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TEMPUS Project
"Conceptualization of students practice in frame of Bolognese criteria"

In the Autumn of 2006 at the initiative of the "Social work" department and International Office of Tyumen State Oil and Gas University (TSOGU) the application for the TEMPUS program grant was sent.

The consortium members in the project are Lunenburg University (Germany) and Ural State Pedagogical University (USPU). The representatives from the Finnish and Dutch Universities were independent experts. The project was realized by the Social Development Department of Tyumen region and Sverdlovsk region Government support.

This project targets at the problems rank decision, coming during the student practice organizations in the field of "social work". In the frame of the project was planned development in two Russian Universities conceptual standards and regulations in student practice organization.

The project currency consists in the student practice organization frame where observed follow weak sides:

  1. Absence of steady cooperation between Universities, Social Institutions and State Structure in the questions of the specialties practical organization to the social work;
  2. Insufficient work at substantiations and practice target arrangement according to the specialty "social work";
  3. Absence of clear process practice formalization: algorithm, estimate criteria of students - probationers, standard requests to the accepting social institutions and specialties;
  4. Insufficient formalization prescribing and report documentations.

Till September 2008 was decided to create the practice conception.

National priorities contained in that from one side, in the project realization process will support put in the frame of Bologna process educational process unification and its modulating with orientation to the student practice that can serve as elementary premise for the successful implementation of the level education. From the other side, the attract to project realization of authorities and social institutions representatives allows to improve the practicing social workers qualification.

For this was envisaged follow work steps:

  1. Creation of operating institutions forum: (Universities, social organs and social institutions);
  2. Improving Russian experts qualification in Germany;
  3. Creation of practice conception project at agreement with authorities corresponding.

In September 2007 at TSOGU and USPU was created contact centre "Practica". Responsible representatives from region, social institutions and universities management worked at the practice conception during the project. After completion of the project, this contact centre became be leading organs of the practice organization for Universities students.

Next step in the project realization became consultations with European experts at Lunenburg University in September 2007. Seventeenth Russian experts acquainted with the practice organization principals at Lunenburg University and at six social institutions. Within the discussion framework different topics were elaborated on. Special attention was paid to the curricula and teaching models development in order to improve the skills of practical supervisors.

In the course of discussion in visit time at Lunenburg University at TSOGU and USPU was created work groups, responsible for the normative documentations development, regulating process of organization and practice realization. Thus participants offered follow documents: Methodological instructions, Practice regulations, Practice report forms/ Practice diary, Offers in curriculum correction facilities along to the specialty "Social work" with an allowance for regional component, the trilateral contract on the practice between university, student and place of practice, Monitoring forms of practice and valuation list of practice, Seminars programs for manager of practice from social institutions, the program project cooperation between university and social development department and other. Some documents were worked with an allowance for the experience realization project TUNING (for example, Methodological instructions reconsidered with an allowance for competency building approach; the Contract on the practice started to be trilateral and now is considered students as student practice and etc.).

All previously mentioned documents were translated and submitted for the Europe partners estimate, and also independent expert Nikitin V.A. (Moscow), who is the member of state educational standards development commission in Bachelor and Master training in social work.

Foreign partners and experts presented their executed work estimation on the intermediate meeting of project participant in Yekaterinburg city in January 2008. The International science-practical conference "Students practice organization in the frame of Bologna criteria" was confined to the meeting. During the discussion documentation was improved with allowance of experts recommendations and it was presented as three information document suits for the practice subjects: students, supervisor from University and supervisor from institution.

According to the project results in Tyumen State Oil and Gas University took place the participant conference (May 26 - May 8, 2008). The project results were presented to the University management, partners and invited representatives of Social development Department and social institutions of Tyumen region. Besides that the number of articles for the collective monograph were discussed. The discussion passed with the active participation of the practice place representatives - social institutions. Since May 29 to May 30, 2008 at Russian State Social University (Moscow) took place the meeting with independent experts and representatives of Russian Educational Methodic Association in the field of social work education.

The project materials were presented to the experts beforehand, including Participants Declaration. In the course of the discussion was accented the importance of raised issue, especially with allowance of working out third generation standard in "Social work". The experts have done a number of remarks and corrections to the Declaration, which was reflected in the last document reduction. In general the experts recognized that project is successful, and the Russian Universities input in educational modernization process of separately field was high estimate.

