Scientific journals

TSOGU in close collaboration with other Russian and foreign universities and companies takes part in the preparation and publishing of scientific-theoretical journals, known not only in Russia, but abroad: «Earth cryosphere», «Sociology. Economy. Politics», «News of higher education institutions. Oil and gas», and others.

"Earth cryosphere"


One of the main objectives of the journal is the scientific community unification for the formation of the common scientific Earth cryosphere conception - multi-disciplinary study of its role in the development of the Earth geographic mantle, cryospheric factors influence on the ecology and life support of the biosphere and global processes dynamics.

The results of various investigations are published in the journal in the form of articles, news, topical reviews, including:

- new data about the structure and conditions of various spheres of the Earth crysophere (lithosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere) in the planetary, global, regional, and local scale; and about the peculiarities of their change under the natural conditions as well as at the anthropogenic impact;

- new data about the structure, content, and characteristics of the natural and artificial cryogenic formations of various scale (from ice crystals to snow and ice covers and the permafrost zone in general), peculiarities of their origin and development, and about their role in the conditions and evolution of the natural environment;

- new problems of geocryological monitoring, prognosis of the environmental development and development of scientific principles of cryogenic processes control;

- principles, methods, and results of theoretical (including mathematical) modeling of the cryosphere, its components and bonds between them, cryogenic formations, processes and phenomena, and bonds of the cryosphere with other exospheres and technical constructions;

- problems of engineering geocryology, including reliability provision of the foundations and constructions;

- development of means, methods, technical means and systems of investigation of atmospheric, lithosphere, and hydrosphere elements of cryosphere and their interaction;

- development of principles, methods, technical and technological support of collection, processing (including adaptation and reduction for a definite class of users), storage, distribution, and usage of cryological information.

Editorial board of the journal
Fersmana St., 11/2 apt. 68, Moscow, Russia
Tel: +7-(095) 124-54-22. Fax: +7-(095) 124-54-22.


"Sociology. Economy. Politics"


Our Journal "Sociology. Economy. Politics" is targeted to that part of the intellectual elite of the world, which is interested in creation of conditions for the steady and balanced social development of a society and formation of the environment, which is favorable for development and realization of creative potential of a personality. It is targeted to those who conduct the scientific research and analysis of modern social realities, aspire to reflect complex public processes, and develop ways of transformation of various spheres of the society in the conditions of free market economy.

The Journal's credo is professionalism, scientific reasoning, a constructive and critical position towards activity of both institutions of governmental authority and a civil society.

The materials published in our Journal suggest sociological interpretation of actual theoretical and practical issues of the society and its regions, as well as both foreign and Russian experience of solving social and economic, political, legal, ethno-cultural, historical, demographic issues, and other aspects of livability of the society.

Contact Person: Prof. Vlad E. Genin, Deputy Editor-in-Chief/USA
Mailing Address: 7901 Stoneridge Drive, Suite 130, Pleasanton, CA 94588
Phone: (925) 360-8656



«News of higher education institutions. Oil and gas»


Since 1997 Tyumen State Oil and Gas University publishes the Russian scientific-theoretical journal «News of higher education institutions. Oil and gas»

The journal is targeted for the faculty, post-graduate students, university students, research and design institutes employees, engineering-technical personnel of petroleum unions and enterprises.

Topics of the journal:
The issues of the higher oil and gas education in Russia. Geological, geophysical, and geochemical research in the oil and gas industry, oil and gas search and exploration. Wells drilling and oil and gas fields development. Design, development, and operation of the oil and gas transport and storage systems. Materials and technologies of petroleum engineering; machines, equipment and development of the production sites. Chemistry and technology of oil and gas refinement. Hydraulics, hydrodynamics, and thermodynamics in the petroleum industry. transport problems of the petroleum complex. Power industry, electrical engineering, automation informatics in the oil and gas industry. scientific problems of ecology. Social-economic problems of petroleum regions. History bits of a petroleum land.

The following materials are published in the journal:
Articles about the research results, information about the leading domestic and foreign experience in the petroleum complex, works in automatics and automation of production processes, materials of inter-university scientific conferences and meetings, separate parts of a dissertation, materials about the completed scientific works introduction to production, articles about the problems of higher petroleum education, about the history of petroleum engineering development.

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