TSOGU today is a university complex, implementing succession and continuity of professional education.

The unification of a number of educational and scientific subdivisions within the University framework enables to train specialists in the elementary and secondary vocational, higher professional education programs, to implement the pre-university professional training of the personnel, skills improvement, professional retraining of staff, post-graduate professional education in the specialties, which are the most demanded at the labor market.

For the 2004-2008 period there was 41 fields and higher education specialties certified, including: 23 Bachelor's degree training fields, 59 fields of the Master's degree training; 67 specialties of the secondary vocational and 45 of the elementary vocational education.

The MBA program is implemented in TSOGU (with the involvement of the teachers from Moscow and Saint-Petersburg), a Dual-degree program collectively with Royal Holloway University of London, exchange programs with the TU Clausthal (Germany). The University teachers are developing and are ready to offer their own courses in English in such fields as: geology, petroleum engineering, business, information systems. The international students may take intensive Russian language courses and get a certificate.

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