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    In Tyumen industrial University held a meeting of the chiefs and Councillors of Rectors of Tyumen for security. Basic themes, considered at the meeting, related to combating extremism, economic security in universities, as well as fighting corruption and fraud in the educational process.

    Experience in this direction shared corporate security division head TIU Sergey Vasyukov.

    "At the present stage of law enforcement and intelligence agencies need help to detect signs of involving youth in extremism, – He said. – We began to work with students, teachers, Campus staff, psychologists, organize seminars with the participation of representatives of law enforcement officers. At these seminars, we discuss the indirect and direct signs of changing human behavior in certain situations. To set these attributes, you can define human involvement in this or that extremist cell. This process requires the involvement of each!»

    Sergei Yevgenyevich noted, that this matter requires work with the youth, the creation of civil society institutions, public organizations, that will focus on the implementation of this work.

    "The current youth klipovoe thinking. And we today lacks the production classes-catchy videos, interesting and clear for the young. In the preparation of such materials could participate and students themselves, so much so that resources for this in our universities is», – said Sergei Vasyukov.

    Head of the Division proposed to initiate support for local broadcasters to develop such videos. The meeting developed a decision to hold a competition for the creation of videos relevant to this topic.

    Great work by the University and is in the area of economic security. For example, University not once faced with manifestations of fraud in contracts, said Sergei Evgenevich. He complained, among the security services that there is no validation, and put forward a proposal to create something like the Security Services Association of universities, that will contribute to the effective exchange of information between educational institutions.

    Proposal for sharing supported honoured lawyer of the RUSSIAN FEDERATION, Adviser to the Rector of Tsu to Olga Zagvâzinskaâ. "The proposal is very good. This work must involve the Ural district, and then other universities. We have another playground, and that means another opportunity, – She added, – "Open" at the law school of «avtoradio» every Thursday live online».

    Corporate Security Division Industrial University identifies and corrupt component. On established facts, decisions are made, the students imposed disciplinary measures. "Unfortunately, We don't always have time for technology, that went far ahead, – said Vasyukov. – For example, Now we see a massive forgery illest-Carnet system, the so-called, avatars: a student comes to donate credit for another person with perekleennoj photography začëtke. Identified and such a system, like getting perezačëtov očnikami forged attachments in diplomas».

    Another problem, faced by teachers and students everywhere, is holding prayers during training sessions, Notes Manager. "The main problem is the lack of awareness. Firstly, teachers do not know, How to perceive and respond to similar phenomena, and secondly, you need to inform and educate youth religious literacy ".

    "We live in a multicultural country, so we really need information and knowledge needs, then we stop being afraid of such manifestations, will understand and respect the religions and traditions of other peoples», – added Olga Zagvâzinskaâ.

    "Extremism is a mental illness, transmitted different means, including media, – says the Rector of Tyumen GAUSZ Sergei Konyshev. – This "disease" need to fight, creating other "sensible" ideas. All this must be put into our plan of joint activities».

    Summing up, representatives of universities have agreed to prepare a plan of joint actions in security in universities.

    Note, questions of extremism will be discussed at the next Council of Rectors of the Tyumen region 21 April.

    Tatyana Tagiltseva

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