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  • Distance learning student


    Dear students of distance education!

    Поздравляем Вас с зачислением на заочную форму обучения в Институт транспорта Тюменского индустриального университета. For more rapid adaptation to the educational process, the following information is offered to your attention, outlined in the memo.

    Hope, what you spend years learning to good use and become a high-class specialist. Memo, you are reading, will allow you to better navigate and manage your time.

    Remember, that your ability to properly organize their classes will depend crucially dependent on your continued success.

    Currently, the Institute on the correspondence form of studying 2 700 man.

    However,, your very important interest in having higher professional education. For your convenience, we prepared a special checklist for the Organization of educational process. With its help you can easily navigate through the most complex issues, relating to training activities, and devote more time to education.

    Good session, and success in competitions and examinations!

    Director of the Institute of transport


    Normative documents

    Tuition at the University is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the educational programs, established by the Federal State educational standards of higher education and are governed by the federal laws of the Russian Federation "about education", "On higher and postgraduate vocational education», RF Government decree approving the model regulations of educational institution of higher professional education (higher education institution) The Russian Federation» (from 5 April 2001 g. № 264), Уставом вуза и другими законодательными нормативными документами.

    Normative terms of mastering basic educational programs of higher professional education in full-time education make up:

    1) to obtain the qualification (degree) "bachelor" – four year;

    2) to obtain the qualification (degree) "specialist" – at least five years;

    3) to obtain the qualification (degree) «master» – Two years.

    List of directions of training (specialties), that could be installed other normative terms of mastering basic educational programs of higher professional education (Bachelor degree programs, specialist training programmes or graduate), shall be established by the Government of the Russian Federation.

    Deadlines for correspondence forms of training, as well as in the case of a combination of different forms of Education Bachelor's degree programmes or training specialist can grow for one year, and on the master's degree program for five months compared with the periods of full-time training, based on the decision of the Academic Council of the University.

    Person, having secondary professional education in the field, can get higher professional education on reduced or accelerated Bachelor degree programs. According to the decision of the Academic Council of the University person, the level of education or ability which are sufficient to obtain higher professional education on reduced or accelerated Bachelor degree programs, such development may be accepted for undergraduate. Order mastery of specified persons reduced or accelerated Bachelor degree programs determines the federal body of executive power, carrying out the functions of State policy and normative-legal regulation in the sphere of education.

    Higher vocational education on a reduced programme and specialist training of the Magistracy is not allowed.


    Students at the University have the right to:

    • free use in university libraries, cabinets, laboratories, information funds, services training, scientific etc. units;
    • to participate in all kinds of scientific-research works, conferences, symposia;
    • to provide academic leave for medical reasons and in other exceptional cases.

    Studying at the University are obliged:

    • in good faith to develop educational program, to carry out individual study plan, including access to the prescribed curriculum or individual training curriculum, carry out independent training classes;
    • pass the staging and the State final attestation of knowledge within the prescribed time-limit in accordance with curricula;
    • выполнять требования Устава ТИУ, comply with the orders of the Rector and Vice-Rector of the order, the Director of the Institute, staff Directorate, discipline and internal regulations of the educational buildings treat the property of the University;
    • cases of missing the must visit training sessions to inform about the reason for the lack of expertise on educational and methodical work and, on the first day no-show, to submit documents to the established sample (medical certificates, Agenda, explanatory notes, etc.), explaining the reason for the;
    • at the end of the session, check the transcript evaluation specialist on Carnet UMR;
    • students, studying on an extrabudgetary basis with payment for, in accordance with agreements concluded, obliged to make a payment on time for training. Student, has financial debts for learning to pass an exam or a set-off is not permitted and may be expelled for nonpayment.

    Student prohibited:

    • forge documents, training in University, including documents on education, training statements, transcripts, medical and other help;
    • take exams, credits for other persons;
    • involve other persons to pass Exam, set-off;


    On the training documentation

    Each student, After the writ of acceptance, are issued a student ID card and record book, that are educational-methodical Department (ULV) After completing his studies at the University. Student ID is the identity of the individual student. Trained bears personal responsibility for the safety of the student and the student's record book.

    For exams, in the period of teaching and exams prepare UMR specialists exam statements for each item. In the examination sheet teacher himself specifies:

    • name of the item in accordance with the curriculum;
    • date;
    • reporting form (exam, set-off, coursework, course project);
    • NAME AND SURNAME. teacher.

