Russian language courses

Dear foreign students!

Tyumen State Oil and Gas University offers preparatory courses for foreign students intending to study the Russian language and disciplines like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, in order to enter Russian technical institutions of higher education.
Pre-university training is carried out in accordance with the academic curriculum, which consists of 942 academic hours (Russian language) and 68 academic hours each (Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry). Thus, the preparatory courses are designated for learning Russian language, as well as for getting a technical education that meets the admission requirements of the Host University.
The academic program is scheduled for 35 weeks. The course starts the third week of September. Those students, who would like to improve their knowledge of the above mentioned disciplines, can take additional summer courses. These courses are optional.
This course finishes with a set of examinations. Depending on the results, foreign students are admitted to study at the department they have chosen. During three years of study the students continue to learn the Russian language. Consequently, the Russian State Testing System enables the students to receive a Certificate reflecting a relevant level of Russian language.
The university has updated technical facilities and all necessary learning materials.
Tuition fees are $2000.

The university provides accommodation ($50.00 per month).
There is another option for those, who do not intend to enter a technical university, but would like to improve their knowledge of Russian language (for instance, in order to obtain Russian citizenship). In this case the university offers individual classes. The terms of study are specified by the International Office at the university.

If you wish to apply for the Russian language courses, you should sign an academic agreement in its Russian and English version. The English version is only for your information, so you know what you are signing. We need the Russian one, in order to be sure, that you have concrete intentions to come and study here at the University.

Academic contract (English version)
Academic contract (Russian version)

Contact information:
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72, Melinikaite St., Tyumen, 625039
International Office:
Telephone: +7 (3452) 463965, 251053
Fax: +7 (3452) 463965
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We look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful Siberian city - Tyumen!
The aim of the preparatory courses is to help foreign young people to get an excellent education and to get a head start in an unfamiliar cultural and linguistic environment. If you are interested in our program, we would be happy to make all the arrangements concerning your course and your stay in Russia .

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