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  • The essay first: Ivan Pereplëtkin

    Переплёткин Иван

    Pereplëtkin Ivan – the Russian President's award, competed in the all-Russian Olympiad on geography.

    Every morning, from all parts of the city flock to engage students in smart-one of the most luxurious buildings in the center of the Tyumen-No. 15 Tyumen industrial University (St. Of the Republic of, House No. 47). It is General Lyceum TIU-forge future engineers. This subdivision of the University implemented the main educational program of general education (10 and 11 classes) in physics and mathematics and information technology profiles. And in the 2016 year opened a new profile-architectural-building is in the process of merging two powerful engineering universities of the Tyumen architectural-construction University and Tyumen State oil and gas University and formation of the Tyumen industrial University, become a supporting technical University of Russia. In this profile, the students carefully study physics (5 hours per week of GEF, 2 the workshop hours to cope with the challenges of increased levels of complexity, as well as elective courses, read the associate professors and professors of the departments: laboratory workshop on Physics, building physics, mechanical and electromagnetic oscillations and waves, architectural ecology City Wednesday), strongly prepared to enter the budget places construction Institute TIU, to become a competent civil engineers, delight of the inhabitants of the city and country modern, durable and beautiful buildings.

    In the Lyceum are taught by talented guys are graduates of 9-th grade schools,. Tyumen, YAMAL-NENETS AUTONOMOUS DISTRICT, KHANTY-MANSI AUTONOMOUS DISTRICT-Yugra, Perm Krai, Far East, Kirov region. This future leading engineers of the fuel and energy complex, the intellectual elite of the country. Academic building, where lies the General Lyceum, It's hard not to notice. Four-story yellow building with a central insert and white columns, certainly, decorates the architecture of our city. Logged on for the first time in this building man admires the beauty of luxurious belomramornoj stairs. Here often guys do selfi, relieve social videos. And sometimes memorable wedding pictures of newlyweds, graduates of the Lyceum.

    ... Is geography lesson 111 Group. Young talented teacher Alfiya Ravilevna Bikina fills the audience with his pleasant voice, fluent in material, artfully encourages students to intellectual labour naprjazhjonnomu. The students listen to the teacher carefully. And suddenly is heard a loud whoop: "The EU!», accompanied by a blow with a total extent of Palm on the plane of the table. All turned around on the visceral atmosphere lesson unexpectedly sharp sound. Alfiya, ask widely open dark Cherry eyes, stopped.

    -Egor, What's going on?

    -Yes, Yes, Yes! -could not calm down trendy. -Alfia Ravilevna, can you imagine, our Roly still did it! Re-BOJ-Ta, Vanya medalist!

    By default, all at once everything is understood. Egor received the news with the geography of Tver. To classmates was not secret part of Ivan Perepljotkina in the all-Russian Olympiad of schoolchildren tour, where he defended the honor of the Lyceum and the Tyumen industrial University. Seeing his, friendly 111 the Group simply demanded that guy not to return without victory. And he fulfilled!

    In fact, in the classroom at the Lycée are prohibited from using cell phones. But Yegor could not resist the temptation to violate this rule and look at least one bee in designated by agreement with Ivan time to report on the results of his performances. The first theoretical round Ivan already told, encouraging results. What happens at the most difficult practical round, nobody knew. And. Perepljotkin was confident in their abilities. He worked a lot, improved in calculations and complicated calculations, preparing, consult with experts, mentors.

    ... Egor left hand, trying to hide it from the teacher, gently pulled out the pants its pious. She moved a little on a Chair from the table top, He, cleverly manipulating the fingers, furtively looked at the display of your phone. Clicking on the message that appears, snatched glance text, but could not resist. It was above his forces.

    Vanya medalist! When zjor-!

    What began! Audiences knocked, zabrjakala, filled with glee, the universal joy and happiness. If you would like, they would have soared to the ceiling! The emotions of the teachers and the guys have merged into a single powerful stream-empathy success odnogruppnika, with great joy the family Lyceum.

    We also could not ignore such a landmark event for the Lyceum and the University and not to talk with Ivan Alekseevich Perepljotkinym.

