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The international academic - simulation centre (IASC) at State Educational Institution (SEI) of Higher Professional Education (HPE) "Tyumen State Oil and Gas University" (TSOGU) accredited member of the International Well Control Forum (IWCF). It provides educational services in the field of specialist training, retraining in compliance with the requirements of Petroleum Industry and IWCF. The IASC carries out its activity in accordance with TSOGU Charter, the IASC provision, the policy and standards of the ecological, technological and atom supervision Federal Agency and IWCF.

The IETC provides specialist training, retraining in the following fields:

- Drillers, supervisors of the programs and requirements of IWCF (IWCF certificate№ RU.638). Students (listener) who have successfully passed tests and practical exercise on the simulator, are granted the IWCF certificate, that is necessary for employment at the international companies that provide well construction services.

- Vocational specialties students of petroleum field: driller assistant of exploitation and exploration wells drilling on oil and gas, capital well work driller assistant, drilling site service mechanic, aggregate operator for petroleum production equipment service, electrician of electrical equipment operation and maintenance, electrical engineer on drilling site service at the Primary training and qualificational improvement programs accordance with the policy and standards of the ecological, technological and atom supervision Federal Agency according to the license №161868 from May 24th, 2004 of the Federal Inspection Agency of education and science. At the end of training, if all the exams are passed, the students are granted the certificates of corresponding specialty;

- Study and the skills acquisition in prevention and elimination of oil-gas-water development in accordance with the programs, agreed and approved by the Tyumen technological & ecological inspection Department, Russian Federation technical inspection department. At the end of the program the certificate is granted to the students (listeners);

- additional specialists training is implemented in the field of petroleum sphere within the framework of qualification improvement ("Oil & gas wells drilling", "Development and exploitation of oil & gas fields", "Capital well works") for the right of mining works technical administration. The students, successfully passed the additional training program, will be granted a state standard certificate for the right of the mining works administration (license №161868 from May 24, 2004 of the Federal Inspection Agency in the sphere of education & science) at the end of the program, approved by the Russian Technical Inspection Department.

The training is realized with the help of the full-size academic simulator Drillsim 5000, simulating the technological processes and technical means of wells drilling, as well as scientific-academic laboratory equipment of the Challenger company, with the help of the academics of the Oil & Gas Institute, Tyumen State Oil & Gas University, the chairs of "Oil & gas wells drilling", "Oil fields development", "Electrical engineering", "Machines & equipment of oil & gas production".

The Contact information:
Tel/fax: +7-(3452)20-60-92, 20-44-16
Address: 50 let oktyabrya St, 38

Tyumen State Oil & Gas University (TSOGU) in collaboration with Royal Holloway University of London (RHUL) implement the Master's training Program in the field of petroleum geoscience, honoring the alumni the diplomas of the both universities, on the basis of the TSOGU professional training and retraining Center for geology & petroleum engineering specialists, since August 2008. The Master's Program meets the requirements of petroleum business in the field of petroleum & geology disciplines.

The academic process is realized in English by the teachers of Royal Holloway University of London with the assistance of TSOGU, M. Lomonosov Moscow State University, and other foreign institutions, by the TNK-BP employees, using the most up-to-date equipment and software (Basinmod, Geoframe, Petrel, ArcGIS, 2D/3D Move, Rock Doc).

The academic modules of the Program:

GL 5101 Tectonics & lithosphere dynamics;
GL 5201 Geophysical analysis;
GL 5301 Structural analysis;
GL 5401 Sedimentology & stratigraphy;
GL 5501 Reservoir geology & geophysics;
GL 5601 Petroleum systems.

The schedule suggests the field practice in Great Britain and completion of an individual research project (the final graduation paper).

After successful completion of the Program, the students are awarded with the Master's Degree of the Royal Holloway University of London (the international standard diploma) and the TSOGU diploma.

The criteria for the students' selection:

  1. Possession of the Bachelor's Degree diploma or the specialist's diploma in the appropriate field*, that has the GPA non-less than 4 or the Master's Degree in the corresponding field, or in case of an applicant's capability demonstration for reception of new knowledge and coping with the Program, education of the same level in the physical or engineering field.
  2. English language proficiency at the level of 6,5 according to the IELTS system, or the free user (level С1) within the framework of European language proficiency requirements. Applicants with the lower level of English proficiency for the moment of application submission may be considered as the Program participants, in case they take the necessary measures for the language proficiency improvement before the start of the Program.

Preference would be given to the applicants, who:

a) Has the working experience in appropriate field in one of the oil or gas companies;
b) Has done an independent scientific work in the field of geology or geophysics;
с) Has done some other work, that indicates the interest to geology & geophysics (for example, the awards or prizes in the professional sphere, scientific activities, publications, etc);

5. Demonstrates high motivation towards professional & career development.

  • Applied geology;
  • Oil & gas geology;
  • Geology & exploration of minerals;
  • Geology & geochemistry of combustible minerals;
  • Geological survey, search & exploration of mineral resources;
  • Geophysics;
  • Well-logging methods;
  • Geophysical methods of mineral deposits search & exploration;
  • Geochemistry;
  • Applied geochemistry, petrology, mineralogy;
  • Search & exploration of subsurface waters & engineering-geological investigations;
  • Information systems & technologies in geology & oil & gas extraction;
  • Hydrogeology & engineering geology;
  • Petroleum engineering & oil & gas wells drilling;
  • Oil & gas fields development & operation;
  • Oil & gas pipelines & storages design, construction, & operation.

The Program tuition fee for the 2009 - 2010 academic year is 700 thousand rubles (about €19.000, $25.500).
The applications are submitted since January 10, 2009.
The Program Web-site:

TSOGU is highly interested in broader relations establishment with the potential foreign partner-universities, as well as with petroleum companies.

Contact information:
Tel: +7 (3452) 683402, +7 (3452) 683403
E-mail: Mikhail Dvoinikov, the Director of the center, Lyudmila Bakieva, the Vice-Director for academic work. Igor Lapchinskiy, Academic Mobility Department Tyumen State Oil and Gas University.

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