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    1 July. Вот и состоялся, Perhaps, главный праздник, которого с трепетом и волнением одновременно, ждали выпускники, их родители и преподаватели ИПТИторжественная церемония вручения дипломов ТИУ СПО. Администрация ТИУ и ИПТИ, кураторы, преподаватели пожелали выпускникам энтузиазма, грандиозных целей и больших жизненных проектов!!!













    Торжественная церемония вручения дипломов СПО Института промышленных технологий и инжинирнга состоится 01.07.2017г. in 12.00 в актовом зале по адресу:St. Volodarsky 38. All are invited.




    Отгремели салюты и концерты, dedicated 9 may. Мы тоже не остались в стороне. В Институте промышленных технологий и инжиниринга прошли 2 contest, связанных с этим праздником. Конкурс стенгазет и конкурс строевой песни. В конкурсе стенгазет приняли участие студенты отделения СПО. 1 место заняла группа ЗОт-16-9-2, 2 место УКт-16-9-1, 3 место ТТОп-13-9-1 и ПНГт-16-9-1.

    Конкурс строевой песни прошел 15.05.2017, в котором участвовали студенты 1 курса отделения СПО. 1 место заняла группа ПНГт-16-9-1, 2 место УКт-16-9-1, 3 место РПКт-16-9-1. Также были отмечены командиры 1 courses: Кучумова Дарья, Шишигина Елизавета, Матвеева Виктория. Thanks to all, кто принимал участие в мероприятиях, посвященных 9 may.



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    29 April on the basis of the final stage was held (IPTS) of the all-Russian competition of scientific and creative works of students of educational institutions and institutions of secondary professional education «TehLider». More 50 works in various nominations were submitted for the consideration of the jury, among the works, in the final part of the contest also included work, students of Engineering Institute of industrial technology and engineering.

    Guys submitted work on various topics, including in the field of ecology, biotechnologies, Physics and engineering sciences. Unfortunately not occupied Prize-winning places, but showed a decent level of training, Although for many this was only the first step in science.


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    Subbotnik was held on the territory of the IPTS, within the framework of the all-Russian subbotnik. Worked all: and students, and teachers. Worked together, so, that garbage disappear right before your eyes. And, can be, someone believes a Saturday thing obsolete, However,, clean – the notion of eternal! We can safely say, that Saturday – necessary and useful thing. And not only to restore order, but to maintain team spirit. We hope, that initiative to subbotniku wanting to be more!


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    25-27 April 2017 year on the basis of the Institute of the Earth's Cryosphere SCIENCES hosted the all-Russian Conference of young scientists “Scientific and production activity – means of creating Habitat for humanity Wednesday”.

    The diploma of the winner of the Conference received Kvashnin Alyona Bondarchuk, learning STR IPTS Zot group -16-(9)-1 (the head of the – Mironova Galina Borisovna) . Congratulations on the victory, and wish further scientific discovery and creative WINS!!!

















    Spring at the Department "of commodities and food technology» TIU IPTS thirteenth year marks Cathedral cabbage. Traditional event this year was called the "University of the future" and took place in outer style.


    "All students want to spring, Solar mood, vivid impressions, positive, and all this they get on our kapustnike. Team of teachers, too, goes on stage. We make jokes over students, They joked over us is cool!», commented the head of the Department of CCI, doctor of technical sciences, Professor Vladimir Grigoryevich Popov.

    The winner of the Cathedral space skit was named group of first-rate Rdb – 16, "The best team of the Department of CCI" in 2016- 2017 academic year in a bitter struggle became a GR. RDB-13. The main criteria when choosing the best steel group: absolute quality and performance, production of wall newspapers, participation in scientific conferences and public life, statement on the sports and student kapustnike.. "The best Chair" won the CCI warden Golubev, Vyacheslav, third year student TJeTb-14.





    A team of great participants in the TIU IPTS will present the concert program at the final part of the competitions of creative collectives – Regional Festival “Student spring”.

    We wish the guys zadora, success, achievements and creative WINS! “Support” and support!!!




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    Beauty, charm,Grace, mind, creativity, elegance, manhood – all this saw spectators sports complex “Architect” last Tuesday, 7 March. There was held a truly grand event “Mr and Miss TIU 2017”, that was full of unique, and most importantly, only positive emotions! Won the main title of the student group-TTOt IPTS 14-9-1 Daniel Iljushkin. A big thanks to all the cool and creative organizers and participants for a new invaluable baggage of skills and knowledge, Which one, certainly, useful life.



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    20 and 21 February at the IPTS held a traditional sports festival “A miracle – bogatyrs”, devoted to day of the defender of fatherland. Sports, organized by the Faculty of physical training and carried out in the form of relay, allowed all participants to demonstrate not only the speed, strength and endurance, but the ability to work in a team. A considerable contribution to the victory was introduced and fans, which together supported their participants throughout the competition.

    As a result the baton among 1 course in the first place – Bmlp – 16; second place – RPMb – 16; third place SMTb – 16. AFS students first place – TTOt – 16-(9)-1; second place – MTRt – 16 -(9)-1 ; third place Lat -16 -(9) – 1. Congratulations!


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    Students Of The IPTS 14 February again saw that, that tradition of Valentine's day – giving gifts in the form of “hearts”, write love notes “Valentine” – maintained from year to year. In the creative competition for the best “Valentine” It was difficult to choose the most, so the nominations turned out several. In nominations “Most creative”and “The sweetest” distinguished group PNGt-16-(9)-1. In the nomination “A culinary masterpiece” best band ukt-16-(9)-1. “Most heart” “Valentine” the Group turned ukt-15-(9)-1. In the nomination “Golden hands” diploma awarded group Lat-16-(9)-1. Diploma in nomination “Letjashhee heart” Group-PNGt presented 15-(9)-1. Well done!!!




    Student day – the most favorite holiday of all those, who has treasured student ticket. And, in spite of the fact, that the history of the holiday is rooted in the distant past, tradition preserved and multiplied every year. In this year 25 January for students rally IPTS ” From session to session…” Everyone took pictures in a makeshift Carnival with some pictures from photobooth attributes. Throughout the entire event played the vibrant music, There was a lively mood, Therefore, the fotoobrazy were original and unforgettable. Full photo report will be published in a group https://vk.com/engineering_ipti

    P1230518 P1230541 P1230543 P1230546 P1230562 P1230566




    The IPTS passed mindgame “That? Where? When?”

    20 December in the IPTS passed mindgame “That? Where? When?”. Four teams locked horns in the ring – “OWL”, where were the teachers of Engineering, “Eagle owls” – AFS students, “Three To and on” – lecturers of the TM and “Eccentricity” – the team of students and. The game was held in two rounds, each of which was 10 issues. From the words of Tokareva M.a., teacher of Informatics and senior curator STR, the questions were not so light. In the process the team exchanged impressions, chatted and joked. The game took place fun and interesting. All participants received a lot of positive impressions, and the winners received diplomas and sweet Prize.

    1 place – “Three To and on”

    2 place – “Eccentricity”

    3 place – “OWL”
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    New year's IPTS!

    22 December in 16:00 in the Auditorium in valadarski Street 38 concert, dedicated to celebrating the new year. We invite students and teachers!
    new_yearWith a heart, full expectations,
    Meet this new year.
    Many bright wishes
    It will gather under the tree.

    Only happy time
    Prepare us destiny,
    To fairy tale to make the burden of,
    So there were miracles!





    Vnutriinstitutskij tournament “That? Where? When?”

    2048_583_bigOn Tuesday 20 December in the IPTS be held intellectual game “That? Where? When?” Students will compete in, STR, Faculty chairs TM, CCI and Iizhiniring Office. The game will be held in 17:00 hours at the address Volodarsky, 38, in the audience 374b.









    With 28.11 on 04.12 in Tyumen Industrial University | TIU hosted the World AIDS campaign!
    Institute of industrial technology and Engineering do not remain on the sidelines!

