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  • 23.03.03 Exploitation of transport and technological machines and complexes

    Profile: Automotive Mechatronics

    Ролик Автотранспортная Мехатроника

    Руководитель образовательной программы Администратор образовательной программы

    Козин Евгений Сергеевич Ильюхин Артем Валерьевич

    Phone: +7 912 924 3991, 8-3452-681487

    E-mail: kozines@tyuiu.ru


    instagram: avtomeh_tiu

    Work Address: 625001, RF, g. Tyumen, St. Melnikaite Street, 72, KAB. 310(a)

    About the program

    Car today is a fusion of mechanics, electrical and software. With electronic devices much more, and fail they often. Even harder to find fault in such a system and how to fix it. For it is not enough just to know the car device. You need to be a competent electrician, to be able to conduct computer diagnostics car, be familiar with the programming and control systems. All this combines today the term "Mechatronics". Now the labour market demanded exactly such a Mechatronics Engineer specialist. However, working skills are only part of the field of Mechatronics knowledge. It can not only carry out service of modern machines, but also manage business processes in the enterprise. It engineer, working with speciality, knowing device of modern cars and production processes road transport enterprises, able to address organizational challenges, able to manage human, material and financial resources of the enterprise

    Form of education:

    • full-time (duration of training 4 of the year)
    • correspondence (duration of training 5 years)

    Entrance test:

    • Mathematics
    • Physics
    • Russian language

    Average score: 183 (on 2017 год для поступления на очную форму на бюджет)

    Recruitment plan:

    • full-time training: 18 budget places, 12 the Treaty places

    Cost of training:

    Информация указана на главной странице в разделе “Admission information”

    Possible locations of Alumni:

    • Gc «Autograd», HC «Dina» (Volkswagen, BMW, Skoda, Mazda и т.п.) and other enterprises for the sale and servicing of automobiles
    • Transport unit companies Rosneft, Gazprom, Transneft, Surgutneftegas, etc.,
    • PATP No. 1, 2 g. Tyumen,
    • МКУ «Тюменьгортранс» и прочие предприятия в сфере автомобильного транспорта (more 500 enterprises in Tyumen)