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  • Research Institute for applied ethics

    The thematic scope of scientific activities: Ethics, applied ethics, the ethos of the University.

    Priorities: Ethics engineer, University ethics, ethics education, этика профессора, профессиональная этика.

    The main research directions:

    – the theory of applied ethics

    – an innovative paradigm for applied ethics

    – obŝeprofessional′naâ ethics

    – Ethics of success

    – ethics education

    – the problem of moral choice

    – Sociology ethos

    – self-determination of the University

    Scientific achievements:

    Grants on priority themes:

    – Theoretical-methodological principles for the development of professional ethics in the post-modern perspective. Grant of the Ministry of education of the Russian Federation on basic research in the Humanities. Code grant Go2-2.1-142. # GOS. registration 01.200305212. 2004.

    – University mission design based on menedžeristskogo Convention and humanitarian approaches. Tyumen regional target scientific and technical program 2007-2008. NIR number under contract: 533 -DON (BEFORE – 15.07/1). 2008.

    Practical design:

    – developed and adopted by the Academic Council mission Credo Tsogu Tsogu (2008), Professional code of ethics of the University (2009);

    – a code of professional ethics for civil servants of the Tyumen region (2013);

    – developed and delivered at the invitation of the Chair of philosophy college graduate master class Prof.. V.i. Bakštanovskogo “Design professional-ethical code of university innovation paradigm of applied ethics” (2014 г.);

    – from 1995 onwards produced magazine “Statements of the applied ethics” – ISSN 2307 – 518X – came out 54 rooms ;

    – with 2018 года издается Серия «Библиотека журнала «Ведомости прикладной этики»». (Issue 1: “The engineer's professional ethics: Опыт коллективной рефлексии”. ISBN 978-5-9961-1599-0. 2018 г.);

    – published a three-part training manual V.i. Bakštanovskogo “Applied ethics: innovative course for master(Ant)and professors”.

    Offers on cooperation

    – “Ethical cases” – parse the actual moral-conflict situations;

    – development of concepts and models of ethical commissions and parsing techniques ethical cases for

    to a specific University in accordance with the ideology of professional-ethical code Tsogu;

    – development of courses in applied ethics (PKI);

    – ethical expertise and advice.


    Contact information

    Director: Владимир Иосифович Бакштановский, PhD, Professor, t. 8-3452-28-30-54;

    e-mail: priclet@tsogu.ru

    Address: 625000, Tyumen, St. Volodarsky, 38, k. 351