TSOGU Secondary Education Lyceum

         From history

         The General Education Lyceum of Tyumen State Oil and Gas University was established in June of 1993 as per order of the city administration and the initiative of the Rector, Mr. N. Karnaukhov, as a Lyceum of the University. In 2005 the Municipal Lyceum was abolished, and all its employees and students joined the TSOGU university complex.

         The aim of Lyceum establishment:

         Provision of the high-school students with the education, forming the competitive and socially adaptive Lyceum graduates and their self-determination for entering TSOGU.

         For 15 years of its work the Lyceum has proved itself as one of the most prestigious comprehensive institutions of the Tyumen city.

         Recently, there appeared foreign students of the TSOGU comprehensive Lyceum.

         About the entrance examinations.

         The Lyceum accepts the students, who have completed 9 forms (grades) of the comprehensive high-school and have acquired the general education programs of the general (incomplete) education for the (complete) general education programs on the basis of a competition. 

         The entrance examinations to the Lyceum are organized in the following comprehensive subjects:

         for the physical-mathematical and information-technological profiles:

-       mathematics - in a new form of the state (final) certification;

-       Russian language - in a new form of the state (final) certification;

-       Physics - in a test form.

        for the social-economic profile:

-       mathematics - in a new form of the state (final) certification;

-       Russian language - in a new form of the state (final) certification;

-       Social study - in a test form.

         To the top of knowledge

         There are 10th and 11th form (grade) students in the Lyceum.

         The curriculum presumes the students research culture development, training, focused on the successful study at the University by means of special courses and seminars of the university component.

         The university component includes practical classes in physics and chemistry, special courses and seminars in vector algebra, complex numbers, elements of combinatorics, statistics, and probability theory, programming, theoretical mechanics and material resistance principles, molecular physics, mechanical and electromagnetic oscillations and waves, mathematical logics, and other subjects. 

         There is a subject "Research activity" introduced in the Lyceum, within the framework of which the students acquire the scientific subjects, especially those of the University departments, under supervision of the University and Lyceum teachers. 

         The Lyceum students participate and take the prize places on the city and regional academic competitions. 

         Excellent studies, active living position, and participation in the social life of the Lyceum are encouraged by the Rector's prize.

         The last work in science and technology

         There are 12 classrooms in the Lyceum, including computer classrooms and language room, 7 rooms are multimedia ones. There are about 11 thousand volumes of books and periodicals in the library, as well as DVD media-resources. 

         The Lyceum is equipped with personal computers, 32 of which are installed in the computer classrooms and connected to the Internet. The local Lyceum network is included into the corporate network of TSOGU, so every teacher may choose the necessary teaching materials for the class and the students - for their papers and research works through the terminal access to the resources of the University library-information center. 

         Sports, art, creativity

         Extra-curriculum activity at the Lyceum is built up in three fields:

         - Intellect, creativity, sports.

         The Lyceum students demonstrate their achievements on the Lyceum events, such as: tourist meeting and the New year celebrations, Self-government day, Health day, Creative talents festival, Lyceum federation President elections. The students also take part in the high-school students festival "Festashka", the spring week of the good, in the Victory Day's events. 

         Protection, maintenance, and strengthening the students health is a stable priority. At the Lyceum there are sports sections in volleyball, basketball, football; the creative studios are opened: theater, dancing, and vocal. The gymnasium and concert hall, swimming pool, and medical room available for the students. The Lyceum has a wonderful tradition to organize an annual trip to the cultural-health center outside the city. 

         Tomorrow is with us

         The professional orientation work is performed in the Lyceum with the account for the alumni intention for the study continuation in TSOGU. The meetings of the Institutes Directors, teachers, Heads of the departments with the Lyceum students are organized annually. At these meetings the Institutes and Departments representatives tell about the specialties, which may be acquired at the University, about the scientific work, rich social life of the University. All this helps the Lyceum students to pick the specialty and profession at the time of graduation from the Lyceum.

         99,9 % of the Lyceum alumni enter the higher education institutions of the country, including about 80 %, entering TSOGU.

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