    Students and were issued with his band the walls-newspaper theme: The fight against AIDS 💉💊 and brought their wall-newspaper 216 Cabinet at Volodarsky 38 BEFORE 2 DECEMBER. All the newspapers were posted in the lobby of the IPTS. As the jury evaluated the work of students: Hulin Anatoly Nikolaevich, Kajgorodceva Vera Aleksandrovna, Kokljagina Olga Mikhailova, Oleg Aleksandrovich Krylov. 1 Place group ukt-15-(9)-1 and MTB-16-1. Thank you all, who participated in the contest walls-newspapers. Congratulations to the winners!

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    Department of commodity research and food technology held 12-Yu a sports meeting among students in the first year.

    23.11.2016 g. students participated in three types of competitions: squat, shooting accuracy and passage of obstacles. Winners in every type of competitions received diplomas and personal team participants spartakiad. Each team came up with its own distinctive style, chants and title, as well as have a good support group. All the guys have fun, rallied and got a lot of positive emotions.

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    On the eve of the Memorial Day

    202ba44s-96021 November in 14:00 students of the IPTS, among other, light candles in memory of those killed in the ACCIDENT children. Each candle symbolizes the child, who died in a crash in the current year. The aim of the event is to commemorate the victims of the accident and once again urge all to be extremely careful while driving.

    Over the past five years were killed in Tyumen 66 children up to 16 years. According to statistics, in the Tyumen region in ACCIDENTS kill more people, than fire. The number of deaths of children in an accident in the past year increased. In 2014 year in the area lit 9 candles in memory of the victims of the ACCIDENT.




    Results “Fall premieres 2016”


    Grand Prix in nomination VOCALS
    🔹Vokal'nyj room “Sweet Dreams”

    ⃣ PLACE:
    🔹Koncertnaja program “The Third Call”

    ⃣ PLACE:
    🔹Sovremennaja choreography
    🔹Hudozhestvennoe Word
    🔹Instrumental'nyj room
    🔹Zhurnalistika: print





    Meeting with management!

    5113056815.11.2016 in 13:00 There will be a meeting of the Directorate of the Institute of industrial technology and engineering freshmen secondary vocational and higher education. Curators educational groups to ensure the attendance of students at: St. Volodarsky 38, the Assembly Hall.




    Dear curators!

    In order to determine the extent of satisfaction expressed by recipients of educational services and staff, must be communicated to all the participants of educational process on conducting research on the website of the Ministry of education and science of Russia on the site: http://Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation./public service/application form/1 between 10.10.2016 g. by 10.11.2016 g.; to ensure confidential participated in a survey of students in full-time education, parents (legal representatives), as well as professors and teaching staff.


    The fall premiere


    Attention, 09.11.2015 in 17:00 freshmen Fall Festival premiere! Venue of SC “Architect”, Concert Hall. Invite fans for the IPTS! Hurry to buy the free tickets to 216 Cabinet!



    The debut of the freshman in the IPTS

    wthlhkn9epy28, 29 September at the Institute of industrial technology and engineering student talent contest "debut of the freshman".

    On the stage of the Auditorium in valadarski Street 38 colorful show unfolded, that provided new students. This year the newcomers have become more 350 freshmen.
    Each group prepared a video-card about his student team, its features and life in it. Beginners models og1k9rclepidemonstrated outfits of non-standard materials-inflatable balls, tissue paper and non-woven material. The guys have shown a humorous unit of miniatures, mass, paired and solitary dances, songs and instrumental performances. The most striking and memorable was the number of "body art" group of INb-16-1, in which students provided all institutions TIU.

    o__v4epwikcThe event was a leading student group Kwe-15-1 Victoria Zarechnikova. The jury “The debut of freshman” included the Deputy Director on educational work Kajgorodceva Vera Aleksandrovna, teachers and choreographers Kremleva Vera Petrovna and Khasanova Ekaterina Nikolaevna, vocal coach Menina Daria Vadimovna and pedagogue-psychologist Frejdina Ekaterina Mikhailovna.

    Freshmen themselves underwhelmed by events, Neither 8eztlsisqv0one group did not leave without a diploma or diplomas.
    One of the winners of shares his impressions: "If we had not won, I would not be upset. Many groups deserved Awards, all showed class! And we have no rehearsal is not so good, as the concert. "

    nf9wphwosdoThat's what he thinks about "freshmen" debut, the Deputy Director on educational work of Vera Kajgorodceva: "A great start!Many talented creative guys! We saw brilliant rooms, Let not professional, but prepared with dedication and soul.

    Freshmen fired furor on stage, many rooms we've taken note and will prepare further to "Fall premiere».

    Great help guys in the preparations for the event have had their creative curators from among rqy6f_p9ivoundergraduate students, for that they were also awarded certificates.

    The winners among the Group SPO ukt-16-(9)-1, winner of the 1-St place. 2-place-Lat-16-(9)-2, and 3-MTRt-16-(9)-1. Among students in the first place got group INb-16-1. 2-(e) place group SMTb-16-1, and 3-e-UCB-16-1.







    Vaccination against influenza.


    Attention students and staff!

    On the basis of federal law No. 52-FZ dated 30.03.1999 g. “On sanitary-epidemiological welfare of population” the TIU will host flu vaccination.

    Place and time:
    with 19.09.2016 g. on 28.10.2016 g. with 11:00 up to 15:00 hours in the health centre at the address: Volodarsky 38.









    Attention, 1-(e) courses!

    zhurnalistika_w500You have the unique opportunity to participate in the Festival “The fall premiere” in the direction of “Journalism” (print, Photo, Internet, TV, radio, PR-company), as well as in the game “That? Where? When?”
    If you wish to attend, contact 216 KAB. by Catherine Frejdinoj, Tel. 28-36-63, or contact http://vk.com/tialur







    The IPTS passed sports-mass event “Dedication in freshmen”.


    14 September students STR IPTS first tasted on the hardships of life, as well as received a lot of positive emotions, and showed their smiles at the end of the evening. The next day there was a dedication to students, who remained are very happy.








    IPTS students took part in the action “Memory Of Beslan”


    The action is dedicated to the tragedy 2004 of the year, occurred in “Beslan”. Students gathered in the courtyard of 1 Corps and launched the white balloons in memory of the victims. Thanks to all, who participated.







    IPTS waiting for freshmen!

    Attention, first-year students and their parents! We invite you to a festive line, to be held 1 September 2016 g. at the address: Volodarsky, 38, the Assembly Hall.
    STR – fee 9:30
    In – fee 11:30

    Lists of received In 2016 STR-2016
    On call: 8(3452)28-36-63




    Issue 2016!



    Dear students and curators of final groups!
    Below is the schedule for graduation and STR.

    Attention: collection holders Red diplomas, as well as Masters – 02.07. 2016g. in 9:00 at the main entrance of the main building (St. Volodarsky, 38)



    Chair Time Venue
    «Materials science and technology

    constructive materials»


    02.07. 2016g.


    KAB. 219 (St. Volodarsky 38)
    "Physicist, methods of control and





    (St. Volodarsky, 38)

    «Electricity» 02.07.2016g. 13.30 Ballroom(St. Volodarsky, 38)
    "Oil and gas processing» 02.07. 2016g.



    (the Republic of St.,47)

    "Commodity research and technology products


    02.07. 2016g.


    Hall No. 2

    (St. Volodarsky, 38)

    "Manufacturing engineering" 02.07. 2016g.


    Hall. Kosuhina

    (St. Volodarsky, 38)

    "Machines and tools" 02.07. 2016g.


    Hall. Kosuhina

    (St. Volodarsky, 38)

    AFS Office graduations 02.07. 2016g.



    (St. Volodarsky, 38)

    Days protection diplomas in engineering and industrial technology Institute.



    In these summer days graduates goes protection diplomas. Each institution has its own specificity, and, to support our students, We will give some recommendations, relating to the protection of thesis.

    1. On the eve of protection be sure to sleep. "Day x" can enjoy a soothing, but a little.
    2. The institution come in advance, not less than 30 minutes; check, If he took a, including a thesis.
    3. On the protection of the diploma it is better to speak on the substance of the selected theme-teachers hate, When a student starts talking generalities, "pouring water".
    4. In practice, there may be situations, When the members of the Commission asked off topic of the diploma. In this case, is not worth the silent and unresponsive, fool. The best answer as follows:: "Unfortunately, the issue was not covered in my research paper, but when writing the thesis I am focusing on studying this issue».
    5. Forget the word "do not know"!
    6. Psychologists say, What's the best thing the audience remembers the beginning and end of story, so hone your speech and note it is at these moments.
    7. Tell interesting, that you wanted to listen to.

