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  • Chair of material science and technology of structural materials

    Welcome to the page of Chair

    “Materials science and technology of construction materials”

    В Тюменском индустриальном университете есть кафедра, where to look for the answer to the question not only, What made various remarkable and necessary items, But how to get them to serve the people as long as possible. This requires very good to know the structure of substances and invent new substances with other properties. Where does the work scientists, which this task on shoulder? “Astronomers substances” work… on faculty MTKM. Its expanded name sounds so: “Materials science and technology of construction materials”. Scientists call this Chair “material scientists”, as they study and even multiply all kinds of substances, that were created and nature, and man. Now you understand, why they are proud of their profession and, not without reason, consider it the most important.


    Chair “Materials science and TKM” – cohesive team,

    more precisely, “alloy” like-minded people!