The final conference within the TEMPUS project «Updating the linguistic policy of Russian technical universities» has come to TSOGU.

Since the 7th to 10th of December the conclusions of the TEMPUS project participation were drawn at TSOGU. The partners of our university within the project have gathered in order to discuss «Updating the linguistic policy of Russian technical universities» - Heads of the Foreign Language Departments and International Offices of the technical universities from Omsk, Irkutsk, Krasnoyarsk, and, of course the representatives from Germany, Poland, Great Britain, and Denmark.
During the whole week the Siberian universities representatives and the project coordinators shared their experience of the foreign languages teaching methodology at technical universities, discussed the problems of the special disciplines detachment from foreign language, spoke about the advantages of the tandem work of the special technical disciplines teachers and foreign language teachers, met students, who were involved in the project, discussed the acquired results development perspectives with the university administration.
The outcome of the project is the increase of the language proficiency level of 54% of the students, that has considerably exceeded the preplanned numbers. The Director of the Foreign Languages Center of the Leibniz University, Mr. Klaus Schvinghorst emphasized that during the project implementation not only students have demonstrated good results, but the teachers, who have visited the technical universities of Great Britain and Germany for the experience exchange. This enabled the Heads of the departments collectively with the foreign language teachers to create educational manuals in a number of special disciplines in English as a result. At present the manuals have passed the approbation and are ready for publication.
Mr. Schvinghorst pointed out that the results of TSOGU participation in the TEMPUS project are impressive, and that there are real opportunities for the continuation of fruitful collaboration.

Alexander Gordievskiy
Head of international projects and programs department

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