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  • Dept. Of Earth's Cryosphere

    Kriologiâ Land is a relatively new area of the last wave in the history of science the integration of natural sciences. It originated in the second half of the 20th century, during the period of mass introduction of a systematic approach in all areas of Geosciences, responding to the issues of both theoretical, and practical plan. The core of the formation of Earth's Cryosphere served as merzlotovedenie (geocryology), became by the time academic science, the most advanced in the field of scientific knowledge about the field of cold.

    Kriologiâ the earth today – the science of the Earth's cryosphere. The subject of studies of the Earth's Cryosphere are natural kriogenetičeskie system, allocated on the basis of strategic factors (cryogenic conditions, cryogenic processes and cryogenic education) within the framework of strategic environments (Planetary shell of the Earth, atmosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere, glâciosfera, the biosphere). It integrates knowledge about objects on the Earth's cryosphere, previously scattered mainly in geological sciences, Geophysical, geographical blocks and various technical and applied directions other blocks of natural sciences. While recognizing the legitimate place of the Earth Cryosphere system natural sciences while not enough attention has been paid to its engineering aspects.

    So far, due to lack of practitioners even existing foundations engineering geocryology committed many mistakes when designing, construction and operation of buildings in the regions of Subarctic. At the same time, about 90% gas reserves and 75% oil reserves are concentrated in those areas of Russia. Enterprises of oil and gas complex, located in the northern part of Western Siberia, produce production and transportation, exploration on reproduction of raw-material base of hydrocarbons under conditions in permafrost areas and cold climate, that greatly complicates the process of production. In addition, oil and gas production process organization in conditions of the North affect the extremely unstable to technogenic load landscapes and ecosystems of lower rank.

    These circumstances determine the scientific and practical importance of the development of the technical direction of Earth's cryosphere, the need for the preparation of highly qualified specialists, possessing a knowledge of the science and practice, for successful solution of engineering and kriologičeskih problems of oil and gas complex of the country in the near century. In spite of the fact, that the oil and gas complex of Russia as a whole is in dire need of qualified specialists on environmental conditions of Subarctic oil and gas higher education profile, meet this urgent need, in Russia, until recently, there were no.

    To resolve this problem, based on the integration of fundamental and applied scientific research with educational process on the initiative of the Rector Tsogu n.. Karnaukhova (at that time,) academician of RAS p. Melnikova oil and gas for the first time in the history of higher education was created a special Department Chair of academic Earth Cryosphere "was created by the order of Rector Tsogu No. 96 from 19.03.01 g. on the basis of the decision of the Academic Council Tsogu No. 4 from 25.12.00 g.

    Academic Earth Cryosphere "Department was created as a division of the Institute of geology and geoinformatics Tsogu. At the stage of creation of the Department (2000-2001 Gg.) professional advice had been received by the Ministry of education of the Russian Federation on organizational matters, the creation of the Department of Earth's Cryosphere and Faculty of geological and geographical faculties of MOSCOW STATE UNIVERSITY on teaching issues, related to the opening and operation of the Department Earth cryosphere.

    Specifics of the academic departments in this regard is that, что к учебному процессу помимо профессорско-преподавательского состава кафедры и других структурных подразделений ТИУ привлекаются ведущие научные сотрудники Института криосферы Земли ТюмНЦ СО РАН, as well as other academic and industry research institutions and higher educational establishments of Russia. С целью организации практических занятий и экспериментальных исследований студентов и аспирантов непосредственно в научных лабораториях института в настоящее время в ИКЗ ТюмНЦ СО РАН создана учебно-исследовательская база.

    At present, the most urgent problem of gas enterprises in the region to improve environmental management is the Organization of geotechnical monitoring fishing facilities at the field and condition of linear structures. With the aim of training engineers, специализирующихся в области геотехники для предприятий «Газпрома» создан научно-учебного полигон в г. Nadym. В пределах этого полигона проводятся совместные научно-технические работы с Научно-техническим центром ОАО «Надымгазпром» и летней производственной практики студентов специальности «Гидрогеология и инженерная геология», specializing in engineering and management in geocryology Subarctic.

    Одной из основных задач кафедры согласно «Положения об академической кафедре криологии Земли» является учебная работа со студентами и магистрантами и аспирантами всех естественно-научных и горно-технических специальностей ТИУ в рамках их общепрофессиональной подготовки по курсу «Криология Земли / geocryology "in relation to the objectives of these specialties. To accomplish this mission the Department began in the spring 2002 of the year, When the work was carried out on the integration of disciplines kriologičeskogo cycle training work plans individual specialties IGiG Tsogu. In 2002-2003 teachers of the Department during the academic year started reading courses "fundamentals of geocryology» for the specialty" land registry "and" Geocryology» specialties – "Safety of technological processes and manufactures", «Safety of life», "Environmental protection", "Oil and gas Geology".

    Opening of the Chair is important not only for the development of higher oil and gas education, but higher education and science of Russia. Related, true, only partly, the object of the research departments of the geological profile in Russia only two, one – Department of geocryology, available at Moscow State University geological faculty, another – Department of permafrost, the exploration Faculty of Yakut State University. And this is when the, that only the area of permafrost takes about 70% the territory of Russia and 25% from area of all continents of the Earth, and the Cryosphere is continuous in the space liner Land.