TSOGU history

The history of Tyumen State Oil and Gas University goes back to 1956 - the year of establishment of the academic consulting post of Ural Polytechnic Institute (located in the city of Yekaterinburg) in Tyumen. This institution later on joined the Tyumen Industrial Institute. It happened in 1963, when the rapid exploration of the West-Siberian resources started. In that year it was decided to establish a specialized university in Tyumen, which would prepare specialists for the petroleum complex in Siberia.

The contemporary history of the institution began with a new status and new name acquisition - Tyumen State Oil and Gas University. New perspectives have opened for the University, the important of which are the following: the university education system establishment, education programs variety broadening, which means an opportunity of higher education acquisition in a number of fields - from the technical and natural-scientific to the humanitarian ones.

The social-economic changes, which recently took place in the Tyumen region, caused a necessity of a unique multi-level structure development in Tyumen State Oil and Gas University, which would be oriented on meeting the regional labor market requirements in preparation of creative, multi-functional, and highly qualified specialists.

TSOGU at present is one of the largest scientific-educational complexes of Russia, including all educational levels, starting from the secondary education, elementary and secondary vocational, higher professional education, ending up in post-graduate education, Doctoral studies, skills improvement and personnel retraining. The University provides the educational services in 74 specialties in higher education, may perform training in 69 elementary vocational education programs, 63 secondary vocational education programs of the basic and advanced level, 279 professional training programs. The University performs its activity in 23 Bachelor's Degree programs, 10 Master's Degree programs, and the MBA program, oriented on the preparation of highly professional practical managers, capable of efficient implementation of management of a business field organization. the total number of educational programs, including the post-graduate, doctoral, skills improvement, vocational training, and other programs is 650.

The TSOGU structure includes 9 academic institutes in Tyumen (Technological, Transport, Oil and Gas, Geology and Geoinformatics, Management and Business, Humanities, Service and Management, Cybernetics, Informatics, and Communication, and the Institute of International Educational Programs.

There are 20 affiliates in the TSOGU structure, which are located all over the Tyumen Region. One of the affiliates is located in the city of Pavlodar, the Republic of Kazakhstan. The largest affiliates have the status of institutes.

The up-to-date material and technical basis, including 466884 m2 of academic-laboratory area, telecommunication infrastructure, which unites about 400 personal computers and provides a high-speed connection to the corporate, regional, and global information resources for the students and teachers. The simulation centers, virtual laboratory complexes, capable of modeling technological processes of oil and gas extraction, enable the running of academic classes at a high level. In June of 2006 TSOGU passed the external Russian and international audit and received a certificate of compliance of quality management of the ISO 9001:2000 standard.

The number of students, taking into consideration all educational levels, implemented at the University, is more than 60 thousand. The University prepared more than 70 thousand specialists. Among the University's alumni there are well-known politicians, ministers, governors, heads of the largest petroleum companies of Russia.

TSOGU has a strong scientific potential, which was forming for several decades. Within the scientific corps there are more than 200 Doctors of science, professors, more than 700 Candidates of science, Associate professors. Among them there are 3 academicians, 4 corresponding members of the Russian Academy of Science, and more than 100 acting and corresponding members of Academies of science, several laureates of various prizes and awards.

The previous scientific generation is substituted with young and talented scientists, who keep doing the business of their teachers honorably. Only in 2007 there were 67 dissertations defended, from which there were 11 Doctor's ones. At present there are 423 post-graduate students and 363 of those, seeking for the academic degree in 42 specialties.

There are 17 research institutes and centers within the University structure. There is a scientific complex created collectively with the institutions of the Russian Academy of Science, which comprises 2 academic chairs and 7 research institutes.

There are more than 1000 technical solutions patented by the University scientists. Only for the last 5 years there are 200 invention and 65 useful models patents received.

A new conception of Technopark is adopted at TSOGU. According to this conception there is an innovational group of scientific-production enterprises and organizations. Here is an experimental-production scientific-technological center "Perspective technologies" created, as well as design-construction and design-technological institutes, oriented for the large-scale orders of oil and gas production companies.

TSOGU keeps the partnership relations with the largest domestic petroleum, transport, and service companies for many years. The collaboration of the University and the enterprises is of a mutually profitable character. The University is one of the largest Russian supplier of highly qualified specialists for the enterprises of fuel-and-energy complex of the Russian Federation, the countries from near and far abroad.

Recently such transnational companies as "Schlumberger", "TNK-BP", "Halliburton", "Deutag Drilling", "Repsol", etc. have broadened the borders of their activity.
The "Halliburton" company in collaboration with TSOGU there was a training center created, where the personnel retraining and specialists skills improvement is implemented for the company subdivisions, located all over the world. On the TSOGU basis there is a training center established for preparation of Masters of petroleum geoscience, certified in terms of the Russian and European programs (TSOGU - Royal Holloway University of London - TNK-BP).

The efficient implementation of new program activities, models and contents of continuous education improve the academic mobility of the students, alumni, and teachers of TSOGU within the international continuous education system.

At present there are about 700 students from the former Soviet Union countries (Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Ukraine, Armenia, Tajikistan, Georgia, Turkmenistan) and from far abroad (United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, Germany).

Since June of 2007 the issue of the European diploma supplement was officially initiated for the full-time study mode alumni and for the teachers.

The unique social infrastructure is created at TSOGU today, including the modern dormitories, sanatoriums, medical care system for the students and teachers, cafes, canteens, gymnasiums, and recreation centers. The efficient system of motivation for the University's employees is developed. The mortgage program is working successfully. The non-state pension coverage project is also implemented.

Tyumen State Oil and Gas University initiates the students' traditions in our region. The first student construction groups have appeared here, a tradition appeared to carry out the student talent show "On the spring keys", as well as a tradition to grant diplomas to the alumni in a ceremonial manner on the main city square. One more tradition appeared in 2008 - a grand ceremony of awarding the winners "Intellect Neftegaza" contest. The contests like "Miss Neftegaz (oil and gas)", Mister Neftegaz" are run regularly. The TSOGU students are winners of international sports competitions, World and Europe Champions.

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