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  • Construction Institute

    Tyumen industrial Institute building of the University was organized 1 February 2012 g. road-based faculty, Faculty of engineering networks and constructions and the Faculty of architecture and construction. Today the construction Institute more 4000 students.


    Директор института – Александр Валерьевич Набоков, candidate of technical sciences, Associate Professor.

    Строительный институт ведет подготовку бакалавров по направлениям «Строительство», "Energy- and resource saving processes in chemical engineering, petrochemical and biotechnology», "Information systems and technology, магистров по направлениям «Строительство», "Information systems and technology, highly qualified personnel are trained in techniques and technologies of construction». In 2012 g. opened a profession "construction of unique buildings and structures", in 2015 year opened a new specialty "construction, operation, rehabilitation and maintenance of roads cover, bridges and tunnels».

    During training the future graduates receive knowledge on design, reconstruction, operation and maintenance of buildings and structures for industrial and civil purposes, highways and aerodromes, water supply and sanitation systems, heat and gas supply and ventilation systems technology of building production, Organization, planning and management in construction, modern construction materials production.

    Construction Institute graduates are widely demanded by leading design and survey and construction companies both in the Tyumen region and beyond. They also work in the road sector, housing and communal services, organizations, dealing with design, installation and operation of life support systems, buildings and structures.

    The Institute created and successfully functioning scientific schools, solving a number of important tasks in the construction and oil and gas complex of the Tyumen region:

    • development of new, light, prefabrication buildings, possess minimum weight, Transportability and high technical and economic indicators;
    • research in the field of Thermophysics promerzajushhih gruntov, the applicability of new models of soil;
    • the development of new types of foundations, to build in difficult engineering-geological conditions of the Western-Siberian region, including individual low-rise construction;
    • development of resource saving technologies of building and exploitation of motor roads in Western Siberia;
    • problem solving of water preparation, wastewater treatment, laying and maintenance of engineering communications;
    • design and technical supervision of restoration of cultural heritage.
    All scientific papers active participation of students and post-graduate students, that allows you to create a technical elite building complex.

    625001, g. Tyumen, Lunacharsky, 4, KAB. 804, Tel: 28-36-88, e-mail: nabokovav@tyuiu.ru