    -Ivan, How did you become liceistom?

    -In 9 the class won regional Olympiad on geography and handed me an invitation from the Rector Vladimir Vasilyevich Tsogu Novosyolova on continuing education in the Lyceum University. I will not hide, It was very nice. Within two months I studied all available information about Lyceum, watched page students on social networks, where guys have posted interesting posts, photos and commentaries. I asked them a lot of questions. And, Oddly enough, the students did not leave without attention. This is also an indicator of. However, comprehensive information received at the all-Russian Forum "best schools of Russia: ratings, reviews». I was pleasantly surprised, that in the ranking of the best schools of Russia Lyceum Tsogu held 10 place (on 01.01.2016 g. already place 8)! But, the most important thing, the love and respect to the Lyceum are guys, left feedback and about teachers, and the unusual system of teaching in the Lyceum, and of the fraternity students. It played a big role in favor of, to get away from his school (and I was very comfortable) and decline the invitation gymnasium TSU, and to continue learning in your, Forgive me, OUR Lyceum, -Guy stammered and blushed smushhjonno, -course, our Lyceum! I am also fascinated by the Lyceum's page on the website of the University. She was very informative. Struck by the diversity of life students: Olympics, Conference, creative competitions. What's interesting with very comprehensive information proved to be placed on the website of the newspaper "Gorlitsa"! The name seemed odd-what this bird here? And when he became a study in Lyceum, learned, What's the name of the student newspaper was coined the first lyceum students. Formerly it was the urban technical Lyceum at the industrial Institute. Advanced learners and named their newspaper "Gorlitsa", MOL, Stedelijk Lyceum. Cool, true?

    Look at the face of this guy and not you stop to wonder of liveliness and move his thoughts, emotional involvement in all the, What is it.

    -What you are most attracted to the Student Edition?

    -Description of bright students and busy life of her figure juicy photos. I have studied the archives editions for many years. It was curious to see the history of Lyceum. And I just realized, why you, Nikolay Alekseevich talk, that unique Lyceum. Because it caters to the unique kids. In "a variety of Gorlice» Uncategorized. And I was wondering to get acquainted with their heroes-those older, who work with children. About open day learned on the Radio «City». This holiday, its atmosphere filled the desire: only here, I want too, like these guys, become a liceistom! I have no doubt, that in the gymnasium of TSU's cool, but here at the Lycée is something special. When it became study, then realized that. Special really is. It is unusual for students training system. As the University! And here everything in an adult.

    -Ivan, you said, in school, you were too comfortable enough. This is so?

    -Honestly, in school, softly say, the class was ...-guy again faltered, eye strain issued, It seemed to me, that while it is necessary to leave behind the scenes. -I would like to change ...

    -As they happened?

    -Definitely, Yes!

    Young people perked up again, in the eyes of the typical appeared for them sparkles.

    -And what, Ivan, they began?

    -With leadership.

    Is not understood. What do you mean?

    -It all started with "Scarlet sails". Leaders there was too much, and every newly trendy did not want to surrender their positions, wanted to be a leader. When we first saw their names on the list of enrolled in the Lycée, and then they met in the auditorium with the Administration and met with curators formed groups, I suddenly realized, that we, Obviously, all very different. Almost nobody knew, in the Hall were barely familiar faces, I guess, met views on exams. But then the boys were not up to dating-exam stress. And I and not examinations was. I enrolled at the invitation of the Rector as olimpiadnika. To my joy, in my group got too guys-Ilyas Gelvanov and Yevgeny Makarenko. I met with them before at the Olympics. Guys, By the way, well done. They defended the honor of the Lyceum and the oil and gas, and then industrial University in many intellectual competitions, becoming the winners and prize-winners of Olympiads, All-Russian and international scientific conferences. And I respect. Guys are not asked, themselves to respect other. So here is the. We first met en banc Panel in bus, heading into the country camp "Scarlet sails". And those happy three days ensured the full adventure dive into a whole new world. For me it was like a roller coaster: an exciting event, but at the same time disturbing. You know, some guys really surprised. I suppose I could not, What can be such open statements, deeds. I always try to look at, so in "Scarlet" was rather reticent. But its position defended. But their positions in "Scarlet sails" faced many. On the other hand, It struck me, that so many smart, Advanced, Active to audacity (still, in a good way).

