TSOGU Development Fund

shaf Yuriy Konstantinovich Shafranik – President of the TSOGU Development Fund Council (elected in 2006). The alumnus of Tyumen Industrial Institute. 

President of the “SoyuzNefteGaz” Interstate oil company, President of the Russian Higher Mining Council, President of the Russian Oil and Gas Field Engineers’ Union Council, President of the Committee for energy strategy and fuel-and-energy complex development of the Russian Chamber of Commerce, President of the Council of the Association “Council in information and fuel-and-energy complex collaboration" (SISTEK), President of the Fund “World’s policy and resources”, President of the Russian-Saudi Business Council (RSDS).


Panfilov Gennadiy Andreevich

Executive director of TSOGU Development Fund

Tel.: (+73452)256927

E-mail: pro137@tsogu.ru

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