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  • Chair “Oil and gas processing”

    From the history of the Department

    Department of oil and gas processing "as a separate unit established in 2010 year and is only to prepare engineers refining in the Tyumen region with the largest neftegazopererabatyvaûŝimi plants, plant oils and additives, plant for the production of polymers, a number of design and research institutes and enterprises, dealing with the sale and use of fuels and oils.

    The Foundation of the Department amounted to faculty and staff of the two oldest units of the University:

    -Department of chemistry and technology of oil and gas ", Chairholder Magaril Romain Zelikovich (1967г.)

    -Chair of technology of petrochemical synthesis», head Agayev Vyacheslav Suleymanov (1994г.)

    The Department assisted in the preparation of specialists in the field of oil refining other countries, directing its employee Beeva e. and. for teaching in institutes for oil in Algeria.

    Learning objectives, successfully solved by the Department

    1. Preparation of highly qualified specialists for oil refining and petrochemistry: oil refineries, plants oils and additives, petrochemical complexes, primary oil processing enterprises, design and research organizations, etc.

    2. Подготовка и воспитание научных и преподавательских кадров высшей квалификации для предприятий нефтепереработки и технических вузов.

    3. Improvement of professional skill of workers of enterprises of oil refining and petrochemistry.

    4. The holding of examinations (установки нефтепереработки и нефтехимии, газоперерабатывающих производств и т.д.)

    Training is conducted by highly qualified instructors.

    The head of the Department, candidate of technical sciences Mozyrev Andrey Gennadievich

    The sphere of professional activity

    Direction of training: 18.03.01«Chemical engineering»

    Students, обучающиеся по данному направлению, acquire modern views on the processes of preparation and processing of oil and gas for the purpose of obtaining fuels, oils and a variety of organic and petrochemical synthesis.

    Graduates will be able to manage the most complicated production technology, and prepared to work at gas processing plants, in any proceedings for obtaining, transportation and sale of petroleum products.

    Direction of training: 18.03.02 "Energy- and resource saving processes in chemical engineering, petrochemical and biotechnology»

    Graduate field of activity – oil plants; предприятия по промысловой подготовке нефти и газа; petrochemical plants; Научно-исследовательские (проектные) institutions.

    Graduates are experts at exploitation, maintenance, repair, installation, конструированию и проектированию технологического оборудования отрасли.

    На кафедре выполняются исследования по научным направлениям:

    1. Development process of dewaxing of mineral oil in electric fields;

    2. Synthesis and study of depressor additives to diesel fuels and motor oils;

    3. Simulation of process of formation and inhibition of asphalt-smolo-paraffin deposits during extraction and transport of oil.

    The Department provides 100% распределение выпускников на предприятия нефтегазовой отрасли и страны!