Institute of Humanities

5 Now students are given the chance to get a classical education in humanities in one of the oldest educational institutions in Tyumen with its rich scientific traditions and values.
The Institute of Humanities provides diplomas in social work, PR and theology. The skills and knowledge of its graduates are demanded in a wide range of branches of public administration, in establishments of culture, public organizations, educational institutions and research centers. A distinctive feature of the institute is the Department of Physical Education. The Tyumen Region, Russia, Europe and Asia are familiar with the names of the university's athletes, representing the home university at competitions of all kinds: in volleyball, judo, table tennis, swimming, boxing, weightlifting, gymnastics, track and field athletics, cross-country skiing, indoor football, climbing, biathlon, aerobics, basketball, orienteering, ice-hokey, etc. We promote a healthy society!

List of Departments

  • Foreign languages-1
  • History and cultural studies
  • Theology
  • Social work
  • Social technologies
  • Physical education
  • Philosophy
  • Theory and methods of professional education
  • Social studies
  • Russian language and speech culture
  • Social sciences
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