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  • Subarctic research training ground

    Rukovoditel′: Kurchatova Anna Nikolaevna

    Субарктический научно-учебный полигон создан совместно с Тюменским научным центром Сибирского отделения Российской Академии наук на базе Института криосферы Земли СО РАН и кафедры криологии Земли.

    The landfill is located in the northern part of the West Siberian gas province (within the YAMAL-NENETS AUTONOMOUS DISTRICT). Scientific and educational base of the polygon are stationary observation grounds.

    The main purpose of the subarctic research training ground – conduct fundamental and applied research into the, assessment and forecast State of the Cryosphere resources of natural and technical Geosystems Subarctic sectors of Western Siberia and further use of the results obtained in the learning process.

    The basic directions of activity:

    – Monitoring modern and natural conditions of technogenic influence on Northern Western Siberia with the organisation of observation sites and establishment of meridional profile on territory of YANAO.

    – The establishment of a regional database of soil temperature and snow stratigraphy, as well as a long series of meteorological elements, necessary for evaluation and prediction of thermal state of the upper horizons of MMP.

    – Numerical simulation of thermal processes in the upper horizons in permafrost areas for landscapes of different rank and technological complexes, with the probable scenarios of climate change.