Institute of Transport

3 There are 14 departments at the Institute of Transport, 9 of them award diplomas to graduate students. Here one can study everything about a pipeline and automobile transport. Scientific potential of the Institute is very high. Here many famous scientists work in various scientific and technical fields. Among them are 4 honored men of science and technique of the Russian Federation, 31 Doctors and 92 Candidates of Science.

The scientific achievements of the Institute are well-known in the USA, Canada, Germany, and Great Britain. The students are involved in scientific work, win in contests of science-and-technical research works on different levels and are co-authors of articles and patents. The graduates can defend a Diploma paper in English.

There are modern classrooms, computer suites with multimedia equipment, and also necessary training and scientific laboratories at every department of the Institute. Science-engineering workshops are held at the departments.

A main result of the Institute work is its graduates; there are almost 7 thousand of them today. Among them is the rector of TSOGU Nicolay Karnaukhov, the govener of the Jamalo-Nenets District Yuriy Neelov, Vice Minister of the Fuel Industry V.S. Stanev and many other respected people.

List of Departments

  • General and special chemistry
  • Machine parts
  • Foreign languages No 2
  • Military chair
  • Designing and operation of oil and gas pipelines and storages
  • Construction and repair of the oil and gas objects
  • Automotive means and automobile economy
  • Lifting, transportation means and road machines
  • Mechanisation of construction and landscaping
  • Operation and maintenance of the transport and technological machines
  • Operation of the automobile transport means
  • Textile production
  • Theoretical and applied mechanics
  • Mathematics and Informatics
  • Mechanics of soils and basements of the oil and gas industry objects
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