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  • Program: Auto business and safe operation of transport systems

    Program: Auto business and safe operation of transport systems

    The head of the educational program

    Yarkov Sergey Aleksandrovich

    Phone: +7 912 920 33 77

    E-mail: jarkovsa@tiuiy.ru

    Work Address: 625000, RF, g. Tyumen,

    St. Melnikaite Street, 72, room 304, 306

    Educational program administrator

    Morozov Vyacheslav Valerievich

    Form of education:


    full-time (duration of training: 2 of the year)

    correspondence (duration of training: 2 of the year 6 months

    Recruitment plan


    full-time training:

    10 budget places

    5 the Treaty places

    the correspondence form of training:

    15 the Treaty places

    Cost of training

    Entrance test: Electronic testing

    About the program

    The Mission of this educational program is the training of master, successfully working in the field of transport, having the necessary competencies, contributing to its social mobility and competitiveness on the labour market taking into account the specificity of the region.

    Name of educational program applied the Magistracy "autobusiness and safe operation of transport systems" testifies to the preparation of the master as an energetic and enterprising specialist, familiar with the harsh realities of business, able to make correct decisions, work in a team and lead a team.

    Graduate success is achieved through the development of his abilities and skills for effective and at the same time, secure management processes (because the questions the efficacy and safety of often contradictory).

    Students perform works, cash-related project; industrial-technological; experimental research and organizational and managerial activities. This will allow the graduate to receive the maximum number of competencies, stipulated by the Federal State educational standard. Specialist in the sphere of transport is formed with a wide range of knowledge, skills, skills, that would enable it to confidently perform production tasks even in the face of uncertainty. However, subjected to detailed reviewed contemporary problems and nuances, designated representatives of businesses in the field of transport, for example: FZ-220 (Regular passenger traffic), PM RF No. 272 (The rules of carriage of goods), FZ-16 (On transport security), ADR, modes of work and rest, tachographs, PLATO, working business models in the automobile business, outsourcing, leasing, taxation, automobile business, the work of supervisory and oversight bodies and other important issues.

    Possible locations of Alumni:

    Organization and Enterprise transport and not for general use, engaged in the carriage of passengers, goods, freight and luggage, providing for the use of infrastructure, execution of cargo handling works, regardless of their form of ownership and organizational-legal forms. Freight and passenger road transport companies, organizations involved in the transport of all types of cargoes (including hazardous, oversized cargo, evacuation of vehicles, etc.), International carriers. Freight forwarding and logistics companies. Stevedoring company. Surveyor and Tallyman company. Customs brokers. Postal services. Cargo delivery service. Passenger road transport companies, urban, suburban, long distance, international carriers of passengers. Bus terminals, bus station. Taxi service. All organizations, having and operating road transport.

    Service, traffic safety departments of public and private enterprises, having your own transport and transport infrastructure, driving schools, insurance companies.

    Trade and transportation and logistics organization, having your own transport or hiring transportation, production and marketing system, Organization and enterprise information management of production-technological systems, specialized Internet portals. Logistics services production and trade organizations, forwarding companies and organizations.

    Unit of transport administrations of cities and other municipalities, TRAFFIC POLICE, The State road management oversight, Traffic management centers, avtopodrazdelenija fire brigades, ambulance, Police and others.

    Design institutes, analytical centres, consulting organization in the field of transport planning, marketing and service divisions for the study and maintenance of the transport services market. Research and design organizations, involved in technology, transport and technology of transport processes, Organization and traffic safety.

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