Summer school “Increase of vehicle efficiency under severe conditions” at Tyumen State Oil and Gas University

The Motor transport department of Tyumen State Oil and Gas University propose to participate in the summer school “Increase of vehicle efficiency under severe conditions”. The main themes are:

  1. Theoretical bases of vehicle adaptability.
  2. Influence of severe operation conditions on vehicle efficiency and quality.
  3. Influence of low ambient temperature on temperature conditions of units, fuel consumption and engine life.
  4. Expert questioning in the field of adaptability.
  5. Space-time approach.
  6. Quantitative estimates of adaptability.
  7. Adaptability-level determination.
  8. Severe conditions. Methodology and methods оf theoretical bases аnd applied research.
  9. Driving in winter, in very hot weather, at night.
  10. Stopping distance, transporting passengers safely, driving safely.
  11. Mountain driving, types of brakes, driving emergencies.
  12. Influence of severe conditions on vehicles’ efficiency.
  13. Space-time conception of vehicles’ efficiency formation under severe conditions.
  14. Methodical recommendations “fuel consumption and lubricants norms at motor transport.”

Duration: 2 weeks (6.08.2012-18.08.2012)
21 hours – 1st week
20 hours – 2nd week

ECTS points are available!!!

Participation fee: 957 euro (including accommodation, cultural program, Russian language course).

Participation can be financed by DAAD, more information on:

Deadline for application: 14 May 2012

Contacts: Tyumen state oil and gas university
Tyumen, Melnikaite str. 72, 221, Russia
Chainikov Denis Motor transport department
Tel: +7(3452)209302
Fax: +7(3452)209302

Tyumen is the largest city and the administrative center of Tyumen Oblast, Russia. The city is located on the Tura River.

The Tyumen area, originally part of the Siberia Khanate, was annexed to Russia by the Cossack hetman Yermak Timofeyevich in 1585, and on July 29, 1586, Tsar Feodor I ordered two regional commanders, Vasily Borisov Sukin and Ivan Myasnoy, to construct a fortress on the site of the former Tatar town of Chimgi-Tura (also sometimes known as Tyumen).

Tyumen has a humid continental climate with warm, somewhat humid summers and long, cold winters.

Tyumen is an important service center for the gas and oil industries in Russia. Due to its advantageous location at the crossing of the Motor, Rail, Water and Air way and its moderate climate Tyumen was an ideal base town for servicing the oil and gas industry of the West Siberia. As the result today Tyumen is the center of industry, science, culture, education and medicine.

Many world level oil and gas companies such as Gazprom, LUKoil and Gazpromneft, TNK-BP, Shell have their representative offices in Tyumen. Tyumen is one of the Russian towns which have its own Technopark.

There are three universities and several tens of colleges in Tyumen. Tyumen State Oil and Gas University is the largest university in the Tyumen region of Russia.

It has 7 schools, including construction, social sciences, engineering, and the Institute of Management and Business.

Tyumen has a range of entertainment possibilities for all ages. There are numerous museums and art galleries in Tyumen. The best known are the Tyumen Museum of Local Lore and the Tyumen Fine Art Gallery which were merged last year by local government decision. Some of the Tyumen Museums: Tyumen Museum of Local Lore (Several exhibition halls); Museum of Geology; Museum of the Fine Arts; Museum of Kolokolnikov estate (Several exhibition halls); House of Merchant Masharov and others.

About Institute of Transport

There are 9 departments at the Institute of Transport, 5 of them award diplomas to graduate students. Here one can study everything about a pipeline and automobile transport. Scientific potential of the Institute is very high. Here many famous scientists work in various scientific and technical fields. Among them are 4 honored men of science and technique of the Russian Federation, 31 Doctors and 92 Candidates of Science.

The scientific achievements of the Institute are well-known in the USA, Canada, Germany, and Great Britain. The students are involved in scientific work, win in contests of science-and-technical research works on different levels and are co-authors of articles and patents. The graduates can defend a Diploma paper in English.

There are modern classrooms, computer suites with multimedia equipment, and also necessary training and scientific laboratories at every department of the Institute. Science-engineering workshops are held at the departments.

A main result of the Institute work is its graduates; there are almost 7 thousand of them today. Among them is the exrector of TSOGU Nicolay Karnaukhov, the govener of the Jamalo-Nenets District Yuriy Neelov, Vice Minister of the Fuel Industry V.S. Stanev and many other respected people.

Motor transport department is one of the oldest in transport institute. The main scientific direction of the department - to study the influence of variable operation conditions on the efficiency of motor transport systems.

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