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  • Head of the Chair

    Сергей Иванович Грачёв

    Head of the Department of development and exploitation of oil and gas fields,doctor of technical sciences, Professor,

    Grachev, Sergei Ivanovich

    625000, g. Tyumen, St. Melnikaite Street, 70, KAB. 625,

    phone: (3452) 28-30-27

    e-mail: grachevsi@mail.ru

    1. Date of birth: 8 August 1956 g.

    2. Education: higher, Tyumen industrial Institute, 1978 g.

    3. Academic degree, academic rank: doctor of technical sciences, Professor.

    4.Awarded breastplate "honorary worker of higher professional education of the Russian Federation". (2002 г.), diplomas of the Ministry, Gazprom and the Government of the Khanty-Mansi district for its contribution to the development of the fuel and energy industry and higher education in the district.

    5. Total work experience: 28 years.

    6. Experience in higher education: 25 years.

    7. Experience in this team: 25 years.

    8. Labour activity started in Megionskom and Var'eganskom offices of drilling works, working his way from Assistant driller to engineer-technologist (1975-1980 g.g.).

    The graduate school works with 1980 g. (Tyumen industrial Institute). Graduated in 1985 g. postgraduate in Tyumen industrial Institute. With 1980 g. engaged in research and educational activities at the Department of drilling oil and gas wells in the positions of Assistant (up to 1986 г.), Senior Lecturer (1986 г.), Associate Professor (1986-1998 g.g.), with 1998 g. – Professor of drilling Tsogu. Since 1991. in 1992. Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Economics of industrial production and well drilling. Since 1995. Dean of engineering faculty TII in g. Nizhnevartovsk, and since 1997. Branch Director Tsogu in Nizhnevartovsk. In 2002 g. He was appointed to the position of vice-principal on educational work in the branches of the University in the KHANTY-MANSI AUTONOMOUS AREA.

    Skillfully combines administrative and pedagogical activity. Under his leadership, Nizhnevartovsk General technical faculty has reached the status of a branch, the packet of documents to its renaming in Nizhnevartovsk oil and gas Institute. Created the Department of Design, construction and operation of oil wells.

    Underwent refresher training through TACIS in leading foreign oil companies and universities (Austria, Germany, Italy, Cyprus). He studied in firms “Komerint and Agip action on full-sized Simulator, the computer database using mathematical models, completely simulating downhole conditions. Have the appropriate certificates on results for training.

    Specializes in the problems of the construction and operation of directionally and horizontal wells. The main works are devoted to solving the problems of improving the application of modern technologies to improve technical and economic indicators of the processes of productive layers of intrusion well oil production. Developed with participation and. Grachev complex technical and technological activities on construction and exploitation of the wells complex profile implemented on 20 horizontal and more 100 directionally wells special profile, including 6 extended reach wells with up to 2,5 th. m and 3 branched horizontal on deposits of Western Siberia. The results of the research are reflected in the 11 Scientific and technical reports, and 22 Van-Eganskomu projects, Wat Eganskomu, Kal'chinskomu, Koshil'skomu, Malochernogorskomu, Samotlorskomu, Southern and Montenegrin fields.

    Under his leadership, prepared and protected 6 Master's theses. Directs training at full-time postgraduate courses and applicants. Has repeatedly opposed the protection of dissertations.

    The author of more than 150 scientific works, including 10 inventions and 5 monographs. Participant of the regional, Russian and international scientific and practical conferences and seminars.

    With 2000 year member of dissertational Council on awarding scientific degrees of doctor of. and Ph.d.. D 511.001.02 and Zam. the Chairperson of the dissertation Board 212.273.01 at Tsogu. Member of the Scientific Council of August since 1995. Member of the scientific technical Council of NizhnevartovskNIPIneft'. Participates in the work of the Association of scientific, technical and business cooperation for geophysical studies and works in Wells (AIS Association). With 2005 g. a member of the territorial offices of the CBR Rosnedra in Hanty-Mansijsky autonomous region.

    * Tyumen industrial Institute in 1994. renamed in Tyumen State oil and gas University (order No.524 Goskomobrazovanie RF from 26.05.94 g.).