    -Ivan, and you're not guessing subsequently, What is the reason of this unique social phenomenon – an abundance of leaders in one group?

    -Of course, guessed. Group-then at the Lycée are formed according to the results of entrance examinations in the format-grade rating system. And we have a group 101, t. e.. it hit the strongest students. And it turned out quite natural, that most guys with active life position, with your opinion, the standard for these strategies to build relationships. To tell the truth, for some beginners found it difficult to change it even if, When the need was apparent. On the other hand, I would not say, "Scarlet" everything fell apart and the team did not take place. Vice versa. Counselors, These specialists, somehow unnoticed, unobtrusively compensate for that sharp situation. At Camp unity guys with curator Lily Tymoshenko Bielska, teacher of mathematics, just zashkalivalo! Dislike anyone never. This is not something, that was in the school. In school .., -suddenly faltered Ivan-and you can, I'm not going to talk about it. It's already in the past. And me, Excuse me, uninteresting.

    -I understand correctly, You can thank the Lyceum for a new experience? And it is completely different to the previous. You have a new interesting life?

    -It's so. Lyceum I deployed and cemented into your own eyes its strong position. For me, it was absolutely necessary. At the Lycée clever developing Wednesday. Wonderful teachers, capable of conveying the meaning not only objects, but and life views. For example, our group with a couple of words understood the training material. But the exact pair of words is sometimes not enough to explain something humanly important. I sometimes wondered excerpts teachers. Thanks them for it. They are not broke guys through pedagogical knee».

    -Ivan, in your opinion, What is the most important in the educational system of the Lyceum?

    -Oddly enough, It is not equipped with modern classrooms and not even interesting for me new disciplines. Important traditions. They were laid out by the first generations of students, which are strictly observed so far. It is unlikely that other schools have such. The same intellectual and ethical relics, and a lot of them. I still remember the movie, shown at the bottom of the open doors. The plot show clothes pupils. Tie stands 1000 Br. Pants, shoes ... And suddenly appears in the frame the Lyceum's vest, and then the text: "It is priceless!"Waistcoat is the traditional dress code pupils. Of course, the, who wants to somehow prove their identity, There's always the idea to invent a chip to the cummerbund, for example, icon, brooch, some of the guys are not a traditional tie, and the butterfly. We therefore continually surprised Yevgeny Makarenko. You know, He always remained the Lyceum shhjogolem.

    -Ivan, you were easy to fit into the pedagogical Lyceum system? How are you doing, for example, adapted to training couples instead of the usual lessons in school?

    -In the beginning was really cool-we have the same pair of, as students! You know, This indicator of adulthood. And then realize, that it is also a very handy. It's easier to prepare for the new school day-fewer items. In school 6 lessons, But exactly the same six items. And in the Lyceum can be 8 lessons, rather, 4 couples and only 4 subject. Chip Lyceum will always score-rating system. It was very difficult to get used to it. In the first semester, Naturally, not everything is and has always been clear. Ok, that teachers helped, prepare guys to take control (illest) points. But that's already in the second semester, everything was for me a completely transparent. And, as they say graduates of the Lyceum, one of the most valuable and wonderful system properties-preparation for University, because it's a mini model of higher education programmes. And, wherever our graduates studied in Moscow, Peter, New York, Berlin, Stockholm, they are more adapted to teaching, than graduates of the most prestigious schools.

    -Ivan, in your opinion, What or who you're going to get bored later, When vypustishsja from Lyceum?

    Guy a little thought. Impression, that his inner eye "proshjolsja" to every corner of his mind.

    -Very good atmosphere, not indifferent against adults to students. And another very important, that at the Lycée teachers have no pets, all students are equal.

    -Can be, you say so, because he was not a pet? Can, you don't have enough, to become one?

    -No and no again. I really never was and don't want to be a pet. I generally for r a in e n t on. It's just honest.

    -Ivan, now I can not agree with you.