    Remember: protection of the diploma is not scary. If you are the author of the thesis, you don't easily give the Commission its scientific and practical study thus, so you put a well-deserved assessment.



    Mechanical Engineering Technology Department will release the first “innovatikov”.


    zOf_zidq17c копияCongratulations on a successful surrender of the State exam the first graduates of our University directions “Innovation”! We wish further to high achievement in academic and scientific activities and successful defence of graduation qualification work.

    CWheHbuoeAU копия

    The excitement left behind —

    And put this very important exam.
    You take the Chair greetings,
    Because not everyone will pass test.

    Sometimes many difficulties on the way,
    But you meet these challenges with dignity.
    So much happiness awaits ahead:
    Well, and yet — with victory congratulations!



    West Siberian-based State College hosted a regional scientific-practical Conference “I'm an expert”.


    From the Institute of industrial technology and engineering performed Lekonceva Elena Petrovna, with the work “Organization of leisure of youth in conditions of realization of the GEF”. The work was premiered at the highest level, interested colleagues from other schools and the burgeoning discussed.
    Just as Elena Petrovna Lekonceva was one of the jury members section “Teaching activities”, Appreciating the work of students of Tyumen Pedagogical College.

    kh2ERG3jrmE qwtGTCTLiXI

    Neftegazovcy participated in the anniversary forum "Bolshaya peremena"


    In Tyumen Oblast V Forum ended Bolshaya peremena 2016», held at city schools. This year the event was dedicated to three main areas:

    — vocational work, which included a demonstration of a new professional orientation formats. Parents will be able to dive into the world of professions, popular on the regional labour market;

    — Final attestation of pupils, in which adult pupils (parents) passed all the organizational procedures and passed the unified State exam;

    -Organization of the adaptation work with children, with disabilities. Parents of preschoolers have the opportunity in the training mode to get acquainted with the most efficient technologies corrective work with children, have different developmental and health, as well as with variant forms of the use of remedial developmental equipment produced domestically in the work with children.

    During the school day for parents passed master-classes, lessons, classes, round tables, Blitz polls, exhibitions, trainings. Also within the framework of the Forum were organized schools career-guidance activities for students 8-11 classes.

    Representatives of the Institute of industrial technology and engineering work was organized on the basis of two sites of educational institutions — Lyceum and gymnasium № 34 49.

    In high school Assistant Professor engineering technology» Igor Solovev and David Perez Džindžolova conducted a master class on Robotics. The children were assigned the task is to write a program for an industrial robot so, to work to move an object from one point to another took place as fast as possible.

    Evgeny Zavyalov, the post-graduate student of the Department "machine and cutting tools and Camille Muratov, candidate of technical sciences, Associate Professor, Department of Physics ", methods for monitoring and Diagnostics» took part in open scientific and practical Conference, organized on the basis of Lyceum № 34. The staff showed guys experiments in physics and master-classes in robotics.

    Event organizers, students and parents, listeners who were active in the work of the sections, grateful out of University and looked forward to further cooperation.




    Representatives of oil and gas were made decently at the contest "human labour" Praise UFO


    Student of the Chair «machine building technology» Institute of industrial technology and engineering, the curator of the direction of FN Electric NEFTEGAZ Engineering project Dmitriy Škurkin and PhD student of car service and technological Institute of transport machinery, Chief project engineer Anton Nazarov took part in competition engineering competencies "Praise man of labour" in the nomination "engineering young». The contest was held 16 and 17 March in the South Ural State University, Chelyabinsk.

    Dmitry Škurkin, in his work "Home belt transmission bolide" Tyumen ", took second place in the contest in the nomination, beating 9 participants from various technical universities in the Ural Federal District. For second place on the certificate was awarded to Dmitry 18 000 Br. Remuneration will financially support the project Neftegaz Engineering.

    Protection projects hosted the sixteenth of March, where each participant addressed the judges and other stakeholders, telling about their ideas and plans, and providing all design documentation. 17th March the contestants went on an excursion to the Museum, where they were able to see the famous fragment of the meteorite, raised from the bottom of Lake Chebarkul. Also guys visited Chelyabinsk pipe plant, that is one of the largest domestic producers of pipe products with a total market share of approximately 20%.

    "The trip was at a high level. We have done everything, what counted: defended their projects to judges, been evaluated, saw their mistakes and shortcomings-all it gave us the necessary experience, said Anton Nazarov. We also visited one of the largest plants in Russia, producing pipe. It was very interesting and informative ".

    "Of course, I am very happy and proud, that took second place in the competition engineering competencies, — shares his impressions Dzmitry Škurkin. Is my project "Home belt transmission bolide" Tyumen "has already received its embodiment. Creating a fireball for participation in competitions Formula Student, We decided to apply an innovative solution-belt instead of the usual chain, that greatly facilitated the design. This extraordinary solution, that notice and observe all, who are interested in our project. So he and judge the past well contest».

    Natalia Romanova


    Institute of industrial technology and engineering opened doors for prospective students


    Traditional open day was held at the Institute of industrial technology and engineering Tsogu. Welcome to students and parents contacted the Director of the Institute of Vladimir Dolgushin: He told about the features and benefits of training in Institute, and after the final wished success to the final.

    Deputy Head of admissions Tsogu Konstantin Shlyk introduced guys with changes in the rules of admission to 2016 year. Gift for guests three creative rooms from students Daniel Ilyushin (GR. TTOt-14), Maria Ivanova and Denis Gorynina (GR. ZDR-15), Daria Markova (GR. OTMb-15).

    Next guys plunged into the fascinating tour of the laboratories of the Institute, where master-classes were held. Representatives of the departments and offices of the "Engineering" introduced schoolchildren in more detail with directions of preparation and specialties. Today the IPTS provides modern 3D design laboratories, materials science, Chemistry and physics. On the basis of the Institute neftegazovcy learn to work with high-frequency equipment, machines and apparatuses of chemical productions, as well as on machine tools with numerical control.

    Between the stations you guys had the opportunity to eat, a cup of tea and eat sweets. After the tour the Deputy Director on educational work Pavel Medvedev invited Tsogu lyceum students 9 classes on a tour of the University unit.

    Representatives of the children wish Tsogu pass EGE, get high scores and enroll in Institute of industrial technology and engineering!


    The Naftohaz Ukrainy discussed new ways to produce electricity


    In 7 casing Tsogu seminar "energy efficiency Learn from nature — can you get rid of anti-EMF?», organized by the Institute of power engineering of the Department of industrial technology and engineering.

    The seminar was attended by 30 listeners, before that made a teacher of faculty "electric power" Victor Reshetnik. The purpose of the event: popularization of research results, experimental design and research works, completed within the student scientific circle «Teslatehniki», among students, graduate students, of young scientists and specialists;

    At a meeting of students of Tyumen, as well as students and postgraduates Tsogu discussed such questions, as a transition to a fundamentally new ways to produce electricity, waiver of converting mechanical energy through the conversion of existing parameters of electrical resources; talked about the exclusion of anti-EMF, as well as the design and construction of asymmetric electric machines on the example of the invention of the electric power transformer without anti-EMF. Another topic of discussion was the prospects for increasing the production of electricity on a background of energy- and resource saving by switching to new ways of energy transformation and renewable resources.

    Oil and gas Department held the first spartakiad among students


    Department of oil and gas together with the Chair of physical training conducted (I) corporate Chair APG among students. Before the sports guys congratulated and expressed farewell speech the Pro-Rector on educational work of the University Dmitry Novitsky and Chair APG Andrey Mozyrev.

    Students participated in three types of competitions: darts, shooting accuracy and passage of obstacles. Winners in every type of competitions received diplomas and personal team participants spartakiad. Prize-winning places in the complex classification, According to the results of all races, as follows:

    1 place-GR. HTMb-12-1;

    2 place-GR. MHPb-15-1;

    3 place-GR. HTOb-12-1.

