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  • Reminder system Educon Prague

    Dear entrant, congratulations!

    Now you're a first-year student!

    This reminder will acquaint you with the educational environment "EDUCON Prague», with the help of which you'll study lectures, perform practical and laboratory work, take tests and examinations throughout the study period.

    In order for the, to start working with the education system need to follow the link: http://educon.tsogu.ru:8081/ (We recommend you save it in your Favorites). Before you login window appears:


    Figure 1. Login "EDUCON Prague»


    Not all browsers properly display the content of this website!

    We recommend you to use Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, which is distributed free of charge.

    In order to start learning, You must enter your login and password in the appropriate fields (highlighted red frame).

    Login and password are issued only AFTER ENROLLMENT in University.

    After entering the login and password, Press "enter".. A window opens, with a list of all academic disciplines (items), that you have to study this semester (rice. 2).


    Figure 2. Study courses for the current semester

    On the right side is "information column" (rice. 3), consisting of: «News» Forum, where teachers inform students, the list of "upcoming events" and users, the currently logged-in system "EDUCON Prague».


    Figure 3. Information column

    In the left part of the page (rice. 4) are "record book", «Calendar» and the name of the student, under the account you are logged in.


    Figure 4. Personal information

    To view your profile "click on" user name in the left-hand corner.


    Figure 5. A shift in personal profile

    Personal profile page:


    Figure 6. Personal profile

    Here you can view information about the user and the, going to bookmark "Edit profile", change personal information.


    Figure 7. Profile editing

    In the tab "forum posts» (rice. 8) all messages will be displayed, left you on the Forum.


    Figure 8. Forum posts

    Back to home page, to do this, in the navigation menu (at the top of the page) (rice. 9) Click on "Home". With this line, you can move back.


    Figure 9. Return to home page

    Consider the learning process. Clicking on the name of the subject, go to the main page of the course (rice. 10).


    Figure 10. Training course

    Here you can see all available to view resources and available to perform the course elements (rice. 11).


    Figure 11. Course resources

    The basic method of studying theoretical material-lectures as text or as HTML. In the list of available resources for this type of material is displayed with an icon . Lectures can be represented by files text editor (type Microsoft Office Word), then you must load them (rice. 12).


    Figure 12. Saving files with lectures

    If lectures are written in HTML, then they will be displayed in the browser (rice. 13).


    Figure 13. A course of lectures

    To obtain the credits after learning the lecture material – pass tests, do laboratory, coursework and practical work.

    To run tests, choose from the list of available resources the appropriate test (rice. 14) and "click" on it, then you will appear on the logon page test (rice. 15).


    Figure 14. Tests

    To start the test click on the "start testing". Then get to the answers to the questions. Test can be limited in time. Be careful!


    Figure 15. Start testing

    Response to a test is done using the character input from the keyboard in response area, or by pressing the left mouse button on the desired response (rice. 16).


    Figure 16. The testing process

    In addition to tests there are virtual labs.


    Figure 17. Virtual Labs

    To run them, you must purchase additional software, the installation of which will be offered automatically. After installing the required software dialog box (rice. 18).


    Figure 18. Launch Virtual Labs

    Perform coursework and practical work is composed of three phases. The first is getting the job to job. The second is performance. The third – handing over the report to the teacher. To work on the course or practical work, you must follow the link to it in the corresponding course (rice. 19).


    Figure 19. Perform coursework/practical works

    As a result, you go to a job page. Reading the job description, and doing it, the result of which must be a file, You can send it to the teacher for review, for what is at the bottom of the page is a special field with browse button (rice. 20), by clicking on which opens a dialog box for selecting a file.


    Figure 20. Sending the result to the teacher

    After putting one of the control points (test, lab work, etc.) You can see all your results in the student's record book (rice. 21).


    Figure 21. Turn in the class book.

    In the left-most column are the names of all objects, you studied in the current semester (rice. 21).

    The subject appears in the student's record book, only after the teacher marks the job, required to perform. (In the test booklet may display NOT ALL items!).

    In the row for each object displays all the control points and score, received after this task is completed (rice. 22).


    Figure 22. Record book.

    Hope, our information was useful for you!

    If this reminder system "EDUCON Prague"was incomplete, or you have any further questions, You can ask them for any of the addresses, listed on our website in the section "contacts".