Advertising Media Business

For the first time at the Industrial University of Tyumen, at the Institute of Service and Sectoral Management, a Master’s program taught in English has been launched. The title of the program: Advertising Media Business

The profession of a specialist in advertising and public relations is considered one of the “youngest” in the labor market — the average age of this professional group does not exceed 30 years. The advertising business in Russia is successfully developing at a quick pace, not least because of the growth of the Russian advertising market which annually exceeds 30 percent, and in some media — like the Internet — the growth is the highest in the world. The potential for the demand of young creative professionals is consequently high. This Master’s program not only provides the necessary set of professional competencies for future specialists — from research and market analysis to modern communication technologies. It allows you to master the principles of management in the media sphere, without them leadership in performing teams is impossible.



What will you learn?

A graduate will be able to solve the following professional tasks:

✅  Forming up a systematic production process for the release of a communication product using the actual information technologies

✅  Work activity management of an enterprise (division) in the modern advertising and public relations industry

✅  Concept creation, implimentation planning for the individual and (or) collective project in the area of advertising and public relations

✅  Copyright practices of any level of complexity in the field of advertising and public relations

✅  Development of strategies for the development of organizations and their individual divisions


Study course

Сompulsory subjects Career subjects Elective subjects

  • Mass communication theory
  • Organization of teamwork and leadership
  • Intercultural communication and international public relations
  • Modern media industry
  • History of public communications
  • Business foreign language
  • Digital technologies in advertising and public relations
  • Communication agency management
  • Communication project management
  • Marketing Information Systems
  • Development and implementation of communication strategies
  • Ecosystem of digital communications
  • Integrated communications management



  • Creative technologies in the infosphere
  • Development and promotion of an advertising product in the digital environment
  • Big data in communication strategies
  • Reputation management
  • Сrisis management communications

  • Interactive Marketing
  • Performance marketing
  • Rewriting and posting in the digital environment
  • Web communication tools
  • Professional ethics in the media space
  • Advertising and public relations in the digital environment


Facts about the program

For more information, please visit the website and the Department’s page.