    Team, winner 1 place, received as a prize hike in bowling, medals, as well as the Cup winners of the first mini-football APG Chair. All the guys have fun, organizers hope, that the Olympics will become an annual tradition for students.

    Special thanks to the preparation and carrying out of the activities of the representatives of the Department head of the physical education Department expressed APG Vladimir Subbotin.

    ПобедителиОбщее построение

    Полоса препятсвийКубок


    Engineering-quest at Tsogu: students become acquainted with the activities of the IPTS


    The Institute of industrial technologies engineering hosted a fascinating game for stations for students. What foods should be healthy breakfast schoolboy, How do I connect the mains, where are the largest oil and gas reserves, How to create a program of moving objects using robot-this and more students of Tyumen schools learned during engineering-quest.

    Welcome to the guys before the game, in the Auditorium of them. A. N.. Kosuhina came Vice-Rector Tsogu Pavel Evtin: «Now you are in that age, When you want to know, What will happen next. To this forecast did not err, you need to have some support from those, who already owns such information. Development strategy of Russia and Tyumen region clearly helps to understand, that your smart, blonde head needed and better city land-Tyumen, and our beautiful Tyumen "traditional" and Russia as a whole. But the most important thing, If you enter in the Tyumen oil and gas University, you make the right choice!».

    Director of the Institute of industrial technology and engineering Tsogu Vladimir Dolgushin, Turning to future applicants, noted, that this educational institution prepares specialists on a wide range of directions of training: "And engineering, and refining, We have unique to our region Department of commodity research and food technology is a broad profile of our specialties».

    The participants of the game have become students of Tyumen schools no. 8, 41, 43, 57, 61, 62, 91, as well as Lyceum № 34 and Lyceum Tsogu. The guys had to go through nine stations, relevant departments IPTS: commodity research and food technology; General and physical chemistry; oil and gas processing; Physics, monitoring and diagnostic methods; electric power industry; materials science and technology of structural materials; mechanical engineering technology; machines and tools; physical education.

    Students would not only answer questions, related to physical objects, but guess riddles, asked students IPTS. "At the Department of material science and technology of structural materials" guys had to guess on the submitted samples, What metal are items; the Chair of "Electricity" students connected circuit; "at the Department of commodity research and food technology students were correct breakfast for each student. One of the most difficult was the task of the Chair «machine building technology»: students were required to write a program to move objects from one place to another with the help of the robot on the computer. Nevertheless,, all students have coped with the tasks and were satisfied with so active and cognitive games.

    According to the results of engineering-quest 1 place was taken by representatives of the General Lyceum Tsogu — team "Saros"; 2 place — school No. 62, team «Zareka» and 3 place-Lyceum № 34, the command "t-34". All participants and winners received commemorative gifts from Tsogu.

    Alexander Chernyshov

    На кафедре ЭлектроэнергетикиДиректор ИПТИ Владимир Долгушин


    проректор по науке Павел ЕвтинШкольники в зале им. А.Н. Косухина


    Institute of industrial technology helps pupils to make the right choice


    In the days of science, which were held in August-last week, for studying oil and gas of the Lyceum was organized a meeting with the honored worker of science of the Russian Federation, doctor of technical sciences, Professor Ilya Moiseievich Kovenskim and an excursion in the laboratory of the Chair of material science and technology of structural materials ".

    Ilya Moiseyevich told the guys about the direction of materials science and materials technology, on which the preparation at the Department. The students learned about the role of materials in development of industry (Engineering, Aviation, Atomic, medical, etc.). Professor Kovno (Kaunas) answered questions from students about employment opportunities for graduates and invited to participate contest «TehLider».

    Excursion in the lab has passed interesting and fun. The guys have demonstrated the capabilities of modern equipment, given the opportunity to measure the hardness of materials, a peek into the inner world of "metal".

    Soon the boys are not less fascinating excursions in the laboratory of the Institute.


    Professor Tsogu awarded Honorary mentions


    Oil and gas University congratulates Vitaly Fedorovich Novikova, Head of Department of physics, monitoring and diagnosis methods of the Institute of industrial technology and engineering with a well-deserved award!.

    9 February at the XXII meeting of the academic meeting of Tyumen region Vitaliy Fedorovich was awarded the honorary diploma of the Governor of the Tyumen region for merits in scientific activities, many years of fruitful work and in connection with their professional holiday the day of Russian Science.

    The staff of the Institute of industrial technology and engineering congratulates Vitaly Fedorovich and wishes new scientific achievements and discoveries!

    В.Ф. Новиков10003


    Future oilmen visited visiting scientists-scientists Tsogu


    In the framework of the career-oriented activities, students of the first year of the oil and gas College Yury Èrv′e, visited on excursions to laboratories at the Department of materials science and technology of construction materials» Institute of industrial technology and engineering Tsogu.

    The guys talked about the possibilities of modern equipment for study materials. Guests of the saw work electron microscope in action, with the help of modern equipment studied the composition of jewelry, and we also for a series of mechanical testing of structural materials, that could themselves take part. Using optical microscopy excursion participants saw the structure of cast iron and demonstrated knowledge, previously acquired during classes in College.

    Alena Kulemina

    В лабораторииИзучаем структуру чугуна


    Who better knows the laws of Omagh and Archimedes?


    20 January students 9-11 classes will participate in the regional stage of the all-Russian Olympiad on Physics. Already in 9.00 in the main building will begin to execute jobs guys Part I round of the Olympiad.

    Students will assess the works the jury: candidate of physico-mathematical sciences, Head of Department of modeling of physical processes and systems of the physical-technical Institute of the Tsu to Vladimir Pilipenko, k. pedagogics, Associate Professor Olga Druzhinina; the d.SC., Assistant Professor Physics Department, quality control and diagnostic methods of the Institute of industrial technology and engineering Tsogu Boris Fedorov, Senior Lecturer Denis Neradovskiy, k. pedagogics., Associate Professor Svetlana Tolchina; candidate of physico-mathematical sciences, Assistant Professor Physics Department, Tatiana TûmGASU Velichko and senior lecturer in Olga Mikheeva; Ph.d., teacher Specialized educational and scientific center of the NSU Ruslan Abdullin.

    In the morning, high school students will decide Olympic jobs, and after lunch the guys waiting for acquaintance with Tsogu, visit inscribed audiences and tour of the University, as well as interactive communication with representatives of universities and business game students and participants of the "occupational safety and health on the construction site" from TûmGASU.

    Round II all-Russian Olympiad on Physics held in Friday, 22 January, on the basis of the Tyumen State University.

    Фото с сайта www.5iz5.ru


    Students IPTS noted new year


    In the Auditorium of the first Corps Tsogu festive concert of the Institute of industrial technology and engineering, dedicated to the upcoming new year.

    Festive program was held for the first time, its prepared student activists, as spectators invited all comers. The Hall was full of. Welcoming words to the children asked the Deputy Director of the Institute for educational work, Vera Kajgorodceva. During the concert, the audience saw the choreographic group presentation IPTS "Sun Rise", vocal numbers performed by Olesya Korshunova, Alexander Âtmanova and Daria Markova. Also the audience pleased jokes from instytutska KVN team. New year's Eve concert the ecstasy without the grandfather frost and snow maiden. The guys rested from tests and tests, took part in the competitions, got the sweet gifts and prizes. The Feast was held with the support of the trade union organization of the University.

    Polina Čečulina

    ВыступлениеФото на память


    Neftegazovcy are the winners of the all-Russian scientific-practical Conference


    In August held all-Russian scientific and practical Conference of students, graduate students, young scientists and specialists of "energy saving and innovative technologies in the fuel and energy complex».

    The main objective of the Conference: popularization of research results, experimental design and research works, performed in universities, academic institutions and industrial organizations among students, graduate students, of young scientists and specialists.

    The participants were representatives from Moscow, Nizhnevartovsk, Omsk, St. Petersburg, Tobolsk, Tyumen, including six students and post-graduates of the Institute of industrial technology and engineering Tsogu.

    At the Conference the following topics were raised, as the problem of generating, transformation and consumption of electric energy; automate the management of flows; production problems, financial and social management in the fuel-energy complex; energy- and resource conservation; Automation and control in technical systems.