    Examination statement returns a lecturer in educational-methodical Department on the day of the exam or credit. During the intersessional period, students are eligible to take the examination, tests as they become available, with the permission of the Director of the Institute or a Deputy on educational and methodical work. In this case, the-METHODIC specialist writes the exam sheet («slider») and fixes it in the magazine issuing directions.

    Exam sheet complete the exam (set-off) the same returns as a teacher in ULV Institute.

    Training sessions

    Training classes are held in the form of lectures, consultations, seminars, practical exercises, laboratory works, control works, independent work, practice. Basic documents, regulating the learning process, are working and learning plans schedule of classes, credits and exams, which shall be drawn up for each session. Session schedule posted on the stand and on the site of the Institute (as a rule, for 3 days before the opening of the session).

    An important role in training activities the student plays the headman of the Group, He reports directly to the Deputy Director on educational and methodical work, brings to the attention of the Group of all instructions and orders to the Directorate. At the beginning of the session, the Directorate holds group meetings. Control the appearance of students to classes was implementing teacher, UMR specialist. Lateness to class and early withdrawal from classes without a valid reason is not allowed. In the case of delay, the teacher has the right to prevent student classes, and if you violate them discipline in the classroom – remove it from the audience. Student, Remote with classes, must personally notify the Directorate and write an explanatory note;

    The main type of training student distance learning is self-taught training material. In accordance with curricula, work programs subjects, methodological guidelines, textbooks and manuals, in accordance with the schedule of the educational process, students study independently teaching material on the each course subjects.

    When you work alone, you should use:

    1. Program and guidelines on discipline.
    2. Recommended training and reference literature, Internet resources.
    3. Records – Notes orientation sessions.
    4. Advice.

    The basic form of students ' knowledge control, acquired as a result of independent study learning material, is the control work (the senior course work or course project). Control work performed in terms, certain tests on schedule strictly fixed version. Accommodation options for the audit work student learns from teacher, who maintains this discipline.

    Control work, not performed on your version of, completely identical to the works of other students, Tina is not properly (without specifying the Group, cipher) returned student without validation.

    The final lesson (set-off, exam) the student must be in scheduled time with a student's record book. Outstanding reference work with the assessment of "credited", the final lesson is not permitted.

    If you get sick (as during the credits, exams, and during session), то необходимо предоставить медицинскую справку установленной формы. Failure to credit or exam day, specified in the schedule, regarded as an unsatisfactory rating in case, If you do not have a doctor's certificate of exemption from classes on disease (help on one day is not considered). The impossibility of presence at the final lesson for other reasons are kindly requested to inform the Directorate. In the absence of the final lesson in the scheduled timing for a good cause, the student can take the exam (set-off) at the end of the session, in (receiving individual zkzamenacionnyj sheet).
    Transfer student for the next course is carried out after successful exams (credits), the spring exams, and the lack of academic debts.

    Student, has not carried out the training schedule in the prescribed period, having academic arrears on Unexcused absences, arrears in the payment of, deducted from the University. Documents (certificate, previous diploma, certificate of training) issued to the student for his personal statement after putting in the Directorate of student's record book and by-pass sheet.

    About the sessions

    Part-time students are organized in two academic year teaching and examination sessions-winter and spring. Legislation established the duration of training and examinations:

    • 1 and 2 course- 40 calendar days annually (in the development of educational programs of higher education in abbreviated terms for the accelerated second Lee course- 50 calendar days
    • 3-6 course-up 50 calendar days annually
    • passing the State final certification is up to four months, in accordance with the study plan and an employee education program of higher education

    During the winter session, the students will take exams in disciplines, studied this semester, and receive advice on adjusting disciplines, studies next semester. The two lectures each teacher gives guidance to study on their own discipline, provides a list of basic and additional literature, for note-taking training material, issues implement job control works. Teaching and examination sessions are held at scheduled times, established in accordance with the study plan and approved by the Director of the Institute of transport and the Pro-Rector on study. Class schedule can be found on the Bulletin Board, located next to the Directorate, (educational building № 2, 3 floor) or on our website. Site address: www.tyuiu.ru. Be careful in the schedule specifies the academic building, where classes will be held.

    During the intersessional period regularly conducted consultations teachers departments. With a schedule of consultations can be found directly at the Department, the leading relevant academic discipline.


