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  • The West-Siberian Institute of oil and gas geology

    Address 625000, Tyumen, St. Volodarsky, 56

    The Institute was established on the basis of NIIGIG institutions and ZapSibNIGNI. Is currently the most complete and efficient team in the field of hydrogeology in our region. To work at the Institute attracted all Ph.d. – Hydrogeologists, living in Tyumen, other leading experts, осуществляется прием на работу выпускников кафедры ГИГ ТИУ. As necessary, the Institute is staffed by computing.

    The Institute conducts research under contracts with many oil companies, the administrations of districts and region, natural resources committees district and region.

    Department of Hydrogeology offers cooperation in the following areas:

    1. Regional, zonal and local forecast oil to hydrogeological and geothermic indicators.
    2. Study on the conditions of formation of fresh, mineral, thermal and industrial groundwater (PV).
    3. Assessment of the availability of operational stocks PV the main sources of their formation.
    4. Calculation of operational stocks of PV for the purposes of drinking water, PPD, etc.. with their protection in SRC RF, TKZ and preparation of documents for obtaining licenses to develop PV with conducting the necessary approvals by category and1, In, With1.
    5. Design exploration on fresh, mineral, industrial and thermal groundwater.
    6. Trial design, the experimental operation of the RO and preparation of technological and economical schemes of their development.
    7. Drafting podtovarnyh disposal of surplus water in deep horizons with conducting the necessary approvals in organs make his 192nd, Committee of natural resources, The Committee for environmental protection at the stages of experimental-industrial and industrial recycling.
    8. Preparation of technological schemes of groundwater development with approval of them in TKR and rostekhnadzor.
    9. Programming and monitoring of geological environment and water bodies.
    10. Environmental aspects of underground hydrosphere and rational use of PV.
    11. Merzlotno-Geocryological research. Mapping capacities and structures in permafrost areas on a regional, zonal and local


    Office of oil and gas geology

    The main purpose of the research work of Department is the justification of the hydrocarbon potential of the various geological objects, evaluation of reserves and resources of hydrocarbons and other minerals of Western Siberia. The main objective of the NIR is implemented in the following main scientific directions:

    1. Biostratigrafičeskoe ensuring the correlation of sedimentary deposits:

    – Biostratigrafičeskaâ binding reflecting horizons (seismic) the geological boundaries.

    – Biostratigrafičeskaâ binding and reservoir nomenclature in the sections on specific areas, areas, zones, local sites.

    – Synoptic biostratigrafičeskih cuts by area, areas, zones, squares.

    – Execution of definitive works on core samples (Palynology, mikropaleontologiâ).

    1. Mineralogical, geochemical and sedimentary • cuts with a view to identifying sedimentary Genesis, their filtration-capacitive and screening properties:

    – Comparative analysis of mineralogical-geochemical features of rocks-bearing and barren zones, glubokopogružennyh and shallow-lying horizons.

    – Mapping changes to the major mineral-geochemical parameters of clay and sandy-argillaceous rocks in section and area of various geological zones.

    1. Conduct remote (snow, silt, other types of geochemical surveying) study of hydrocarbon "breathing" of the subsoil in order to identify anomalous zones and justification on this basis, the foundations of search, exploratory and development wells.
    2. Assessment of prospective, forecast and summary primary hydrocarbon resources (oil, gas, condensate) various geological objects (areas, areas, zones, license areas) and an analysis of their structure as on the basis of the approved summary primary HYDROCARBON resources, and in the light of new developments in their volumes.
    3. Assessment of the probability of missed oil and gas deposits, according to a study of the composition and properties of water, the test received separate cut intervals (realization of developed ZapSibNIGNI gidrogeohimičeskogo Finder of hydrocarbons).