    The results of the Conference 1 ranked student IPTS Bogdan Antonov; 2 the place is also of Latypov Irek IPTS and 3 — Ales Gručenkova from the Institute of transport Tsogu.

    We congratulate the winners and wish you further successes and victories!



    Parent-teacher meeting at the Lycée


    Lyceum of general education of the Tyumen State oil and gas University has always pursued and pursues an open policy of cooperation with parents of students, who are frequent guests at the Lyceum and always receive up-to-date, operational information from first hand. Thanks to this favourable image formed Tsogu, creates all conditions for competent pedagogic-psychological accompaniment of students and build their individual educational trajectory.

    So it was 16 obŝelicejskom on December parent meeting, on the vocational orientation of pupils. The present Director of the Lyceum, the candidate of pedagogical sciences, Honorary worker of the general education of the Russian Federation, Professor, honored worker of science and education RAE Nikolai Golikov. Nikolay Alekseevich drew the attention of parents and children into the need for a serious preparation for the EXAM and the importance of a responsible approach to the choice of the future profession. Then the floor was given to the Director of the Institute of industrial technology and engineering, doctor of technical sciences, Professor Vladimir Dolgušinu and Director of the Institute of geology and oil and gas production, candidate of technical sciences, Professor Alexey Pimnevu. The heads of the institutes presented the presentation directions and specialties, reported number of budget places on them, told about the employment prospects of graduates of faculties, gave information about the contests of scientific works, through which the students will be able to obtain a treasured budget place. Threaded Basil, and about. the head of the Admissions Committee, told about the changes in the rules of admission and the number of minimum points, required for admission to the University.

    Time for reflection remains less. Lyceum students, the choice is yours!

    Pavel Medvedev

    Photo by Dennis Lytkina


    The students visited the Department of material science


    The question "whom to be?"always worried about graduates. Fortunately, learners educational Lyceum Tsogu actively help in the selection of representatives of native high school graduating departments.

    This week the students visited on excursions in the laboratories of the Department of materials science and construction materials technology Institute of industrial technology and engineering.

    They were represented by high-tech equipment, used in educational process: scanning electron microscope, Chemistry Analyzer, x-ray difractometer and much more. Guys were able to look at the structure of the metal under a microscope and determine the hardness of various materials in a special device-tverdomere Brinell.

    During the tour guys got information about scientific circle Chair «Materials and technology», Learn about the issues for possible research papers, as well as the situation has been brought about the competition of scientific works of students and applicants «Tehlider-2016». Particularly impressed with the guys very interesting, the emotional story of the head of Department, doctor of technical sciences, Professor Elias Moiseevich's Kovno.

    Many income opportunities, Oil and gas University helps to translate dreams into reality!

    Alyona Kulemina


    Tsogu helps students make the right choice


    More than four thousand students and representatives of 27 professional education organizations became participants of the Festival «ProfiBudu», organized by the Center for employment of the population of the city of Tyumen and the Tyumen region. Choose a profession for the soul disciples have representatives Tsogu.

    The regional capital was attended not only by the students of Tyumen schools, but the guys from Tobolsk, Ishim, the South area. Specialties students told those, who've been able to get a feel for the features of a profession education, -students.

    For two days the children a unique opportunity to attend master classes on a variety of fronts. So, for example, students held a master-class IMiB "IT- technology and building websites», students are introduced to the world of IPTS Robotics, College of Informatics and communications students talked about the principles of work in Photoshop, students of the Institute of transport invited school children to master-class for media "how to extricate the city from snow».

    Each institution surprised not only exhibition space, but creative rooms: performances by IPTS IMiB and gathered a large number of spectators.

    Festival "ProfiBuduÂ" gave a lot of impressions to all, who visited, and someone gave impetus to the further self-determination. Oil and gas University is waiting for all concerned receive quality and sought-after education!


    In Tobol′skom industrial Institute day passed company SIBUR


    In the branch in tobol'sk Tsogu held a traditional event, "a day in the" SIBUR "Naftohaz Ukrainy", attended by not only students and schoolchildren Omsk branch, but and more 50 studying Tobolski multifield College, Institute of industrial technology and engineering and the College of Informatics and communications.

    Within Days the company Sibur were organized an essay contest for high school students, video contest among students of the branch, energy Olympiad for students, higher education programmes, and professional skills competition for students of secondary vocational education.

    Opened the event Director, Member of the Tobolsk City Council Ludmila Ostanina and Chief power engineer LLC Tobolsk-neftekhim Alexey Sabelnikov.

    In judging the Olympics and professional skills contest participated representatives of SIBUR company: Superintendent electricity Ignat melons and electrician 5 discharge, participant and prize-winner of competitions of professional skill and conferences Viktor Baranov. Experts noted a variety of competitive stages jobs, as well as the high professionalism of the participants.

    For the best electrician fought two teams from the College of Informatics and communications: studying on profession "-the electrical engineer on repair and service of electrical equipment" and students of technical operation and maintenance of electrical and electromechanical equipment (by branches)». The workmanship competition program consisted of two phases: theoretical and practical. In the first phase, participants had to answer a series of questions from the professional disciplines of the curriculum and perform laboratory work. In the second phase were assessed the skills of participants.

    "Traditionally professional competitions are held with a view to promoting the development and competitiveness of the labour market, Therefore, the practical phase of the exercise is an integral part of the competition and is, as a rule, the most interesting and spectacular, because within this test validated the skills of participants and employers may assess students as future professionals», -shared his thoughts Ivan Mititelu, Professor of Department of telecommunications Kiis, jury member of the contest.

    The results of the competition of professional skill were summed up as in a team, and in the individual competition. The winner was the student Department STR tobolski branch Tsogu Kirill Tabakov. And the teams ' studying secession STR celebrated victory. Students of the College of Informatics and communications profession "-the electrical engineer on repair and service of electrical equipment» Aleksandr Kazantsev, Subhonali Samiev, Rustam Išmuhambetov took 3rd place, at the second step of the podium were students of Kiis, studying on speciality "technical operation and maintenance of electrical and electromechanical equipment (by branches)»: Vladimir Pyankov, Vladislav Belousov, Vladislav Glushkov. In the individual Championship (II) replaced by Vladislav Glushkov.

    "Very pleased, that level of organization is growing every year, job competition will not be repeated and become more interesting, and it was especially pleasant to work on new equipment training laboratories, presented by an affiliate company Sibur», the workmanship competition prize winner noted Vladislav Glushkov.

    According to the results of the competition in the supply of energy in the team competition the best recognized students 4 course of the biggest affiliate Tsogu, (II) and (III) were replaced by Electricity Department groups teams (IPTS) (Accordingly,: Albert Hajbulin, Anton Tupičenko, Vladimir Blaschuk, Dmitry Chizh, Igor Ushakov and Aleksey Sidorov, Dmitry Imenovskij, Egor Revyakin, Margarita Mahnina, Oksana Tretyakova). In the individual Championship leader Ivan Konstantinov, student groups & nbsp and nbsp subscribe-12 branch Tsogu tobol'sk, Third place was shared by Aleksey Sidorov and Igor Ushakov.

    The winner of the contest of campaign commercials "I b electricians went ..." Group-14 & nbsp and nbsp subscribe.

    Also as part of the holiday was held on the topic of school children presentation contest "learning efficiency in plants". The victory it won the Nargis Aliyev, a pupil of school № 17 class 11A.

    According to the participants themselves, «Sibur» Naftohaz Ukrainy in Day was a success. Students have acquired invaluable experience, talking with the pros, touch the future profession energy.

    Svetlana Brovina, Lyudmila Polovnikova

    Photo Of Svetlana Brovinoj

    фото на память Перед началом олимпиады


    Naftohaz Ukrainy in career days


    In August started the traditional days of prior employment of graduates. On Monday the future employers met with students of the Institute of industrial technology and engineering.