    On the procedure for granting help call for a session

    In accordance with article 173 The labour code of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of education of the Russian Federation "about the statement of forms of help-call, giving the right to the provision of guarantees and compensations to employees, combining work and education "in higher education, which has a State-accredited successfully studying students, combining work and study, employers are required to grant additional leave with retention of average earnings if the student help-call

    Help-call is issued, signed by the Director and is for the administration of the enterprise (institutions) binding. An additional paid leave shall be granted at the place of substantive work with maintaining the average wage, accrued in order, established for annual leave (with the ability to attach additional to sabbatical leave annual leave). Help-call is given personally or sent to the student's place of residence by post. Issuance of certificates and part-time student turnout for the exams are subject to strict accounting. Help-call is issued before the commencement of the training and examination session successfully studying Extramural students, that is, having no debt for previous course. In case of lost or damage of help-call, the duplicate shall be issued on the application of the student visa and the Deputy Director on educational and methodical work.

    Students, which for valid reasons postponed deadline session, also entitled to additional paid leave.

    Students, with academic arrears or not fully complied with the previous curriculum course (semester), right to paid study leave are not. Eliminating academic debt during the session does not give entitlement to additional paid call.

    Students must inform professionals about UMR change of residence. To change the names of (name, Middle name) need to write an application and attach a copy of the document, confirming changes.

    About the staging certification

    Interim certification is carried out in the form of examinations, credits, control works. Progress of students is determined by the following assessments:

    exam-"excellent", «good», "satisfactory" and "unsatisfactory";

    the classification is "credited" and "not credited".

    Modalities for the audit work, set-off, exam (oral, written, testing, work protection, interview, etc.) establishes Department.

    Failure to appear without good reason to credit or scheduled exam equates to a negative result.

    Retaking the exam result of unsatisfactory (set-off) allowed in the Directorate for not more than two times, the third time the Commission.

    On the final State certification

    Training of students completes the State final attestation. Radiophysics Graduate University is mandatory and is done after the development of a student's educational program in full.

    The composition of the final State certification is determined by the State standard of higher education. Radiophysics Graduate University by the State certifying Commission in accordance with the "regulations on the final State certification of graduates of higher educational institutions of the Russian Federation". (order of the Ministry of education of the RUSSIAN FEDERATION "on approval of the regulations for final State certification of graduates of higher educational institutions of the Russian Federation" No. 1155 from 25.03.03 г.). A specific list of mandatory outcome evaluation tests set state education standard.

    Types of State certification testing of graduates

    The types of State certification tests GIA Alumni includes:

    • delivery of the State exam (GE);
    • protection of graduation qualification work (WRC).

    Questions to the State exam

    List of issues to prepare for the State exam are compiled by Graduate Department, communicated to students during the last session of the course.

    Evaluation of State certification graduates

    Attestations of tests defined evaluations:

    • «excellent»;
    • «good»;
    • "satisfactory";
    • "unsatisfactory" and announced on the same day after registration in the established order of the protocols of the sessions of the admissions Commission.

    About candidates and (or) not defended my thesis (final qualification) work

    Getting unsatisfactory assessment on public exam depriving the student right to defend a thesis. Retake the GOE with a view to enhancing the positive assessment is not allowed. The trainee, failing state qualification test for a good cause, It is allowed to sit for the next State certification tests.

    About the diploma (Prom) the work of

    Thesis handles all students. Theme of diploma work is reviewed and approved for submission of graduating departments. For prom (qualification work student is assigned a supervisor and, If necessary,, consultants.

    About the head of diploma (Prom) work

    Leaders of the diploma (Prom) work can be a Professor, Assistant Professors and most experienced other categories of teachers and scientific employees of University and other universities.


    • generates job on WRC;
    • provides the student with assistance in developing a schedule of work for the entire period of the WRC;
    • recommends that the student has the necessary substantive literature, reference and archival materials and other resources on the topic of;
    • conducts systematic, calendar, interview with the student and gives him advice, assigned as needed;
    • checks work in parts or as a whole;
    • the head of the proposed invitation consultants (from among the University professors or qualified specialists, researchers of other universities and institutions) under the individual sections of a thesis at the expense of time limit, allocated on guide undergraduate work.


    In the case of expulsion, the student has the right to reinstatement in the number of students on the personal statement, on a paid basis.

