International mobilities

Examples of foreign academic mobility programs, implemented in TSOGU

I. Part-time study program in the Institute of Petroleum Engineering of the Technical University of Clausthal (Lower Saxony, Germany).

  1. Program participants - students of the Institute of Oil and Gas, Tyumen State Oil and Gas University.
  2. Study period - October 15 - May 15.
  3. Study content: study program, agreed by the both sides + practice at the German field enterprises.
  4. Time of study: 7-8 semesters.
  5. Field of training: Bachelor's degree course in «Petroleum engineering».
  6. Language of instruction: English.
  7. Participation conditions: competition (English proficiency + academic excellence).
  8. Financial support: funds of the German sponsoring companies (cover the tuition fees, accommodation, stipend allowance, insurance, and fees for the practice).
  9. The program is implemented since 2007.

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II. Master's Degree training program at the КСА Deutag Drilling GmbH enterprise (Tyumen affiliate)

  1. Program participants: Master's Degree students in the field of «Petroleum Engineering» of the Institute of Petroleum Engineering, Technical University of Clausthal (Lower Saxony, Germany).
  2. Duration of practice: up to two months.
  3. Practice content: collection of material for writing the Master's paper, trips to the petroleum production sites. The supervision of the field department of the Institute of Oil and Gas, TSOGU is possible.
  4. Language of instruction: German, English, Russian.
  5. Participation conditions: studying the Russian language as a foreign at TSOGU.
  6. Financial conditions: the practice placement is provided for free.

III. «Volunteers of Siberia» program

  1. Program participants - university students from United Kingdom, Canada, USA.
  2. Program duration - from 1,5 up to 6 months.
  3. Program content: training in the program of «Russian language as a foreign» + consulting work in English at the Foreign languages departments while teaching the students of Tyumen State Oil and Gas University.
  4. Consulting work content: assistance to the teacher in students' training of the various linguistic aspects: grammar, listening comprehension, speech, writing, etc.
  5. Training levels of Russian as a foreign language: from the «basic» up to the «advanced».
  6. Participation conditions: Basic level of Russian proficiency.
  7. Financial conditions: registration fee $ 2.000 (US Dollars) (cover the accommodation at the dormitories and the study program «Russian language as a foreign»).
  8. The program is implemented since 2006.

IV. International students exchange program «Work &Travel»

  1. Participation conditions:
    • studying at the full-time, or the part-time of the Russian university, and in 2009 the students, acquiring the second higher education are also included;
    • age from 18 up to 25 years inclusive;
    • English language proficiency at the communication level;
    • international passport;
    • electronic mail box.
  2. Program duration: 4 months (June - September).
  3. Period for application: application for the program in this season is carried out since September 1, 2008 till March 14, 2009.
  4. Cost for participation in the program: The cost of the program is combined from compulsory and optional payments, as well as compulsory payments to the state services of the USA.

The following payments should be made during the application process:

3500 rubles

Initial fee, including the issue of the student certificate ISIC

From 630 $*

Cost of program (depends upon the usage of e-WAT)

The program cost includes:

  • Working permit (DS-2019), issued in the US Department of State;
  • Medical insurance;
  • various assistance during the application for the J-1 visa;
  • Consultations and support during the stay in the USA.

Sum, determined individually

Airways ticket cost (depends on the air company, direction, air-fuel prices, etc.)

4000 rubles

Returned deposit

Also, there are compulsory payments, directed to the state bodies of the USA:

900 rubles

Payment for the service of the SEVIS system (Student Exchange Visitor Information System)


131 $ at the internal company rate at the day of payment  

Consulate fee of the USA Embassy

Optional payments:

6000 rubles

Job search services

2500 rubles

Insurance from the American visa rejection, that would cover your expenses for the program in case of visa rejection from the Embassy.

The payment for the program is made in portions. Your coordinator will inform you in advance about the dates of the upcoming necessary payment.
* The price is valid for the students, applied in Moscow. The price in your city you may find out in your STAR Travel office (go to the list of cities). The payment is made in rubles at the rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation + 3% for the day of payment.

V. Preparatory and production practice (training) program at the field enterprises of the Celle city (Lower Saxony, Germany)

  1. Program participants - base university students of Tyumen State Oil and Gas University.
  2. Training duration: up to 4 weeks.
  3. Training content: the program is agreed by the both parties and presumes acquaintance with the modern field productions and an opportunity to realize oneself at a concrete stage of work.
  4. Period of training implementation: January, July of this year.
  5. Language of instruction: German, English.
  6. Participation conditions: competition (excellent foreign language proficiency + academic excellence).
  7. Funding: Personal and sponsor's funds.
  8. The program is implemented since 2007.
  9. At the end the certificate of the city Administration of Celle about the participation in the program.
  10. The results of participation in the program are officially transferred at the corresponding departments of the university.

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The academic mobility department develops the foreign academic mobility programs on the basis of specific requests of TSOGU subdivisions.

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