    Representatives from more 25 leading companies in the region and in the country about the benefits of neftegazovcam employment was told it was on their enterprise, on the activities of companies, support programs for young professionals, the aims and objectives of organizations the FEC. Waiting for graduates at such enterprises, as Lukoil-Zapadnaya Sibir, OAO «Surgutneftegas», Oao Nk Rosneft-Purneftegaz», Tobol'sk multifield College, OOO "Rn-Yuganskneftegas Llp, LLC «Tûmen′stal′most» and others.

    Students of the Institute of geology and oil and gas production is also not left without invitations to vacant positions. Many graduates have already made their choice.

    "I have a priority company, says student 4 course Igin Natalia Poliakova. — I like Rosneft-Purneftegaz, because the organization provides Northern allowances to salary, as well as Lukoil. Look at the results of the interview».

    CV student gave several companies, to get a job for sure. The girl is interested not only in wages: Natalia is a repeated winner of scientific competitions and Olympiads of various levels. "I'd like to pursue scientific activities, So how does this affect career development, but at the same time work on production», — emphasizes Natasha.

    Participation, and even more so to win contests and conferences is a huge plus in employment. Employers also pay attention to average diploma, In addition, important knowledge and initiative.

    "I chose the company" Lukoil-Western Siberia ", because I come from Kogalym, and Lukoil is our town-forming Enterprise. Also I am considering such companies, as Rosneft-Yuganskneftegaz, because it is a subsidiary of Rosneft, and thus the State company, and Surgutneftegaz, because salary is slightly higher for young professionals and there are bonuses. In General, companies offer the same conditions: accommodation travel info, the title of "young specialist", career growth, the opportunity to participate in conferences, including international, that affect the receipt of new skills, knowledge. In some companies there are young professionals Council», mentors, You can participate in in-house activities, sports, Creative. For graduates of the University have all conditions for work and for further career growth, It all depends on, How to show: There is a desire to be career development», says Professor graduate development and exploitation of oil and gas deposits "Dmitry Khasanov.

    The employment of guys learn not only the other day the companies or career days, but in the course of the practitioner, and after, exchanging information with each other.

    "The average score, participation in various conferences, as well as internship in our company gives students an advantage among other. They come to us, We are already seeing its ability, — the Chief of the Division of personnel selection "Lukoil-Western Siberia" Oleg Frolov, — If a student works and strives to learn practically everything, that he is given the theoretically, such young people more inclined the employer, with them will be easier to work. To us there is no difference, graduated from the graduate undergraduate or master's degree, It can be employed and in absentia masters».

    Today a preliminary placement students have passed the Institute of transport and the Institute of geology and oil and gas production, students in the preparation of the oil and gas business ". With alumni met representatives of Surgutneftegaz OAO, LLC "LUKOIL", Rn-Yuganskneftegas Llp, "Jcc-Drilling», OOO "Argos", CJSC "SSK" and others.

    We remind, days prior graduates will be held in all institutions Tsogu. See the full schedule for the meetings of the commissions by prior employment of graduates 2016 This year you can here.

    Inna Calva, Love Chikisheva

    Владимир Долгушин обращается к студентамВ ИПТИ


    Open doors day at Naftohaz Ukrainy: Platform for multiple-format communication


    360 high school students from the Tyumen region and neighbouring regions took part in the open day, the last Saturday in August. Future applicants for several hours, plunged into a rich professional program, prepared by the University.

    The open day was held in the new, the seventh housing oil and gas University. The official part took place in the Auditorium, the boys and their parents welcomed the heads of University. Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Tsogu Andrei Medvedev, stressed, that oil is an Engineering University, leading training on a wide range of specialties, popular transition region and country. In 2016 year Tsogu propose entering more 30 directions of training higher education, about 20 Graduate.

    "Our University has many directions: This is the oil and gas business, Geology, mechanical engineering, transport and many other. Full range of specialties today opened in front of you, your task is to choose the right trick and your University! Our today's goal is to fully tell the story about the University, you to understand, What walls you will learn, the kind of education you can get here, and what kind of equipment will help you in your educational process», — Andrei Medvedev addressed the rally.

    Entrants saw the concert program, learned useful statistics about the University, participated in the quiz. Also within the framework of the open day were awarded prizes and giveaways students, feed for high school special interest and active participation in professional events. Marked the best young correspondents, visitors share "my choice is oil and gas, and wrote about the acquaintance with the University on their school websites. Diploma for the best photo essay got Denis Borisov (School No. 91), Diploma 3 degree went to Vladislav Blinovu (School No. 44), Diploma 2 extent, Anastasia Davydovov (Lyceum No. 34). Also diploma 2 degree awarded to Yuliya Vorontsova (Gymnasium No. 49), Diploma 1 degree awarded creative group: Apollinary Kostyuk, Maria Popova, Yuliya Larionova (School No. 61). Grand Prix of the contest for the best work received Anastasia Mohratova (School No. 66).

    After the theoretical part of the guests waited for Gas — practical. High school students were divided into several groups and entertaining journey in higher education institution. In the audience were presented to all institutes and colleges, here told about key specialties, demonstrated laboratory equipment. For example, teachers of the Department of physics, methods for monitoring and Diagnostics showed schoolchildren the appliance by definition of defects of parts and imager.

    "We decided to show the guys devices, that help engineers-technologists see internal defects of products. Thus, want to involve all stakeholders in the direction "Instrumentation", the following year, in addition to the undergraduate, It will open and master's. Our graduates of past years are very happy with the education, all work on the good posts», Lecturer, noted Natalia Šuldikova.

    About, How to simplify the work of contemporary design engineer told the specialists of Department of mechanical engineering, submitting 3D-scanner for technical needs, 3D-printer, 3D CNC router frejzernyj. Prospective students were able to see the newest methods of machining on CNC machines.

    Department of cybernetic systems presented a "biotechnical systems and technologies", on which the 2016 year resumes set. Graduates on the speciality should combine the three professions: engineer, constructor, Programmer.

    "We will recruit students for applied undergraduate, training lasts 4 of the year. The direction of demand in modern medicine, which today is experiencing the need for maintenance specialists appparatno-software systems», doctor of medical sciences explained Vladimir Baranov.

    As a curious confirmation showed all the postgraduate students of the Department of advanced ECG device, lets get more informative details about the work of the human heart.

    In a marathon dating with the University on a par with own children participated, parents, as well as brothers and sisters. Veronica Refrigeration, came from the mound with his daughter Anna, graduated from 11 class.

    "We learned about the open day website, specially came, We need to learn in detail about the specialty Business Informatics. Very impressed with the University is modern, beautiful building, new audiences — all created to study. We have a lot of questions, including admission campaign, and, Of course, about granting of dormitories», — shared the Mound dweller.

    Vladislav Deaf from Bajkalovskoj secondary school in Sverdlovsk region arrived in Tyumen University together with another. He had already decided on choice.

    "I plan to do here! Is a prestigious institution of higher learning, want to get requested and well-paid profession. At the moment, see "processing of oil and gas". I purposefully to EGE, going to try good pass, to get more credits», — said in an interview, Vladislav.

    Platform for multiple communication successfully held. Participants could ask any questions for teachers, students and officials, responsible for receiving campaign leading Engineering University of Western Siberia. Today is a special interest in Neftegazu driven by and upcoming changes, because Part vying for status as one of the supporting universities. The point of intersection of the interests of all parties, the new project is to improve the quality of technical education, interested parents, and applicants, and Enterprise.

    Elena Kuhal′skaâ

    Награждение юнкоров, побывавших на акции Мой выбор-Нефтегаз

    Руководство вуза

    Физики Нефтегаза показывают абитуриентам тепловизор


    Students interested in entering Tsogu


    Within attend cooperation with 16 on 20 November August meetings were organized with students 9-11 School No. 31, 67, 17 and their parents. Representatives of the Institute of industrial technology and engineering and the Institute of management and business responded to questions, of concern to Alumni.

    High school students interested in new directions high school, availability of budget places, conditions for admission to the Lycée Tsogu, the demand for graduates in the labour market and their further employment. But most of all schoolchildren asked changes in the rules of admission to programmes of higher education.

    Representatives of the institutions introduced guys with school work engineering reserve Tsogu, the list of scientific groups, which are organized at the University: «Teslatehnika», Neftekhimik, "Paradigma" fifth dimension ", "IT technologies, "Young geologist" and many other.