    About issuing reference about training

    In the case of student contributions from University without assigning qualification (on failure, on their own volition, for health reasons, etc.) He shall receive a certificate of training showing all the studied disciplines and number of hours, set aside at their study on curriculum of full-time.


    The University Library provides a free undergraduate literature, There is also an electronic library, with the help of which students have access to modern educational literature in electronic format.

    You came to the session. What you need to do first?

    Must pass the spine help-call the head of the group or directly to a specialist in UMR (KAB. 304, 306/2, 306/3). (Help-call itself, its upper part is rented in the workplace as grounds for granting and payment of the additional training leave) If a student correspondence did not help counterfoil call deposits, It may not include in the examination statements. In addition, in help-call him mark the actual number of days of stay in the University, that is, since the deposit help, rather than the start of the session.

    Where to go in case of an unsuccessful examination?

    If during the examination of the subject you failed, you have the right to re-delivery in a specially reserved for this time. In this case, the score will be teacher indicated in the direction (exam worksheet), UMR specialist issued by the Directorate of the Institute. On, getting Blanca directions (individual exam sheet) on the re-exam, (set-off) It is necessary to consult a specialist for UMR.

    How to draw a sabbatical?

    Academic leave shall be granted once during the training period. This is usually for medical reasons , recruitment or other cases stipulated by law. In this case, the Board seemed statement, drawn up by a special form, child's birth certificate, the summons to the military enlistment office or other documents of the established sample.

    What to do when translated into full-time or in other University?

    In this case, you must submit to the Directorate of the Institute statement on translation, based on established pattern, as well as a document from the Directorate of the Institute, confirming the agreement see you your student.

    What are the benefits of being a student, the session passed without debts?

    In case of successful curriculum student receives help-call, enabling enterprise zaochniku student registration of paid vacation for the session. Students, studying under the Treaty (on a paid basis) return 13% from the amount of, paid during the year for learning (tax deduction) in accordance with the tax code of the Russian Federation 5 August 2000 year N 117-FZ h. 2

    Helpful tips from experienced "freshman" students

    Remember, that teachers – It is ordinary people. Therefore,, not worth their fear, or, the more shunned. Here as nowhere else suitable rule “Be my guest, but do not forget, that you are visiting”. Communicate with the teacher without timidity, but still remember, that, for example, greet hand it only on his initiative.

    Remember to immediately name a teacher and refer to it only in this way. Oddly enough, half of the students did not know, What is the name of their teachers. In the meantime, it is very important.
    Do say hello anytime, anywhere, and not only within the University and in front of lecture. Try to take an interest in the subject, even if you are not interested. Who's stopping you just walk up to the teacher after the lesson and ask him a few questions, ask them to explain something in detail, Finally, just ask literature, which can be read on the subject? Takes minutes, as a result, there is a.

    You cannot stop the teacher in the hallway, to ask a question. How mean, how intolerant make teacher to lose face. In no event shall speak exam: “And you have not given us this!”, – even if it's true. Thus, You doubt his competence, and he does not forgive you. You cannot drive the teacher into a corner. If, for example, You have incorrectly decided to task under the guidance of the teacher, Needless to say it: “If it was in my…”. .

    Respect your teacher! Do not express frustration, as he teaches. If that's not love, It is better to sit in the library with the textbook on the subject.

    Don't forget to put in zachetku all marks. Even if the course work you got “It's cool”, you will have a tail, If you do not set this assessment in zachetku.

    If you send work e-mail, follow their fate! There are cases, When audited, and nezachtennye work is lost, a student does not know about it until the session. Then the problems begin. The sooner you discover loss, the sooner you will be able to take measures.

    DO NOT QUARREL WITH THE EXPERT ON EDUCATIONAL AND METHODICAL WORK! It may seem too insistent, but, Thanks to her, many students, falls short of the diploma. Avoid periodic visits to Directorate still fail, so do not create problems for yourself. It requires only that, you need the same. Otchisljat you or not – Neither award, no penalty for it does not rely.

    Live together! Friendship – It is a good help in learning. Try to share with their classmates telephones and e-mail addresses. You have ahead of an entire student life. How you want to spend? In a boring and tedious cramming? Or the pleasure from the process, from communication, meetings and partings of sorrow? The choice is yours.

    We always glad to see you !