Master's Degree

Master's Degree programs in TSOGU for the 2009-2010 academic year

Field of training (study)

Master's Degree Programs




1. Regional economics

2. Banks and banking activity

3. Nature management economics

4. Economy of enterprise and field markets

5. Accounting, analysis, and audit

6. Enterprise management and industrial informatics

7. State and regional government

8. Economic and social policy

9. Firm economics

10. Real estate economics


11. Innovational management

12. Production management

13. Financial management

14. Human resources management

15. State and municipal government

16. Marketing

17. International business

18. Public relations management

Petroleum engineering

19. Reservoirs opening-up technology

20. Horizontal wells drilling

21. Shelf drilling

22. Drilling fluids technology

23. Modeling of oilfields development

24. Oilfields development

25. Wells operation under complicated conditions

26. Development of the shelf gas and gas-condensate fields  

27. Physics of the reservoir fluids

28. Hydromechanics of oil-gas-condensate fields

29. Operation of gas and gas-condensate wells  

30. Fields development with the horizontal wells

31. Geological-physical problems of oil and gas fields development

32. Pipeline transport of hydrocarbons  

33. Resource and power saving technologies of hydrocarbons transport and storage

34. Reliability of oil and gas pipelines and storages

35. Technologies modeling of the oil and gas pipelines and storages construction and repair

36. Technical diagnosis of petroleum transport systems

Power industry

37. Power systems automatics

Electrical engineering, electrical mechanics, and electrical technologies

38. Electric drive and electric drive operation systems

Applied mechanics

39. Dynamics and strength of machines

40. Biomechanics

Technological machines and equipment

41. Machines and welding production technology

42. Processes of mechanical and physical-technical treatment, machines and tools

43. Machines and apparatuses of chemical productions

44. Processes and apparatuses of food productions

45. Machines and apparatuses of food industry

46. Machines and equipment for medicine and biotechnology

47. Design methodology of machines and equipment for oil and gas wells operation

48. Design methodology of machines and equipment for oil and gas wells drilling

Material study and new materials technology

49. Material study, technology of preparation and treatment of materials with special properties  

50. Material study and technology of non-organic coats application

Automation and operation

51. Automation of technological processes and productions

52. Operation in technical systems

53. Theory of control systems

54. Elements and devices of control systems

55. Technical diagnosis and reliability of control systems  

Informatics and computing technique

56. Computer modeling

Technology and design of textile products

57. Textile products technology

Surface transport systems

58. Machines, complexes, and equipment for construction and recovery of roads and aerodromes

59. Study and modeling of processes, transport machines, and transport-technological complexes

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