    In the end the guys performances and parents were invited to the Open doors day, to be held 21 November in 12 hours in the seventh Corps Tsogu (St. Melnikaite Street,70).

    встреча с учащимисяучащиеся школы №67

    встреча с учащимися школы №67


    Jubilee Sports Day Department of commodity research and food technology


    Last Friday in the Sports Hall IPTS anniversary Olympics by Department of commodity research and food technology. The participants in the sports action-students of all courses-held gaming competitions, painting the gray everyday life not only myself, but teachers.

    As noted by the Department head Vladimir Popov, 10 years ago the initiators of such encounters made by the students themselves, in fact, daily study, consisting of lecture notes, seminars and lectures given is not easy and you need to find time to relax. That is why neftegazovcy decided to undertake each year comic sports. "When guys compete against each other in the Hall with the support of their fellow students is uplifting to all! Sports day is an Association of students, It helps to forge cordial relations. I am very happy, that students 1 and 2 courses with great desire and pleasure to participate in it, and most importantly, that we all get a positive charge on the entire academic year», said Vladimir Grigorievich.

    The team of "Experts" in white coats-it is this clothing is mandatory for students majoring in commodity research and examination of goods. "The sports day we prepared long-developed contests, Games, image. These comic competition is our family holiday, so we rest from school, says sophomore Vyacheslav Golubev. -Last year was very interesting, the students received a lot of positive emotions and then during the week shared their impressions with each other!».

    Support the guys at sports came, the Director of the Institute of industrial technology and engineering Vladimir Dolgushin: "You're the only Department in the Institute, with such a long tradition. Very nice guide, that the students are actively involved in their implementation. I congratulate you on the occasion of!».

    For an hour the students competed in the basketball game, aèrofutbol, bouncers, jumped speed rope, passed the baton. As a result, the maximum number of points the winners were the guys from group RDB-14, they were given a cup. The other participants received diplomas, and after all together drinking tea with sweet prizes.

    Note, the Department has other as entertainment and serious events, become also traditional: annually in March passes student skit, It was first held in 2006 year, and in June there will be another Conference, where students present their science projects.

    СоревнованияВладимир Попов и Владимир Долгушин


    Physics lessons for future engineers


    How to turn a lesson in physics fun know teachers engineering reserve. This unique project was created in the oil and gas University for guys, keen engineering.

    "We decided to show, How could it be engineering education and what prospects are waiting for those, who chooses the engineering specialty, -candidate of pedagogical sciences, Associate Professor of Physics methods for monitoring and diagnosing Tsogu Svetlana Tolchyn.

    The program of the school of engineering of the reserve is not similar to the secondary, It has refractive index to engineering education, the guys could see themselves in varying specialties and develop successfully in this direction.

    "Physics, as it known, is a fundamental trend in engineering education. Basic themes, We are studying, This fluctuation of statics and waves is the most common process in nature. Whatever specialty did not choose future engineer, He must know this theory. So, on one of the lessons we have researched the issue of adding the oscillations in mutually perpendicular directions, collected pendulum Airi, and so we get a motion path point in the form of various shapes», — said Svetlana Tolchyn.

    As in normal school, homework in the school of engineering of the reserve is required. Guys are doing homework with joy, because all jobs-creative. For example, When studied the topic "Statics", future engineers have created creative installation, located in a stable equilibrium from improvised items: bottles, pencils, boxes. The Theme "Sound, as a phenomenon of physical and musical "students examined by the example of favorite musical instruments.

    «School of engineering reserve helps and self-development. We perform very interesting tasks, and it is addictive ", -shares impressions student 11 grade No. 57 Olga Kukanova.

    Many students have already defined classes XI with future job, for example, the apprentice school 57 Anton Lëlikov is planning to arrive in the oil-and-gas drilling or Engineering University, and sure, that school of engineering reserve will help realize his dream.

    "Raising the prestige of engineering specialties is a priority in higher education and should become an important professional self-determination schooling. We have supported this project, because interested in better preparation for such difficult subjects, as mathematics and physics, After the surrender of which our graduates will be able to enroll in engineering in universities ", commented Deputy Director on teaching and educational work of the school No. 22 Nadia Crow.

    To date, the project engages more 300 schoolchildren, over time, their number will increase to seven thousand. Program for 10 and 11 same class, but the complexity of tasks, operated by guys, different due to the different mathematical base.

    "I want to be an engineer, This area is close to me. School of engineering of the reserve will help us not only to prepare for exams, but also determine the future profession», — considers break school No. 22 Vladislav Nafikov.

    Lessons in the school of engineering of the reserve will go until April, in may, the guys were able to recall once again passed by the material and prepare for exams.

    Inna Calva


    Teacher of IPTS held an outdoor lesson in the framework of the contest "teacher of the year»


    Within a month 24 teacher training units and STR, branches and Lyceum Tsogu hold open sessions within the framework of the annual contest "teacher of the year». Today, the competition Commission has assessed lesson Helena Lekoncevoj-teacher professional disciplines of engineering offices.

    Teacher Alena Lekonceva participates in the competition for the second time, This year's nominations, "master of the year". Today, Elena Petrovna held for students of the Group RPK13-9-1 laboratory work, where tret′ekursniki studied develop technological methods of operation of separating mixtures.

    "Such contests every teacher gets new experience, learns something new, learning, said Elena Petrovna. Someone shares her professional experience, that are interesting and important for others. In today's lesson, students practise those techniques, that they will apply in their lives and in the workplace, When technologists will work. We must now work to automaticity mixtures separation algorithm.

    In the course of 45 minutes students checked the homework and studied the new theme, We recorded the basic concepts, and after experimented and practice. The results of their laboratory work showed the jury tret′ekursniki. At the end of the lesson, the guys filled decals, where wrote, what they learned new-these entries Elena Petrovna collects after each session and conducts analysis of absorption of themes. The stern order, the boys were asked to disassemble the scraps from fellow students, they wrote on the eve and stacked in a special basket. As Alena Lekonceva, students write down any thoughts and questions, and after their assort their peers and meet them, thereby established contact between the guys and is stimulated by a better understanding of themselves and the world around them.

    The teacher praised the students. "She's very understanding, like as a teacher, always helps us. She is also the curator of our group: We often attend concerts together, performances, museums, go skating. Thanks to Elena Petrovna we repeatedly took first place in the competition for the title of best team of high school», Vice-Captain told Sofia Ulybina.

    We remind, This year the contest is held in nominations "Professor of the year", "Senior lecturer/Assistant of the year", "Teacher of the year», "Master of the year" and "Associate Professor of the year". The jury shall evaluate such competitive tests, as pedagogical essays, conceptual summary of your teaching experience, open classes, as well as exhibiting points for carrying out methodological activities.

    The contest is held with the financial support of the trade union organization of the University. Awarding of the winners will take place at the meeting of the Scientific Council 21 December.

    Елена Леконцева ведет урок

    Открытый урок

    Alexander Chernyshov


    Innovation Forum: Tsogu introduces students with the profession of engineer


    Today in Western Siberia Innovation Center opening (II) Innovative Youth Forum, which demonstrates the creative possibilities of modern youth-how pupils from across the region, and students. Innovative ideas presented in almost all universities in the region, including Tsogu.

    In the framework of the Forum, plenary meetings are held, discussion session, trainings and master classes, as well as an exhibition of scientific and technical creativity of the youth. On the square 700 sq.m located more 40 expositions is the operating model, layouts, Research, experiments, devices, author's programs and other innovative work. Tyumen State oil and gas University showed the layout of the "oil and gas wells drilling on the Arctic Shelf», the work of engineering and Design Bureau "Formula Neftegaz", the activities of the Institute of industrial technology and engineering, 3D-design, and the society of Petroleum Engineers, SPE Tsogu conducted master class, telling, as oil is produced and where it is used.

