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    Future chemists, metallurgists, metallovedy should be prepared to, to process ore raw Moon, Asteroids, and other planets… Metallurgy in space – It already is not fiction, and the real scientific and techno-economic task is pretty close to the future…

    E. M. Savitsky, corresponding member. THE ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE USSR

    B. WITH. Klyachko

    Take a look at the picture. How do you think, What is depicted on it? To answer this question, we need to take a tour of the amazing science – materials science. You surprised? I guess, expect talk about astronomy? On the picture really shows the universe. Only instead of stars here are aglow with atoms. And distance in this universe are calculated not light-years away and not even in parsecs. In nanometers and ångströms. But even particle size substances in one desâtimilliardnuû fraction of a meter by the significant surge through the most modern of devices we'll see vast and infinite universe. “Astronomers”, who study this “universe”, instead of telescopes used by other devices. In the Tyumen oil and gas University has a Department of, where to look for the answer to the question not only, What made various remarkable and necessary items, But how to get them to serve the people as long as possible. This requires very good to know the structure of substances and even invent new substances with other properties. Where does the work scientists, for which this task on shoulder? “Astronomers substances” work …on faculty MTKM. Its expanded name sounds so: “Materials science and technology of construction materials”.

    Many substances, created by man, obsolete for modern requirements. Normal steel – main material of the planet – cannot withstand the increasing loads. And come to the aid of engineers. They give the steel new properties, that allows it to withstand high and low temperatures, friction, blows, effects of water, acids and alkalis. Engineers also studied composite materials and polymers. Their finest hour yet to come.

    Profession, for the future, awaits you! It is you, graduates MTKM, to help businesses in the region to manufacture competitive products.

    Direction of training “Materials science and technology of new materials” is one of the newest and advanced širokouniversal′nyh. Its opening in Part due to the need for engineering personnel, with advanced training in the use of new materials and advanced technologies, modern methods of analysis, testing and Diagnostics.