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  • Graduate School of engineering EG



    Graduate School of engineering EG -global project, implemented by Tjumenskim industrial University

    Who will study at the VISH?

    Bachelors in «Oil and gas», специалисты по программе «Нефтегазовые техника и технологии» and masters in "Information systems and technology (educational program The digital transformation of the region»)

    The basic principles of the school – openness, digitalization, Ecology and creativity

    Project “Graduate School of engineering EG” aims to build the innovation ecosystem education tailored to the needs of the region and the realities of time. The introduction of new teaching methods and principles of organization of educational space allowing a engineers, capable of designing future and management tools to be competitive in the labour market.

    Project Manager "Higher school of engineering EG», Head of the Magistracy, the digital transformation of the region» – Ph.d.. Pimnev Aleksey Leonidovich

    Head of undergraduate education «Oil and gas» – Ph.d.. Galikeev Ruslan Maratovich

    The head of the educational program specialist degrees «Нефтегазовые техника и технологии» – Ph.d.. Anashkina Alexandra Yevgenyevna

    Contact information:

    g. Tyumen, St. Lunacharsky, 2, Corp.. 6

    Tel. 8 (3452) 28-30-38

    eg@tyuiu.ru, pimneval@tyuiu.ru