    Representatives of the IPTS-četverokursnik Konstantin Tikhonov and undergraduate Daria Screening — attracted the attention of guys using in everyday life sensors for measurement of acidity in liquids (simple water and soda), as well as the work of nitratometra. Guests are offered a neftegazovcy measure the amount of nitrates in potatoes and apples-so you can get acquainted with the characteristics and consumer properties of the goods, their impact on the environment and safety. This can be studied at the Department of commodity research and food technology in the IPTS. In addition, Constantine and Daria presented the work of the thermal imager-appliance, with the help of which you can diagnose building — where poorly constructed walls, where Windows let warm and so on.

    Schoolboy Stanislav Ryl′skih of p. Komsomolskij (Zavodoukovsky district) come on the Forum, to get acquainted with the latest developments. Šestiklassnik dreams of becoming a programmer, now builds constructors, created by programs. Attention student drew a 3D model of the slides. "I like that, that you are standing in one place, but it seems, What are you going to present slides, comments by Stanislav. I would really like, that such a device was at my home!». According to specialists Tsogu, the University is quite widely used 3D modeling, and these 3D models are created in certain situations, for example, wearing special glasses, the student can go to the station for processing oil and gas.

    The exhibition was presented the project layout rig drilling in Arctic Shelf, developed by scientists at the University of oil and gas. And about. zavkafedry oil and gas wells drilling and Vladimir Dolgushin told: "The complexity of this task, in the waters of the seas is, in the first place, the presence of perennial frozen rocks, Therefore, one solution to this issue is drilling on land. But naukoobrazie is to develop rotornoupravlâemyh systems, nizkoburil′noj layout columns, geonavigacionnogo equipment, under import substitution is in the process of oil and gas University pilot plant of drilling equipment (economic society of University-. AVT.). These developments are helping solve the task deviated drilling ground part of the Arctic Shelf».

    Odinnadcatiklassnik from school No. 46 Vadim Devlâšov already decided with the profession-he will engineer and be sure to hit the Tyumen oil and gas University. For this young man tries to participate in competitions and conferences, for example, He has twice been awarded the "step into the future", «Tehlider» and youth Innovation Forum, demonstrating research projects. Today schoolboy presented guests work to develop a computer program for a pilot evaluation of viscosity of liquids». "Assessment I spend by method of Stokes, then take the millimetric paper, different schedule and from there take the coefficient of viscosity. When this occurs many errors, and to eliminate them, I have developed a special program, that and the present».

    Note, that the Forum runs the autumnal final selection under the "EGGHEAD" Foundation for assistance to small innovative enterprises in the scientific and technical sphere, whose purpose is to support the young innovators in realizing their ideas. Participants in the autumn selection will be 126 students, graduate students and young scientists of the Tyumen region. Winners shall determine the results of the full-time protection projects to members of the Expert Committee. The main prize-a grant in the amount of 400 th. roubles for two years.

    Awarding ceremony for the winners of the final selection by the program will be held at the closing of the Innovative Youth Forum at the International Congress Hall of Tyumen Technopark 11 November in 16.30 (St. Of the Republic of, 142).


    Alexander Chernyshov


    Autumn holiday in August — not only rest, but new knowledge

    06.11.2015Встреча с директором ИПТИ В.В. Долгушиным

    This week the guests became oil and gas University students from p. Turtas, who are engaged in "Rosoil-classes ", students from the town of Gubkinsky and Kurgan school # 22. Within a few the days of guysand got acquainted with the material and technical base of the University, Faculty and disciplines, the word, visited the role these students.

    Students of the Rosneft-classes combined holiday with knowledge in the field of physics. Doctor of pedagogical sciences, Professor IPTS Rustam Kazakov helped guys dismantling tasks in physics, which are included in the program for the unified State exam.

    In a break between lessons you guys had the opportunity to meet with the Director of the Institute of industrial technology and engineering Vladimir Dolgušinym and obtain first-hand information about the scope of a training unit, ask questions, rules of admission, further employment of graduates.

    No less exciting hence Kurgan met students with doctor of physico-mathematical sciences, Professor, the head of the Department of Physics, methods for monitoring and Diagnostics» Vitaly Novikov. Vitaliy Fedorovich told students about the graduates of the Chair and answered numerous questions.

    Guys visited the laboratories of the Department, However, the work equipment. Candidate of technical sciences, Associate Professor, Department of Physics ", methods for monitoring and Diagnostics» Camille Muratov showed students job research installations for magneto-elastic phenomena.

    Opted for engineering specialty has made student 11 class of Gubkinskiy Anastasia Artamonova, with 9 class girl get ready to pass the EXAM in physics, studying in physical and mathematical class. In Tyumen Nastya visited Tsu, TûmGMU and Tsogu, and the choice fell on the last: "I came to Tyumen in order, to learn, where can I find myself. In the oil and gas University, I learned the rules of admission, talked with the guys, trained here. They told, as is the case in the Group, in institutions, the teachers and the Administration. It seemed to me the interesting Part and I will try to do here ".

    проверка работы оборудованияРоснефть - класс на занятиях по физике


    Students become acquainted with the preparation of the IPTS


    Students of the school No. 7 from the city Gubkinsky became guests of the Institute of industrial technology and engineerInga Tsogu. The guys decide to spend the autumn holiday with benefits-familiarize yourself with higher educational institutionsMI Tyumen and again establish itself in choosing the future speciality.

    Tour of the laboratories of the Institute provided an opportunity for the guys to know, that only "at the Department of material science and technology of structural materials can help you find an answer to your question, What made different objects, assess their quality. Head of the Chair, doctor of technical sciences, Professor Ilya Kovenskij explained to the students the importance and significance of specialties, on which prepares the Department, and associate professor of, Ph.d.. Vladimir Plekhanov engrossed guys precious authentication tests products and stones.

    Associate Professor, Department of «oil and gas», Ph.d.. Andrey Savchenkov introduced guys with depertment ECV (quality analysis of petroleum and petroleum products, etc.), told that, that the Department is only to prepare engineers refining in the Tyumen region. Impressed with the guys and a list of prominent graduates: General Director of OJSC "Nipigaspererabotka" Pavel Purtov, Managing Director of SIBUR Konstantin Belkin, Chief Technologist of JSC «Siburtyumengas» Larisa Treskinskaâ, doctor of chemical sciences, Professor, Head of the Department of inorganic and physical chemistry Tsu Oleg Andreev.

    At the end of the excursion students acquainted with directions and specialties training IPTS, the list of scientific competitions for students and the project "Club card Neftegaz". Representatives of the Institute wish guys spend a perfect time during the holidays, get decent results EXAM and enroll in Tsogu.

    Школьники в ТюмГНГУ


    Students will test the quality of the Tyumen petrol


    After the completion of the autumn break studying General Lyceum, interested in chemistry, in class student scientific circle "Neftekhimik" Institute of industrial technology and engineering have embarked on research. Circle has been working for years and constantly updated guys, wishing to apply their knowledge of chemistry in practice.

    On the eve of the meeting held, where the head of the scientific community, leading specialist of Department «Oil and gas processing» IPTS Uladzimir Drogalev told about the aims and objectives, facing the Lyceum students, familiarized them with the work plan and proposed a series of scientific experiments and experiments to test the quality of the petrol samples, taken at different gas stations in Tyumen. Guys are encouraged by this proposal.

    The first organizational classes was conducted tour of the laboratories of the Department, boys and girls learned a lot about the chemical processes of the Tyumen region, work in enterprises. Some have already started to think about entering the directions of training, realized pulpit. Classes ·, certainly, help pupils to deepen the knowledge in chemistry, to better prepare for the EXAM and get writing of this scientific work.


    Students learned the secrets of energy efficiency


    DSC06994Within the framework of cooperation with the Centre attend employment Tyumen and the Tyumen region in the field of vocational orientation of citizens 28 October ninth graders held a meeting with a representative of 67 school Tsogu.

    Lecturer at the Institute of industrial technologies and electric power engineering Viktor Reshetnik told the boys, How can I learn to use the "energy efficiency" secrets from nature. Students were able to learn nature's hints for designing, building devices effective generation and economical consumption. Guys listened to, engage in discussion and got a lot of useful information.

    Students also learn about directions and specialties training University, on the rules of admission, acquainted with the list of scientific competitions and clubs for students, and have also been invited to attend the open day Tsogu.

    How to work in the system of Educon Prague?

    How to test students?

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