Which place in the University is the most popular with the students during an examinations period? The library, of course. By the way, it celebrated its 40th anniversary on June, 04, 2004.

Visitors are officially acquainted with it, when they are given a readers' card. This card is an important document for a student. If a visitor has it he may get any book at any unit of the library. The card is given to the first-year students at the beginning of September. The section where the students сan take books home and the reading rooms are very popular among the students: the quiet atmosphere and numerous books contribute a lot to studying here.

In August, 2003 the library was transformed into the Library and Information Centre (LIC) of Tyumen State Oil and Gas University (TSOGU). The "IRBIS" automation system has been introduced into the work of the LIC. Every typical library technology is applied in this system, including the technology of acquisition, systematization, cataloguing, readers' search, issue of books and administration. 144 automated units for readers and clerks are set in the library: 9 PCs for books searching in the electronic catalogue; 28 PCs in the media centre, and 10 PCs in every reading room. The system for line coding of the books and of the readers' cards will soon be introduced.

Nowadays the library of the TSOGU is one of the largest in the region and possesses the fullest collection of oil and gas profile scientific and technical literature. The library stocks are unique and number 650.000. The stocks include books, revues, newspapers, theses, theses abstracts, proceedings of different institutions and organizations, maps, electronic editions, audio and visual materials and regulations.

The LIC has a media centre, where the automated service is provided: searching in the Internet, scanning, electronic delivery of documents, writing to disks, printing of the materials, and individual work on the PC.

Those, who like reading, may go to the section where they can take books home. The library stocks not only Russian literature, but also foreign classical and modern literature, and scientific and popular publications on history, arts, psychology, ethics, physical training and sports, medicine and housekeeping.

Phone: +7 (3452) 48-61-94 (Head of the library)

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