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  • Порядок повторного получения логина и пароля для доступа в систему Educon-2


    Для доступа students в систему Educon-2 используется логин и пароль, issued by a specialist in the territorial department of the training and methodological department at the beginning of the school year.

    Studying в случае необходимости для восстановления/изменения логина и пароля могут:

    • Use the password recovery service on the Educon-2 website if you have indicated your contact e-mail when you arrive at the TCU
    • Contact the group's curator by phone/e-mail (For students 1-2 course)
    • Contact the department's senior curator by phone/e-mail (For students 3-4 course)
    • Contact the territorial department of training and methodical management by phone/e-mail.