    -What you mean?

    -Unlike most entrants you haven't been so, you are enrolled in the Lycée without entrance examinations. Someone of the kids or parents may think, you have unequal conditions of access to them.

    -Nikolai Alekseevich, -laughed guy. -You always taught us-check dictionaries. Me in the Lycée invited not because, What I Vanya Perepljotkin, boy 16 years. I invited the Rector, because I Ivan Perepljotkin-winner of regional Olympiad on geography based on published rules of reception at Tsogu. So am i, like other guys, weathered a peculiar competition. Of the hundreds of participants of the Olympiad invited units – only winners and winners. It seems to me, This is not to disparities, It is quite another. Pets are those, who are condescending, It's not fair, When a person needs to reprove, and his misconduct or not noticed, or even justified by. Are you sure, This is an absurd bear service. And it is harmful for the definition. I don't mean to be such a pet. I need a real evaluation of the results of my actions, relations, deeds. Only, What I would have paid attention teachers: We cannot ignore the bad things done. Be sure to discuss this with your child and not to turn into a public flogging. In my opinion, much more useful conversation private. How did you, Nikolay Alekseevich. And you guys are grateful. Who was on the "flight" parsing, they say, for you its unsightly misconduct-own painful wound. And you "treat" wound-flawed guys professionally. Lyceum lucky, that the Director is a professional psychologist.

    -Thanks, Ivan. Your words to me dear faces. Adults also need feedback for their individual handwriting. Without that hone tools pedagogical influence. Thank you! Ivan, What are the traits of his character, If you can learn, do you think the negative?

    -Negative? A lot of them. I know, What I still have to work, and I'm constantly. I need to learn how to accurately set goals. They certainly have. But somehow still blurred. When compared with the same period two years ago, When I was a schoolboy, the goal-setting process at all limp on both legs.

    -Your words surprise. From experience with you, and not only today, an impression about you as a person and a stout celeustremljonnom. You set a goal to get a quality education and consciously, purposefully looking for their opportunities, defining our Lyceum. I see it, talented people in many spheres of activity, certainly, can see in different Windows of opportunity, and this makes goal-setting.

    -Nikolai Alekseevich, -laughed guy, -do not inflate. You didn't know me before the Lyceum. Lyceum I have developed firm views, the ability to express its position. But here I have learned has to listen and hear the opinions of other. The combination of acquired abilities allowing me to set the goal and find tools to achieve them. And a huge thanks to our Lyceum. You know, I studied and your lessons on conflictology, and hope VladimirovnyFajzulinoj, teacher of Russian language and literature. In my high school literature taught theory, analysis of literary works, analysis of psychological characteristics of heroes. And this is also important, because developed in me many quality. And at the Lycée teacher interested in MY PERSONAL POSITION. Here are interested in our opinion, Sometimes you don't agree with him, sometimes share. Classes are held in the format of live communication. But always respected, giving responsibility for choices. I like, We have respected the initiative, strongly support it. The Administration goes toward. Where I only did not participate! International project "school model United Nations (g. Tyumen, g. Izhevsk), intellectual game "That? Where? When?» (15 Open Championship of Siberia, g. Novosibirsk), olimpiadnoe movement. By the way, different levels of Olympics (g. Tyumen, g. Ekaterinburg, g. St. Petersburg, g. Moscow, g. Tver) I too was looking for himself. Not always spoken, as intended. But it happens. Main, don't lose heart. Lost in Yekaterinburg, but in Moscow (competition "Lomonosov", MSU) got cum 2 degree. Integrated job here. Theory is important, but the main points you can poluchitza the ability to make competent calculations, for example, calculate the percentage of oil production for 2014 the year of OPEC countries. It was necessary to know these countries and without a calculator to calculate. To address the complex environmental challenges, for example, around Moscow to build "green zone" in a radius of more than ten times the capital. It was necessary to calculate the area of the belt, given the area of Moscow and its agglomerations.

    -Ivan, that creates a situation you drive?

