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  • Themes written work of students, "Neftegazproekt" NIPI agreed to use in educational process

    Energy oil and gas production facilities

    1. Development of power system relay protection and Bush wells

    2. Development of power system relay protection and mul′tifaznoj pumping station

    3. Development of power system relay protection and block-well pumping station

    4. Grounding and protective measures of electrical safety in electrical installations with voltage up to 1 KV in networks with earthed neutral

    5. Electrical equipment in explosive and fire hazardous areas

    6. PS-35/6 (10) kV for power plants of oil wells

    7. Aerial power line from the PS to the Bush oil field wells

    8. Cable transmission line from the PS to the Bush oil field wells

    9. Transformer substation voltage 6 (10) kV, for power supply of electroreceivers Bush wells oil field

    10. Transformer substation voltage 6 (10) kV. • power supply for the MODULAR GROUP

    11. Reactive power compensation of electroreceivers Bush wells oil field

    12. Select the type and the method of laying of cable lines throughout the Bush oil field wells, as well as the calculation of cross section of cable lines

    13. The definition of explosive zones and lightning protection installations the Bush oil field wells

    14. Grounding equipment Bush wells oil field

    15. Lighting the Bush oil field wells

    16. Electric heating oil pipelines and tanks

    17. Choice of protection. Calculation of RELAY PROTECTION and AUTOMATIC IP settings 35 kV

    18. Electrochemical corrosion protection of metal constructions and communications

    Fire safety of objects of oil and gas production

    1. Development of recommendations to ensure the fire safety of oil and oil products storage tanks at the refinery

    2. Fire safety in the enterprise (oil, gas) industry

    3. Classification of fires and fire hazards

    4. Fire safety facilities of gas production

    5. Fire hazard analysis of objects with the presence of people and fire safety measures

    6. Fire safety for exploration well

    7. The fire service the oil industry

    8. Characteristic of fire danger of technological processes, used on oil and gas production facilities

    9. List of activities, security units of fire protection when fire

    10. Description of the organizational and technical measures to ensure the fire safety of oil and gas production facilities

    11. The fire protection of gas enterprises

    12. Characteristic of inflammation and fire hazards substances circulating in the technological process of oil and gas production facilities

    13. Fire safety on the pipeline

    14. The Suppression of fires on oil fields

    15. The definition of calculated values of building fire risk, construction, structure

    Engineering and technical measures of civil defence, Prevention of emergency situations

    1. Protective structures of civil defence, their equipment and systems

    2. Use of the technology to accomplish tasks and emergency situation response in complex environments

    3. Protection management systems, warning and communication (electronic circuits, optical-electronic equipment, elements of computer science and automatic control systems) from the injurious effects

    4. Description of technical solutions and a wide range of systems of

    5. Engineering activities, sustainable equipment track exploration well to UVV

    6. To use offline emergency power source for lighting objects, places of work in areas of, in shelters, as well as the use of power tools in strict compliance with the security measures

    7. Determination of the radius of the zone safe removal of the object from the center of the explosion

    8. How to stop trouble-free manufacturing processes and engineering solutions, to ensure trouble-free stop on the oil and gas production facilities

    9. An accident on fire risk areas

    10. Vulnerability assessment systems, automatic control of production from the effects of the shock wave

    11. Basic characteristics and classification of emergency situations

    12. The bases for the Organization and conduct of rescue operations on objects of oil and gas production in emergency situations

    13. Causes and classification of EMERGENCY SITUATIONS

    14. Determination of the boundaries and structure of the zones of destruction on the basis of a risk analysis of emergency situations.

    Environmental safety

    1. The concept and principles of environmental impact assessment. State and public ecological expertise.

    2. Environmental monitoring. Control of emissions, by dumping and other influences. Environmental monitoring system.

    3. The concept of environmental security. Environmental protection as a measure of environmental safety.

    4. System and structure of the organs of State power of the Russian Federation, regulatory environmental legal relationships, basic powers and principles of interaction.

    5. Prevention of industrial accidents with serious environmental consequences and their implications.

    6. Environmental harm: the concept and principles of compensation.

    7. Concept and types of specially protected natural territories. Description of the legal regime of land specially protected territories and objects.

    8. Legal regime for the handling of wastes of production and consumption.

    9. The fee for a negative impact on the environment. Standardization in the field of environmental protection.

    10. Legal regulation of citizens ' participation in environmental issues.

    11. Drilling waste. Methods and features of processing, disposal of drilling cuttings. Disposal and reclamation of sludge barns.

    Automated control systems

    1. Design of automated control system of gas oil field oil pumping station.

    2. Design of CSN automated control system of gas field.

    3. Designing automated process management system installations preliminary dumping water in oil field.

    Design of oil and gas

    1. The Setup project for oil with water flushing.

    2. Gas installation project.

    3. The Setup project preliminary dumping water on the development of main equipment.

    4. Setup compression and dehydration associated gas from the constructive development of equipment.

    5. Structural design of type Heather-triter installation oil preparation.