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  • 以英语授课的国际课程

    Industrial University of Tyumen (俄罗斯) launches two new master courses taught in the English language: “Geosteering” 和 “Offshore Drilling”. The courses are aimed at developing professional skills and work experience in progressive and innovative areas of petroleum engineering.

    Geosteering is a dynamically developing science of positioning a wellbore in the rock strata in the process of drilling, in regard of navigational, technological and geophysical information obtained in real time. The geosteering application scope in other industries is expanding, so the demand for such specialists will constantly grow.

    The course Offshore Drilling develops professional competence in the key areas of well construction on the Arctic shelf and well construction design in the shelf area.


    • Leading scientists and experts in the oil & gas sector
    • International scientists and experts teaching in English
    • Computer simulators allowing to control the well construction process
    • Industrial placements

    Who can apply:

    the courses are suitable for those who hold a Bachelor degree in Science & Engineering

    Start: 9 月 1, 2017

    Duration: 2 years

    Study options: full-time

    Degree: Master of Petroleum Engineering


    Yury Vaganov, associate professor, 博士学位
    Head of Oil and Gas Wells Drilling Chair
    秋明, ul. Melnikayte, 70, 的. 1310
    Tel.: +7 (3452) 390363
    电子邮件: vaganovjv@tyuiu.ru
    Aleksandr Gordievskii, 博士学位
    International Cooperation Development Center
    秋明, ul.Respubliki, 47, 的. 415
    电话: +7 (3452) 283669
    电子邮件: gordievskijaa@tyuiu.ru