For the purpose of project results dissemination suggest to spread document copies in other University of country. Preliminary and final project results repeatedly were considered on the regional conferences in Tyumen and Sverdlovsk region. The independent project expert Nikitin V.A. have done the report in the Russian Educational Methodic Association in the field of social work education on the June 6, 2008, where again was accented project results importance, including the third generation State standard development in "Social work".

The collective project participants publication contains the articles on the questions of social work in Europe and Russia, with allowance to the Bolognese regulations. Given monograph will be spread for the acquaintance of the Russian Educational Methodic Association in the field of "Social work" education members.

Skok N.I. - the head of TSOGU "Social work" department, project coordinator

Gordievskiy A.A. - the head of the TSOGU International projects and programs department, project administrator.


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"Updating the language policy of Russian technical universities"

Synopsis of project realization:

In November 2006 the Russian Universities consortium: Tyumen State Oil&Gas University (TSOGU) (Tyumen), Siberian Automobile Roads Institute (SibARI) (Omsk), Irkutsk State Technological University (Irkutsk) gave request for the European Commission "TEMPUS" project. Besides Russian Universities in the project participate: Leibniz University (Hannover), Universities of Poznan (Poland) and Warwick (Great Britain) and also the range of international companies, having representatives offices (missions) in Russia. The Company KCA Deutag Drilling is a Tyumen partner. Since February 2008 the realization was started. The Project is for two years.

The project targets at the linguistic education range problems decision in Russian technology Universities with an allowance for regional aspects.

For the decision this problems the participants of the project arranged about next activity steps:

First stage: foreign language lessons development, orienting to the specialty.

Will be involved next disciplines in Tyumen: "Automatisation and management"; "Informatics and computers"; "Development and exploitation of oil&gas fields".

Second stage: subject courses development on the regular base in foreign language as inalienable component of the curriculum. At TSOGU will be developed courses at the next directions:

  • Information Protection
  • Modeling of Control Systems
  • Mototransport Operation (under severe condition)
  • Drilling Process control and operation.

Each course is for 17 weeks and includes lecture and practical/laboratory classes. All classes are in English language.

Third stage: the internship training organization (students probation) in collaboration with the regional companies. It'll realize in the companies, in which the work language is English. The students will participate in competitive selection for the right to be on practice in the company, and the company will select internees on the base of developed criteria. The internees will work in the companies average during two weeks that to take notion about work process in the company, participate in business communication in language and get small charges (for example, business letters preparation or another kind of documentation in English language).

In March 2008, the external expert from the Leibniz University (Hannover) visited TSOGU. Dr. Jay Hicks analyzed the students preparation level, the quality of foreign languages teaching in our University.

In April 2008, the lectures from foreign language department №1 and №2 underwent training in Leibniz University (Hannover) for the purpose of experience exchange and of acquaintance with foreign language teaching methods for technical specialties.

In April-June 2008, was organized the language courses for the lectures graduated departments, operating in the projects.

In June 2008, was the first work meeting with all the partners participation to the project in Technical University of the city Irkutsk. From TSOGU the heads of foreign languages departments №1 and №2 Elena Rzhevskaya and Irina Pchelinceva and the head of international projects and programs department of International Office Alexander Gordievskiy were present at the meeting.

After the first work meeting the project website was created, where the actual information about the project realization is accessible for the all participants.

In September 2008, the students, participated in the project, passed the entrance examination. For this purpose Ms. Dagmar Shimmel, the expert from Leibniz University (Hannover), has come in TSOGU

In November 2008 and in January 2009 the TSOGU lectures studied course at partners Universities: Warwick, Clausthal, Hannover, during two weeks.

Since April 1to April 3, 2009 in each University the second monitoring phase has passed, having the purpose to follow up to how successfully the project progress in the each participate University, and how the students improved their language level.

Since April 6 to April 9, 2009 in Omsk was the second partners meeting for the intermediate project results discussion and leading monitoring in Russian Universities.

The last meeting for the project and at the same time the final monitoring will be passed in November 2009 at TSOGU.

The head of international projects and programs department of TSOGU.
Alexander Gordievskiy

web-site of project:

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