    -Competitive spirit. What's interesting. We in Tyumen threesome are by geography, two guys from school TSU. Our contest is especially exacerbated with last year, I don't mean the Tyumen Olympiad. I was third at the regional. On last year-slightly better one student. In Peter I was second again. The difference in the results was very small. In Perm again I second. And in Moscow became the first among them. We have almost equal knowledge. But if we analyse razballovku tours, the theory of my colleagues better knowledge, but, with regard to the practical steps, This is my element. Comparing results to all Olympiads, I decided to, the final of the all-Russian Olympiad in Tver must to jerk and take revenge. I, Of course, preparing. For two years (until we learn to the gymnasium and Lyceum in universities) I put this goal.

    -Ivan, sformuliruj, You are welcome, in three words, what you people?

    -What? Don't understand.

    -Yes, What are you people? What qualities, possess characteristics?

    -I just don't like talking about myself, -troubled young man. -Agree, Let others say.

    -Then call three of its social role, which became important for you.

    -Probably, This trendy, olimpiadnik, a good friend.

    -Check dictionaries, now it was my turn to laugh, -a good friend, what he?

    -Good means faithful, honest.

    -And how do you understand, «olimpiadnik»? It is that, a special caste?

    -No, I guess, It's not that. I, for example, not special. There are much smarter, really outstanding guys. By the way, These guys aren't very good at studying. For example, There are students, that a lot of attention to preparing for the EXAM. But it's very narrowly, and I am not interested.

    -Yes, It happens. I agree. And we met in the Lyceum with this. Another one of our famous graduates, badge holder "our pride. Lyceum Tsogu Ivan Stroshkovu, multiple winner and recipient of the all-Russian Olympiad of schoolchildren on finance and credit, economy, which invited to budget place and MSU, and the higher school of Economics (He and chose) also it was uninteresting focus narrowly on EXAM, and the sum of his points were not so high. If he walked in the University based on the results of the Olympics, the, Perhaps, budget place would have passed by it. But, Fortunately, your namesake, Ivan is made from special OLYMPIAD test.

    -That's right. Guys really don't always have good certificate. Combine preparation for participation in the Olympics and the brilliantly difficult curriculum. With regard to the Lyceum, Here everything is balanced enough. Teachers give a good knowledge, solo and melkogruppovye consultations after class-a huge plus, real opportunity to eliminate arising for some reason gaps in knowledge.

    -Ivan, and any role played by your parents in establishing you as a olimpiadnika and just a remarkable young man, "pupils, olimpiadnika, good comrade "?

    -No doubt. You once said, that parents do not choose, as children did not choose. Somehow it happened, that I got lucky with my loved ones. I have a wonderful mother, Granny, grandfather. I instilled all necessary modern and honest person quality. It's hard to talk about yourself, its degree of intelligence. I do not know, what others think about me. I can only guess about it.

    -Ivan, educated people could not forgive another?

    -I ain't no Saint. I can't, for example, forgive pragmatism. You cannot step over the heads of other. For me are totally unacceptable to talk behind my back.

    -I understand correctly, What are you able to tell people the truth in your eyes?

    -Naturally. But, First of all, try to see the pros and blind to its flaws. But I know for sure, that never stops talking about the shortcomings of others without their presence. The parents have taught me.

    -Talk about your feelings of participation in the all-Russian Olympiad in Tver.

    -About each day remained totally different impressions: new terrain, new and old friends-guys. Very interesting to meet with old friends from different regions, monitor their progress, somehow growing up. -Ivan grinning. -Permjaka did not have a moustache, and here is neatly trimmed with Barb and appeared in Tver. This is so. Some amazing friendly atmosphere. Can you imagine, All-Russian Olympiad, relationship between the parties remained friendly, in spite of the fact, that we competed. Someone would have seemed strange, but one guy from Penza very accurately described the atmosphere: "We are not rivals, We geographers, We are brothers!"And, Nevertheless,, the first day was the most intense. It is necessary to accommodate, meet with friends and have a good sleep. On the second day of the first stage of the Olympiad-theoretical. It was suggested that 6 tasks. Verified the basic knowledge and skills, You can check, until Heraldry.

    -And how your feeling after his passing?

