There are 20 research institutes, centers, and problem laboratories in the University structure.

The scientists of the University take part in the implementation of the scientific-and-technical programs and grants at the federal level, as well as in the scientific-research and experimental design works as per order of industrial enterprises and unions. The main customers of the University are the petroleum complex enterprises, including: Transneft АК, «Gazprom» OAO, «Surgutgazprom» OOO, «Sibnefteprovod» OAO, ООО «Lukoil» OOO, SibNATS OAO, and others.

There are more than 650 post-graduate students, seeking their academic degrees in 35 specialties within the Post-graduate and Doctoral studies. The training of the students is carried out on the budget-funded and the contract basis.

There are 9 dissertation councils at the University, accepting the papers in 22 specialties for defense.

The University has patented more than 850 inventions; there is also some experience in their introduction. The patent-information service provides methodical assistance in preparation of the documents and consultations in the field of intellectual property protection and use.

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