, can be up to 2 weeks after delivery of entrance examinations.

    Question: How do I know if its enrollment in University?

    Response: To do this, you must contact CDR. All the coordinates of the Center are listed on the site in topic “Contacts”.

    Question: Can I take exams remotely?

    Response: Yes, You can. The examination is taken online using Adobe Acrobat Connect (No installation required, the entrance is through a standard Web browser).

    Question: When first semester ends?

    Response: 1-1st semester ends 31 January.

    Question: Can I take the session ahead of time?

    Response: Yes, but no more than three sessions per year. This version of the training must be individually negotiated with the staff training department CONTINUING EDUCATION CENTER.

    Question: Will I perezačteny items, that stand in the diploma of education?

    Response: Yes, Re-certification is possible. Statement and a copy of the diploma you send us by e-mail or fax. Then go to the teacher about recertification and reporting, that statement and a copy of the CDL.

    Question: How many items should be examined in one semester?

    Response: So much, how much is the curriculum.

    Question: How can I contact the instructor?

    Response: By email or through the system of Educon Prague. Teacher's email address can be found in CDO.

    Question: Who is “Bachelor of”?

    Response: In the current system of education is a graduate of the University, received basic higher education.


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