    -I was quite satisfied with the. But by the evening I realized, that could run it much better. Although compared to 2015 year I showed normal results. I was seventy-fourth of 210 with the result 97,7 from 200 possible points. To the place I did not have enough 2,3 Balla. In many ways, a bad joke played by theoretical tour. He gives 100 points. But there are also practical tour-outdoors 70 points and test- 30 points.

    -The conditions under which geographic met Junior Elite?

    -I hasten to say that, that business was established and watch Wednesday. By the end of the Olympics, I became familiar with approximately 70 young geographers from Murmansk to Dagestan. Lived in a rustic complex "Computers" in the Tver region, located in a pine forest, 31 kilometre from Tver, on the banks of the river Volga tributary Tvertsa River. It is a base for international olimpiadiGeo- 2015. It is very similar to our camp "Scarlet sails". And there we were given the opportunity to exercise, creativity, active and cultural rest. Free time in the evenings we sang with a guitar, receive the present relaxation before serious tests, battle at tours the Olympics.

    -Ivan, Many say, that Russia has no future. Do you share this view?

    -Russia has no future? It's Delirium, and full. Definitely has a future. In my opinion, 2/3 participants of Olympiad-significant people, that connect their lives with his beloved science and see their future in its development for the benefit of Russia. Geography-a multi-faceted science. Not only does this map, globe. Very many jobs in the Olympiad in geography in General erudition. Benefit will remain (the winners and prize-winners in the regions) the most erudite. They are experts not only geography, but physics, history, economy.

    -A theoretical tour for us, Philistines, more understandable. Curious, How was a hands-on tour?

    – 20 April, on the third day of the Olympics, We had to pass the new test-field tour, where we had to show the practical skills of Geodesy, Geology, Cartography and other branches of geography.

    -How are you preparing to it, as configured?

    -The mood before the tour I had battle, Since most was sure in a good result in this round.

    -Tell me more, as he passed? And why is he named field?

    -It seemed to me, that the Olympics was very clearly arranged. Us stubs was disbanded at 18 groups, in each of 15 – 16 man. Buses depart from one base to the practical round. No one: No participants, No heads – they knew nothing about the venue. Everything is kept in the strictest confidence. Just before the tour we met quite a large party at the square in front of the base, one of the participants played "motivational", If you will, songs with guitar accompaniment, and it gave everyone a certain mood on tour. Our group ended up sending the eleventh. It just happened, What I ended up group, where was exclusively male team-any girl (for reference: the ratio of boys and girls- 12 to one). We read instruction, issued routing slips, and we started to perform the job. While it was forbidden even to stand closer, than a meter apart, about the means of communication generally silent.

    -Complexity was route?

    -Of course, complex. This same Olympics! It consisted of eight spots, each of which us (Group) accompanied by the organizers. During transitions were allowed to share impressions about the only passed point.

    -Very curious, and what is the essence of points?

    -The first point was dedicated to the historic route from Moscow to St. Petersburg. And the essence of jobs was estimated on a map and knowledge of ancient measures distances, as well as working with odometer. Co-organizer of the "point" is the company NAVITEL, sponsor of the all-Russian Olympiad of schoolchildren. I was sure, that fulfilled the job well (Subsequently, rewarding revealed, I have stood the maximum score!) This point gave additional confidence in themselves and in their abilities to perform the jobs of the remaining seven points. Point 2 was devoted to the hydrology and met on the bridge over the river Tvertsa River. As in the first point, I was sure, What did the majority of the assignments. On the following three points we were another unexpected, Perhaps, an unscheduled test organizers is the vagaries of weather. It started to rain, which then turned into a strong Castle, has complicated our path and solution of tasks on the points. For example, one party blew itinerary in the river. Organizers quickly fixed the situation. Writing when the shower was extremely uncomfortable and had to lie sideways on the ground, thus protecting from namokanija answer sheet. Weather, However,, do not become a major factor in, that these three points I have not very successful. First point 3, where tested knowledge of agriculture in the Central Federal District. Then the fourth, dedicated to the passage of the meadows of the Tver region and fifth (took place at the peak of bad weather) -forest communities and biogenezam area. Trite saying, I simply wrote most of the responses on the basis of logic, instead of knowledge, which these industries did not possess. The weather then was adjusted, and next the sixth point, dedicated to orienteering, on "cheers". Seventh point, the most difficult and by the volume of assignments, and by their type, was petrografiju.

