Concluding the agreement

To conclude the agreement to study at TSOGU you should submit the following documents to the International Office:

1. Completed application form;

2. Academic documentation, equivalent the academic documentation of Russian Federation, with the academic degree, the full list of learned subjects and full list of marks, with a notarized translation into Russian:

  • For Bachelor studies (BSc/BA): school-leaving certificate
  • For Master studies (MSc/MA): Bachelor's or Specialist's degree-certificate
  • For Post-graduate studies (Candidate's degree): Master's or Bachelor's certificate
  • Transcript (the document showing the list of the subjects with results) with a notarized translation into Russian;
  • Evidence of the equivalent of the documentation about the education which was gained abroad;
  • Certification (reference) showing the results of your test in the Russian language.

3. Medical certificate, confirmed that you haven't got contra-indications for study in RF and on the faculty you are applying to;

4. The AIDS test result, confirmed that you haven't got AIDS, valid on the territory of Russian Federation;

5. Passport with visa and migration card;

6. Six photos size 3х4 cm.

The translation of the academic documents into Russian must be certified by the Russian Embassy or Consulate in the country where they were issued or notarized in Russia. The AIDS and other medical tests for the medical certificate must be taken in one of the clinics in Russia. The Faculty has the right to require additional information.

Documentation from foreign applicants for study at TSOGU admitted:

  • for Bachelor, Specialist and Master studies - till August 20
  • for Post-graduate studies - all year round
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