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  • Additional educational programs

    Tsogu sells a wide range of additional professional programs and training programs. Programs are developed by leading educators and researchers of the University.

    Supplemental educational services offers the following academic structural units of the University:

    Institute of improvement of professional skill and retraining of personnel;

    Institute of industrial technology and engineering;

    Center for international cooperation;

    – The international training center of the Institute of geology and oil and gas production;

    – Institute of management and business;

    – College of Informatics and communications;

    – College of industrial technology and service;

    – Additional training centre Institute for complementary education;

    – Branch Tsogu the muravlenko;

    – silial Tsogu in Noyabrsk;


    – Branch Tsogu in Surgut;

    – Branch Tsogu in Tobol'sk;

    Upon completion of training trainees, successful final certification, the following documents are issued a standard form:

    • the diploma on vocational retraining, which certifies the right to conduct a new kind of professional activity, the acquisition of new skills by retraining program over 250 hours;
    • certificate of professional development – for persons, trained under the program in the amount of 16 hours;
    • certificate – for persons, past short-term training;
    • certificate of profession working, the post of a civil servant shall be issued on the results of professional training.

    The content is presented in the relevant sections of the structural divisions of the University training sites.


    Presidential engineers training program

    To ensure innovative development of key importance for Russia as improving the quality of human resources capacity of working engineers in strategic industries, and improving the structure of engineering preparation in the framework of the strategic partnership of Russian educational institutions with enterprises and organizations of the real sector of the economy.

    To achieve this goal directed Presidential training programme for engineers 2012-2014 years, passport which approved by Decree of the President of the Russian Federation 7 may 2012 g. № 594.

    In 2012 year Russian Ministry developed and implemented the mechanism of competitive selection of relevant additional educational training programmes in priority areas of modernization and technological development of economy. This: energy efficiency and resource conservation, development of nuclear, transport and space systems, medical, strategic information technology, industries of Nanosystems, prospective weapons, military and special equipment.

    Competitive selection of participants were Russian educational institutions, licensed to engage in educational activities on the relevant direction of training (specialty) engineering staff.

    The presidential programme is designed to 2012-2014 years.


    Decree of the President of the Russian Federation “The prezidenstkoj programme of improvement of professional skill of engineering training 2012-2014 years”

    Passport “The presidential program of qualification improvement of the engineering staff at 2012-2014 years”

    Programme, implemented with 2012 g.

    Order No. 807 from 11.10.2012

    Change the order of the outcome of the competition programs on the 2012

    1. "Nano – energy-saving technology of welding production at oil and gas sites»

    2. «Resource-saving technologies in construction and repair of main and field pipelines»

    Programme, implemented with 2013 g.

    Order No. 328 from 30.04.2013

    1. "Energy saving and energy efficiency in electric power industry"

    2. "Computer technology and automation design and technological preparation of machine building manufactures"