    -How difficult. And as the student master the difficult categories such, and most importantly-scientific direction? Petrography, What a beast-the unknown? What is the essence of the job on this point?

    -It was necessary to, Having considered the specific samples of breeds, define, What is this, their type, the origin of the, age and geological era/period (about). Here tested knowledge on how each of the Quaternary glaciations. I was pleasantly surprised, as he was preparing to this topic. And here is the eighth point was long calculations of the volume of water flow in the River at three locations on the Tvertsa River from its source to Torzhok, from Torzhok from base to base and to Tver (the mouth). Map of the Tver region, without specifying names should have been using kurvimetra to determine the length of the sections (knowing the approximate locating control points on the map), then directly perform calculations, defining the velocity of. Here are having problems because of an unfortunate error, but a minute before the end I managed to fix it and get the right answer. So ended a practical tour-test skills and psychological status of participants of Olympiad. At the end of the tour there was a kitchen, and we passed on foot on the base 6,5 km.

    -You immediately announced the results of the, or have long languish in anticipation?

    -Afternoon-it was a solid time expectations results and a "rough" own "ideal maximum" and "minimum". My values are different, so I decided to not worry about the result and to spend time in spiritual conversations, jokes and conversations about how to,who otkudapriehal. But come 22 April, the fifth, the penultimate day of the Olympics. In the morning a long debriefing was held jobs. It is worth mentioning here the rubric «kazusnye» answers. So I still haven't laughed (as with everything there are present, I think). Next, I planned to appeal to set analytical round about ecology in Moscow. However, after seeing the results I saw, What's my score in total even exceeded the "ideal", I mentioned above. Thus, I cancelled its decision to go to appeal. At first couldn't believe, What I previously confidently entrenched in the list of winners, but this realization came only on the next day. Talk about the atmosphere, prevailing directly after the publication of the Protocol: Firstly, This is a crowd of people, rastalkivajushhaja each other and wants to see the result, and secondly, This drastically different emotions of participants. There were hugs of joy and sorrow, and even cries of "I'm in zapoj! That's all!». But still there was more joy, because compared to last year, many have already experienced participants have made long-awaited result, to which lacked the bare (such a person, to some extent, and I was). In General, experience performances at the all-Russian level decides a lot, because willingness to have already passed similar tests gives some positive attitude.

    In the evening we all waited for farewell Koster, where was the unity of all participants regardless of their result and region (I mean rivalry Moscow-regions and frequent mutual dislike and even disregard participants). This evening same rallied everyone and ended it already in the morning, When we organized desk and folksongs. Nobody wanted to leave and leave who were already native country complex walls and each other. But it's all the same inevitable process, and the day after the awards ceremony all gradually dispersed.

    -Ivan, What's next, What are the prospects? Where, in what University you prinesjosh your olimpiadnyj intelligence?

    I set a goal to get a specialty in the field of oil and gas development. Olimpiadnye knowledge of geography, Cartography will be useful in future profession. Perhaps, at the end of our industrial University will work in RESEARCH INSTITUTES. It is very interesting to me. I want to, so I have the "brains" of the most sophisticated solution seethed with smart tasks. This is akin to olimpiadnomu drive.

    -Ivan, If you became the Director of the Lyceum, what instructions you'd say when parting at the prom in half?

    -Never give up. No matter how hard. Always be respectful to another person, because he's too personality, shadow of the past again covered his radiant smile. -And more, in no event it is impossible to lose your face, honor and dignity. All conflicts by treaty to regulate and peaceful conversations.

    Ivan, of course, could use his chance as the all-Russian Olympiad Medal and enter the profile of the specialty, where geography EXAM counts as 100 points. But the young man, OUR MAN, couldn't do otherwise. He is now studying at the Tyumen industrial University on Faculty of applied geophysics. And next to him all those same students. Only now they have become truly adult ...