About the city

Tyumen - the first Russian city in Siberia - now totals about six hundred thousand inhabitants, two hundred thousand private cars and more than one hundred thousand students. In summer you can enjoy the beauty of the city's fountains crowning the squares and the public gardens. On winter evenings, palaces and small towers constructed of the purest ice and illuminated from below by multi-colored lanterns make the city look like something from a fairy tale. Theatres, the Philharmonic, stadiums, and palaces of culture and sport will fill you with new spiritual and physical energy, and numerous cafes and small restaurants will allow you to enjoy yourself in friendly company, or quite the opposite, escape from busy society and find yourself alone with your partner as if you were the only two people in this rather large city.

The Tura river divides the city into two halves, and from onboard a pleasure boat you can admire both the picturesque traces of former times and the creations of modern architects lining both banks. Tyumen is a city undergoing rapid development. The number of road constructors wearing bright jackets is almost greater than the population of the city, and in any sector of the city sky you will undoubtedly see a crane. It was precisely Tyumen - the scientific, technical and transport capital of the region - that provided the starting point for the development of the region during the legendary sixties. Now it is the capital of a huge area, where intelligent and diligent people, geologists, oil and gas industry workers, transport workers and many, many others - extracted, and still extract today, the fundamental natural wealth of the country. But extracting, delivering and processing these rich natural resources demands specific skills and know-how. This is exactly why we exist.

Therefore, if you want to become an expert in this field, you should go directly to our University. Every second (if not more) prominent figure in the oil and gas industry has graduated from Tyumen State Oil and Gas University. These names are well-known all over Russia and beyond.

But you probably have more questions. We shall do our best to answer them.

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How do you get to Tyumen?

By PLANE: From Moscow, St Petersburg, Tashkent, Bishkek, Baku directly, or with connecting flights. Indeed, from anywhere you want. Tyumen airport is one of the most technically advanced airports in Russia.

By TRAIN: You will never miss Tyumen as it is one of the largest railway junctions. Our eastern neighbor is the city of Omsk. Ekaterinburg is the nearest big city to the west. If you go further north, you reach Surgut and Noviy Urengoy. Do these names mean anything to you?

By CAR: Today the whole of Tyumen region is covered in motorways...an area which was only recently covered in marshes. Do you know any other places where you can reach the Polar Circle by car?

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