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  • NIPI "Neftegazproekt"

    Director: Тепляков Артем Александрович

    Address: 625000, g. Tyumen, St. Melnikaite Street, 70; Tel: 8(3452)699-913.

    E-mail: info@nipingp.ru

    Official site: www.nipingp.ru

    NIPI "Neftegazproekt"-modern, actively developing engineering company, the founder of which is the Tyumen industrial University.

    Design Institute provides services to develop integrated development and reconstruction projects of oil and gas, building designs, construction, objects extraction, preparation and transportation of oil and gas, performs engineering survey, carries out research activities. The company provides customers-oil, petrochemical companies-design documentation, performs supervision, accompaniment of objects at all stages of their life cycle. An integrated approach to problem solving, development of projects "turnkey" differentiates NIPI "Neftegazproekt" from other institutes. To solve applied tasks of production here drew scientific and industrial University, Tyumen professors, that gives an opportunity to find unique solutions even for non-standard tasks.

    NIPI "Neftegazproekt" actively develops complex engineering services, introducing new 3D modeling technology to eliminate the likelihood of errors and shorten the work on projects. In the direction of design today employs more than 250 staff, in the direction of "Engineering"-more 100 man. In the five years of the project Institute engineers developed 700 projects. The company has experience in passing the examinations of various levels and experience of fundamental and applied research on relevant industry topics. When designing projects, considerable attention is being paid to environmental issues.

    With 2016 year of WATER "Neftegazproekt" actively develops new directions in the work, expanding the range of services provided. One of the new company's assets-cryogenic Division resources. It specialists master issues development of Arctic territories, have experience of basic and applied research, innovative and forwarding works. One of the main tasks of the Department is predicting possible environmental and geotechnical risks within the kriolitozone and development of design solutions, to help avoid potential accidents, damage and destruction in case of violation of the delicate balance of the ecosystem. This is especially true in light of the prospects for the large-scale development of the Arctic.

    In 2016 year WATER "Neftegazproekt" received three new licenses: on implementation of geodetic and cartographic works; on the production of land surveying works, for works, associated with the use of information, State secrets.

    Currently, on the basis of Department of engineering survey implemented a pilot project on services for terrestrial laser scanning. This innovation allows you to create three-dimensional models of information, which, in turn,, are the basis for the design of BIM. BIM technology has two main advantages over classical methods-it provides unlimited possibilities for making the best decision taking into account all available data and eliminates redundancy, and no data loss, errors in transmission and transformation.